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Chapter 772: Causing Trouble!


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“Someone’s looking for me?” Lin Feng asked curiously. Who could it be?

“Tell them to come in,” Chen Guang Yu nodded. No matter who it was, nothing dangerous could happen to Lin Feng, because the four old men were there to protect Jin Lun City, and they had the strength of the high-level Supreme God layer. Not many people could compete with them.

The disciple ran out and quickly came back with a child. The child was wearing a black robe.

Chen Guang Yu frowned and looked at the boy, confused.


Lin Feng walked over to Jiang Xuan and hugged him. He was happy to see the boy.

Jiang Xuan looked touched He hadn’t seen his teacher in a long time. After hearing about Lin Feng, he had immediately left Lang Xie City to go to Jin Lun City. He had faced many dangers on the way, but he hadn’t flinched, and finally he had arrived.

“He’s your disciple?” asked Chen Guang Yu skeptically. He didn’t understand how a kid who had the strength of the first Godly Emperor layer had made it to Jin Lun City.

“He’s the Young Prince of Lang Xie City, one of Supreme God Lang Xie’s grandsons,” Lin Feng said, smiling. Jiang Xuan was taller than before. In the past, he was at Lin Feng’s waist, now he was as tall as Lin Feng’s shoulders. He was quite tall for an eleven-year-old.

“Oh, I see. The tensions which arose between you and Jin Lun City in the first place were because of him, right?” said Chen Guang Yu. He suddenly understood. He had heard of the first-time tensions had arisen between Lin Feng and Jin Xuan Lun; it was during this boy’s coming of age ceremony.

“You can leave now,” Chen Guang Yu told the disciple. The disciple nodded respectfully and left.

“How did you come here, Xuan?” Lin Feng asked Jiang Xuan. He put Jiang Xuan on the throne. In the past, Supreme God Jin Lun didn’t allow anyone to sit on his precious throne, and now Lin Feng put a child on it.

“Teacher, my father and the others told me about you, so I left in secret to come and see you. It was such a long journey,” said Jiang Xuan. It had been a difficult and scary journey for the young man, but he had made it to Jin Lun City.

“The people from Lang Xie City must be extremely worried about you,” Lin Feng said, smiling wryly. He hoped Lang Xie City wouldn’t be too upset…


As expected, at the same time in Lang Xie City, Supreme God Lang Xie and all of Jiang Xuan’s relatives were extremely worried and looking for him. Even ordinary inhabitants of Lang Xie City started looking for him.

They looked for him for two days, but didn’t find him. Supreme God Lang Xie was extremely worried. Jiang Yi Tian and Jiang Xuan’s mother didn’t know where he was.

Suddenly, Supreme God Lang Xie thought of a possibility: maybe Jiang Xuan had gone to Jin Lun City?

“Damn! Maybe Little Xuan went to look for Lin Feng now that he knows where he is?” proposed Supreme God Lang Xie. He was even more worried. If Jiang Xuan had gone to Jin Lun City, it would be extremely complicated to bring him back.

Lin Feng had killed Supreme God Jin Lun, so he was strong enough to kill him, too. Therefore, he couldn’t use force to force Lin Feng to release Jiang Xuan.

Supreme God Lang Xie took a deep breath. He had never imagined there would be such a day. In the past, he disdained Lin Feng, but now Lin Feng could oppress and kill him. Supreme God Lang Xie felt really bad about that.

Things changed quickly. Lin Feng had become so strong in such a short time…

The atmosphere became heavy in Lang Xie City. Jiang Yi Tian and his wife didn’t know what to do, but they were sure that Lin Feng would never hurt Jiang Xuan.

“We have to check whether Little Xuan is with Lin Feng or not. If they’re really together, then we can think of what to ask Lin Feng to have Little Xuan come back,” suggested Jiang Yi Tian. It was the only solution.

“That’s the only solution we have right now. I’ll leave it to you then,” sighed Supreme God Lang Xie, smiling wryly. He seemed so old these days. He didn’t look as vigorous as before.

Lang Xie City feared Jin Lun City and Supreme God Jin Lun in the past, but now Lin Feng had killed Supreme God Jin Lun, so Jin Lun City couldn’t threaten Lang Xie City anymore. However, Supreme God Lang Xie had offended Lin Feng because of Jin Lun City.

His decision was the right one back then, but now it had turned into a mistake.

Supreme God Lang Xie sighed helplessly. If he hadn’t offended Lin Feng back then, maybe Lang Xie City could have relied on Lin Feng in the future, but now it was too late…


The atmosphere in Lang Xie City was heavy, but in Jin Lun City, the atmosphere was peaceful, especially after Jiang Xuan had arrived. Lin Feng was happy to see him. His disciple hadn’t forgotten about him.

“Teacher, look, I am a Godly Emperor now. Now you can take me to travel with you like you promised,” said Jiang Xuan. He and Lin Feng were together in a room.

“Alright, I accept. We’ll travel together,” Lin Feng agreed, smiling wryly and shaking his head. Lin Feng had no choice. Besides, Jiang Xuan had broken through to the first Godly Emperor layer. In the future, he would probably become the youngest Supreme God in the Country of Eternity.

It had taken Lin Feng two hundred years to become one, but what about Jiang Xuan? It would probably take him less than twenty years!

Of course, Jiang Xuan had had better opportunities than Lin Feng, but he was still extremely talented. Lin Feng liked motivated young people.

“Teacher, did you really kill Supreme God Jin Lun?” asked Jiang Xuan excitedly. Were the rumors true?

Lin Feng pinched Jiang Xuan’s cheek and patted his shoulder a few times. He smiled and nodded casually, “Yes, I’ve killed Supreme God Jin Lun.”

“Wow! You’re awesome, teacher! You’re the strongest!” said Jiang Xuan, nodding and clenching his fists excitedly. He seemed even more excited than when he had broken through.

Lin Feng shook his head and took the boy in his arms. Lin Feng really considered Jiang Xuan like his own child, especially because his children and wives were not around. Lin Feng really missed them; Meng Qing, Lin Zhe Tian, Tang You You, Lin Qiong Sheng, Little Nian, and Little Heng.

Maybe they had all broken through to the Supreme God layer and were ready to come over? Lin Feng was lost in thought.


A whole day passed. The next day, early in the morning, he heard the sound of bronze drums, which brought him back to his senses. The echoes were long and made people anxious.

Lin Feng opened his eyes. Jiang Xuan was still in his arms, sound asleep.

Lin Feng smiled. He put the boy on a bed with the greatest care and left the room.

When he came out, he saw some gigantic bronze drums in the sky. Four disciples were beating the drums. The atmosphere was heavy.

Lin Feng looked in the direction of the main hall of the palace; there were many people gathered there, discussing something. Lin Feng rushed over and joined the crowd.

“What happened here?” Lin Feng asked, looking at the disciples.

One disciple looked extremely happy when he saw Lin Feng.

“Prince Lin Feng, inside, there’s…”

“Stop delaying, hurry up and tell me!” shouted Lin Feng.

“Some people are causing trouble, they’re from the Ri Guang Empire and the Yue Guang Empire,” said the disciple pointing to the bronze drums quickly.

“Move!” shouted Lin Feng. The disciple moved aside. Lin Feng ran into the main hall. The crowd wanted to follow him, but Lin Feng stopped them.

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