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Chapter 771: I Refuse!


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“A war? Is the Ancient Demonic Clan worth it?” asked Chen Guang Yu scornfully. Nobody had ever dared talk to Supreme God Xie like that, but Chen Guang Yu did. Supreme God Xie thought he could do whatever he wanted because he was from the Ancient Demonic Clan? So what?

Supreme God Xie looked at him coldly, but controlled his fury. Chen Guang Yu was a descendant of his ancient sect, but he was the last one, so the four men in black were there to protect him. Supreme God Xie had to lower his head and control himself.

He couldn’t afford to fly into a rage. He couldn’t cause trouble, or his clan wouldn’t forgive him. It was also one of the reasons why he hadn’t killed Lin Feng; his clan had given him orders!

“I didn’t do anything wrong. I just informed the world,” replied Supreme God Xie. He didn’t think Chen Guang Yu would get angry because of that.

“You took the initiative to tell everyone Lin Feng had killed Supreme God Jin Lun, and now you’re telling me didn’t do anything wrong?” said Chen Guang Yu, grunting coldly. He didn’t believe that Supreme God Xie had no ulterior motive. He definitely hoped Jin Lun City would get in trouble.

“I’m warning you, if you dare try anything fishy against Lin Feng, I’ll come and find you again. I don’t care whether he killed your chief disciple or not,” said Chen Guang Yu grimly. He didn’t want anything to happen to Lin Feng before the Competition.

“Alright, understood,” said Supreme God Xie, shrugging phlegmatically. He had already done everything he wanted to do. The rest had nothing to do with him anymore. Lin Feng had killed Supreme God Jin Lun, which was astonishing; what else could he do?

Supreme God Xie was deeply convinced that some people would now take measures. Jin Lun City was doomed. Relying on an ancient sect? Why not? If an ancient sect wanted to conquer Jin Lun City, then they could. It would be good for all the other ancient sects and clans.

However, one small mistake and a war could break out, and then the Country of Eternity could be destroyed. Nobody wanted to see such a thing happen. It was also one of the reasons why he wanted to protect Jin Lun City, but he felt powerless.

“Alright, you can leave,” Chen Guang Yu told Supreme God Xie impatiently.

Supreme God Xie smiled and slowly walked away in relief. Even if the four old men in black clothes were there, so what? He was still safe and sound!


Supreme God Xie left and flew east of Jin Lun City. He decided to go back to the Ancient Demonic Clan. He would come back two months later for the Great Competition of the West.

Many people didn’t know where the Ancient Demonic Clan was. Supreme God Xie was a member of the clan, so naturally he knew. He would never tell anyone, though. Someday, the Ancient Demonic Clan would step into the limelight, and then people would know. Everybody would be completely dumbstruck at that moment, including Lin Feng.


Chen Guang Yu pulled a long face. He knew that Xie had ulterior motives. He had told everyone about Lin Feng; even if nobody attacked Lin Feng before the Competition, during the Competition, some people would do their best to kill him!

“It seems like I really infuriated him.” Lin Feng entered the hall.

Chen Guang Yu frowned and said, “Have your injuries healed yet?”

“Haha! I’m not a pussy. I’ve been injured in the past. If I laid down and did nothing every time I’m injured, I would have withered and died of boredom,” Lin Feng said, laughing easily. He walked passed Chen Guang Yu and stood in front of the Dragon Throne. He touched the golden Dragon Throne.

“Not bad. Supreme God Jin Lun knew how to enjoy life. Jin Lun City is rich,” Lin Feng said. Jin Lun City was swimming in gold.

Chen Guang Yu’s eyes gleamed. Lin Feng turned around. Chen Guang Yu just chuckled wryly.

“What kind of expression is that?” Lin Feng asked skeptically.

Chen Guang Yu smiled. He had an idea. If Lin Feng accepted, Jin Lun City would belong to Lin Feng and the ancient sect.

But he couldn’t tell Lin Feng that plan. He first had to wait for Lin Feng to be strong enough. He already needed the Great Elder of Ze Country to manage San City, which was tiny in comparison to Jin Lun City.

“Lin Feng, you need to network,” said Chen Guang Yu.

