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Chapter 770: Backsliding!


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In San City, the atmosphere was heavy too. Yan Tie Sheng controlled San City while Lin Feng was away. He had promised Jing Wu Hen and Lin Feng he would take of San City, and was keeping his promise.

But he had learned some astonishing news: Lin Feng had killed Supreme God Jin Lun. At first, he didn’t believe it. How could that be possible? Lin Feng was a medium-level Supreme God, how could he kill a high-level Supreme God?

There were four different kinds of high-level Supreme Gods; Supreme God Jin Lun was a level three high-level Supreme God! There weren’t many people who could compete with him. How could such a strong cultivator be killed by Lin Feng?

Back then, Lin Feng had been taken away by Supreme God Xie. How could he have killed Supreme God Jin Lun? What was going on? Yan tie Sheng didn’t understand. He wanted to convoke everyone and organize a meeting with all the leaders of San City.

The Black Dragon King, the Azure Dragon King, and all the others were astonished. They hoped the news was true, because if that was the case, it meant that having a good relationship with him was a great thing!

“Everybody, what is your opinion on the matter?” Yan Tie Sheng asked the leaders. He didn’t sit on the Leader’s Throne because it was Lin Feng’s seat, and he didn’t want to be disrespectful.

“I think it’s possible. It might be true or partially true. Rumors don’t emerge out of nowhere,” said the Black Dragon King. He had already tried to fight against Lin Feng, and if Lin Feng had used his full strength, he could have killed him. Lin Feng was extremely cruel and violent!

“I also think it’s true. Even though Supreme God Xie is evil, he’s not a liar,” frowned the Azure Dragon King. He was still shaken.

“Master Yan Tie Sheng, I think we should send some disciples to Jin Lun City to check the facts. It’s useless to talk about it here,” said the leader of Precipice Village, Ya Wu Tian.

Yan Tie Sheng didn’t say anything, just listening to the different leaders. In the end, he decided that sending disciples to check the truth was the best thing to do.


In Ze Country, Jing Tian Ao had imprisoned Jing Wu Hen in a small world. Without Jing Tian Ao’s order, nobody could release his son. But Jing Tian Ao also knew that Jing Wu Hen had good relations with many people from Ze Country, including Great Elder Yan Tie Sheng, Supreme Elder Luo Pi, and his uncles; they all cared about Jing Wu Hen.

But Jing Tian Ao had given the order that nobody could release him, not even those people, even if Jing Wu Hen’s teacher was stronger than Jing Tian Ao.

At that moment, Jing Tian Ao was worried. He had also learned that Lin Feng had killed Supreme God Jin Lun, Supreme God Xie had told him personally. He didn’t really care whether it was true or not, but for Jing Wu Hen it was a great thing.

“Supreme Elder, release Wu Hen. Tell him that as his father, I won’t interfere in his affairs anymore,” Jing Tian Ao told Luo Pi.

Luo Pi immediately disappeared from the palace.


Time passed slowly. Jin Lun City was boiling. Nobody had talked about Supreme God Jin Lun’s death to anyone, but Supreme God Xie had told everyone.

At that moment, in the palace of Jin Lun City, Lin Feng was lying down. The best doctor of Jin Lun City examined him and then reported to Chen Guang Yu.

“Leader, Lin Feng is not badly injured. He just used too much pure Qi, so he didn’t protect himself from his own Tao skill. He should waken within two weeks.”

“It’s just that…” the doctor trailed off. He didn’t dare finish his sentence.

Chen Guang Yu frowned and asked, “Go ahead, speak.”

“Yes, leader. When Lin Feng wakes up, his cultivation level might be lower again,” the doctor said nervously.

Chen Guang Yu frowned. He was suddenly nervous “What? What do you mean his cultivation level might be lower again?”

“He just broke through to the high-level Supreme God layer, he might only have the strength of the medium-level Supreme God layer again. He had just broken through to the high-level Supreme God layer when he used so many Tao skills. His body may not have endured it, his cultivation level wasn’t stable!” said the doctor. It was the first time he had seen something like this; someone who went from the medium-level Supreme God layer to the high-level Supreme God layer, and then back to the medium-level Supreme God layer.