Lin Feng frowned; what did Chen Guang Yu mean?

Chen Guang Yu ignored Lin Feng’s puzzled expression and said, “Lin Feng, in the Country of Eternity, you need to know many people and become friends with them, otherwise it’s difficult to progress here. You’ll find that out as you become stronger in the Country of Eternity; life doesn’t get any easier. On the contrary, it becomes more and more difficult to progress.

“When you’re just an emperor, you don’t need to worry about those things. You can travel freely, strong cultivators don’t care about you. You can just focus on becoming stronger. But the stronger you are, the more important a powerful background becomes. You probably understand that.

“Do you know why Supreme God Xie captured you and brought you to Jin Lun City, and why Supreme God Jin Lun made things difficult for you? Because nobody could help you. You need someone much, much stronger than you to protect you.

“I know your teacher is Supreme God Zi Dian; alright, he’s a powerful ancestor, but what about Supreme God Xie? You know that he can’t defeat Supreme God Xie.

“Therefore, now, you need to rise. You’re not the only one who’s strong in the Country of Eternity. There are also many, many high-level Supreme Gods who are independent cultivators.

“Come and look,” said Chen Guang Yu. He looked at the four cultivators in black clothes. Lin Feng also looked at them. They were much stronger than Supreme God Xie…

“Lin Feng, it took me ten years to convince these four masters to protect me. I used my background to convince them,” said Chen Guang Yu. He felt lucky, like he had made the right decisions.

If the four strong cultivators weren’t protecting him, he would have never been able to talk to Supreme God Xie like that.

“Lin Feng, think carefully. You are the leader of San City and now Ze Country has sent people to protect San City, which means you have good relations with Jing Wu Hen. But Ze Country is Ze Country. You are alone. Don’t you feel lonely?” asked Chen Guang Yu, with some concern.

Lin Feng didn’t understand why Chen Guang Yu was telling him all those things. Was he trying to help him out of pure kindness and generosity?

“Stop beating around the bush and tell me what you want from me,” replied Lin Feng, shaking his head and interrupting Chen Guang Yu. Lin Feng wanted to hear the truth. What did Chen Guang Yu want from him?

When Chen Guang Yu heard Lin Feng, he smiled and walked over to the throne. He patted Lin Feng’s shoulder kindly.

“Brother, join my ancient sect,” Chen Guang Yu smiled, finally telling Lin Feng what he was thinking.

He wanted Lin Feng to join his ancient sect. Lin Feng was talented and strong, he could easily find an ancient sect to join. Lin Feng was even stronger than him. If Lin Feng joined a sect, then everything would be easier for him.

Chen Guang Yu knew that his chances to become an elder in his ancient sect weren’t high. Even though he was a descendant, he was the last one.

If Lin Feng joined his ancient sect, then things would be different!

Lin Feng finally understood why Chen Guang Yu had told him all those things. However, Lin Feng didn’t really feel like joining a sect for the time being, especially an ancient sect which deliberately maintained an air of mystery.

“Chen Guang Yu, it’s a good idea, but not for the time being,” Lin Feng said, refusing Chen Guang Yu’s proposition.

Chen Guang Yu seemed sad, but he knew Lin Feng was going to say that.

“Too bad,” sighed Chen Guang Yu, shaking his head. Then he looked at the four old men and said respectfully, “Masters, please stay in Jin Lun City for the time being. After the Competition, then you can go back to the ancient sect, alright?” asked Chen Guang Yu. Even though he had recruited those four old men, he had to be respectful when talking to them. They were much stronger than him, after all.

The four men with plaited bamboo hats glanced at one another and nodded indifferently. One of them said hoarsely, “No problem.”

However, before Lin Feng and Chen Guang Yu even heard his voice, the four old men had already disappeared. Lin Feng saw they were instantly hundreds of li away.

Even though Lin Feng’s cultivation level had decreased, he had still been a high-level Supreme God, and no matter what, he was now stronger than a medium-level Supreme God.

Lin Feng was confident that he could still defeat any medium-level Supreme God, and he could even compete with people like Supreme God Jin Lun; it would just be difficult to kill them.

“Leader, someone wants to see Prince Lin!” said a disciple, rushing into the hall.

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