Maybe it was something which could only happen to a real genius!

Chen Guang Yu didn’t know what to think. If Lin Feng’s cultivation level dropped to the medium-level Supreme God layer, it would be as if he had flowered briefly, like the broad-leaved epiphyllum. Paying such a price to kill Supreme God Jin Lun would be over the top.

“Alright, thank you,” Chen Guang Yu said to the doctor.

The doctor quickly headed out of the room.

“Remember, don’t tell anyone about that or I’ll kill you,” said Chen Guang Yu suddenly. The doctor’s soul almost dispersed at Chen Guang Yu’s voice. He nodded silently.

The doctor hurried away. Chen Guang Yu looked at Lin Feng incredulously, then sighed and said indifferently, “Lin Feng, why did you do that? Why sacrifice your cultivation to kill an old moron?”

Because of that, Lin Feng’s participation in the Great Competition of the West would be compromised. Even if he participated, he probably wouldn’t be able to make it into the top twenty. It was a tragedy.

The atmosphere was heavy in the room. Chen Guang Yu lowered his head.

“I think killing Supreme God Jin Lun was worth it. Even if my cultivation level decreased, I’ll break through to the high-level Supreme God layer again,” said Lin Feng suddenly.

Chen Guang Yu suddenly looked overjoyed. He raised his head and looked at Lin Feng as Lin Feng sat up. “You’re awake?”

“I was already awake. I heard what he said,” Lin Feng nodded, looking at Chen Guang Yu. He stood up, seeming exhausted.

“You really think it was worth it?” asked Chen Guang Yu incredulously. He didn’t understand Lin Feng’s way of thinking.

“Of course! If I hadn’t killed Supreme God Jin Lun, everything would have been much more difficult for me in the future. Now that I have killed him, I feel safer. I don’t need to be scared that he will plot against me again,” replied Lin Feng, nodding casually and shrugging. Then he slowly walked to the table and poured himself some tea. Then he downed a cup of tea.

“But now you have the strength of the medium-level Supreme God layer again, when will you level up again?” asked Chen Guang Yu. He felt sad for Lin Feng. He had become much stronger and now he was weaker again.

“Hehe, it’s not a catastrophe. Even if I have to practice cultivation for a few years before breaking through to the high-level Supreme God layer again, so what? Many people need to practice cultivation for thousands or even tens of thousands of years to break through to the high-level Supreme God layer, I consider myself lucky,” said Lin Feng, smiling broadly. He wasn’t sad at all. Chen Guang Yu found him incredible, a real genius.

“Anyway, you need to rest. Supreme God Xie is probably scheming in secret. I’ll go and talk to him. When I sort everything out, we’ll get ready to go and participate in the Great Competition of the West,” said Chen Guang Yu. He slowly walked away.


Chen Guang Yu got ready to go and tell people not to disturb Lin Feng. When he came out of the room, he headed to the meeting hall.

When Chen Guang Yu arrived in meeting hall, Supreme God Xie was there already. Chen Guang Yu had called him.

Chen Guang Yu looked at Supreme God Xie coldly and grimly.

Supreme God Xie looked at Chen Guang Yu warily, yet calmly. He was still crooked and wrinkled. He still looked sinister, too.

“So, what do you want?” asked Chen Guang Yu standing in front of the Dragon Throne and hammering the table with his fist. Poor table, it needed to be changed all the time. Supreme God Jin Lun had destroyed the table of the meeting hall so many times, and now Chen Guang Yu had just done the same.

The table exploded, and things became tense. Four people in black clothes wearing plaited bamboo hats appeared in the room.

“The four old men in black?” Supreme God Xie was startled when he saw that. He hadn’t detected those four people’s presence.  “Chen Guang Yu, does your sect want to start a war against the Ancient Demonic Clan?” Supreme God Xie asked cautiously.

It was the first time Supreme God Xie had been overly cautious in his life. If anyone else had seen that, they would have been astonished.

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