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Chapter 773: Teaching a Good Lesson!


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“I guess your visit isn’t a simple cordial visit?” said Chen Guang Yu coldly. There were a dozen strangers of all ages in the room.

There were two groups. There was a group of people in blue robes; they were from the Yue Guang Empire. The other one was a group of people in golden robes; they were from the Ri Guang Empire.

Chen Guang Yu looked over those people angrily. The two groups didn’t mingle, which meant they all had their own plan for coming to Jin Lun City. However, it was also the first time the two groups had come to Jin Lun City.

“Leader Chen, you now control Jin Lun City, but you’re not from here, so you are not qualified to talk to us,” declared a middle-aged man in golden clothes firmly. He wasn’t intimidated by Chen Guang Yu’s background.

Chen Guang Yu looked grimmer and even angrier. He clenched his fists, but controlled himself, because he didn’t want the situation to worsen. It wouldn’t be beneficial for his ancient sect.

The people of Ri Guang Empire dared talk to Chen Guang Yu that way because his ancient sect was in the Ri Guang Empire. If the Ri Guang Empire didn’t protect them, then his ancient sect would be exposed to the outside world. The ancient sect and the leader of the Ri Guang Empire were very close.

“Alright, so what do you want?” asked Chen Guang Yu, after taking a deep breath.

The man smiled broadly and pointed to someone. The crowd turned around and saw Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had heard everything, but he hadn’t said anything. Now that everybody knew he was there, Lin Feng didn’t need to stand at the door, he walked to the center of the room and stopped next to Chen Guang Yu.

“He…” the man seemed confused, and pointed to Lin Feng.

“If I am not mistaken, you came here for Lin Feng, right?” asked Chen Guang Yu. Lin Feng frowned. Those people were there for him?

“Indeed. Our leader asked us to find Lin Feng,” said the man straightforwardly. It wasn’t a secret.

“The Yue Guang Empire also came for him,” said an old man from the Yue Guang Empire. He was tens of thousands of years old. His hair was white, but he seemed vigorous and energetic. He was also a high-level Supreme God.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, remaining expressionless.

“Alright, so we’ll leave it to him then,” said Chen Guang Yu, nodding and smiling easily. He went and sat down on the Dragon Throne.

All the people of the Yue Guang Empire and the Ri Guang Empire were surprised. They couldn’t believe it. Lin Feng looked so young. They hadn’t expected to see such a young man.

The man in golden clothes was astonished. The legendary Lin Feng wasn’t even a middle-aged man. He looked so young. Lin Feng was a very young strong cultivator.

The dozen people looked at Lin Feng skeptically. So Supreme God Jin Lun had been killed by a young man? If that was the case, a bright future awaited Lin Feng!

They were all astonished. No wonder their leaders had been trying to think of a way to attract Lin Feng and join them. He had experience, he was strong, and he was lucky.

Lin Feng was really talented, and the Ri Guang and Yue Guang Empires needed people like him.

The middle-aged man had mixed feelings. If Lin Feng joined the Ri Guang Empire, then his own position in the empire would probably fall. It wasn’t a great thing for him.

He was a middle-aged man, which is why he thought that way. Old people didn’t mind, they knew they had to leave things to young people. They were old and couldn’t do much. The old man of the Yue Guang Empire really hoped Lin Feng would join them.

The two men had different thoughts. The atmosphere became tense. Lin Feng just glanced at them indifferently. He perfectly understood what they wanted, but this time he didn’t wait for them to talk, because he didn’t intend to join their empires.

“I’m sorry. I know what you want, but I am used to being an independent cultivator. I can’t join your empires. Sorry,” Lin Feng said. When the two men heard him, their expressions suddenly changed. The middle-aged man didn’t understand, and was angry too.

The old man of the Yue Guang Empire seemed unhappy. What a pity for the Yue Guang Empire!

“Who do you think you are? The Ri Guang Empire wants to invite you because they think highly of you, so don’t force us to resort to force! You understand?” shouted a disciple behind the middle-aged man at that moment. He seemed proud and arrogant. However, how did he dare talk to Lin Feng that way?

When Lin Feng heard the disciple, his expression remained indifferent, but he was a bit angry.

“Indeed! Who do you think you are? You killed Supreme God Jin Lun, so you think you’re amazing?”

“He’s extremely arrogant. He doesn’t want to join our empires? As I see it, he’s not qualified to join us!”

“I think so too. I suggest we cancel our invitation,” said all the disciples of the Ri Guang Empire scornfully. They felt humiliated.

When Lin Feng heard them, he was already bored. He didn’t like it when people provoked him for nothing. He didn’t feel like talking to such people.

“I’m sorry. I’m off now,” Lin Feng said, bowing hand over fist and making ready to leave.

“Lin Feng, stop!” shouted the middle-aged man of the Ri Guang Empire angrily.

Lin Feng frowned and glanced at the middle-aged man indifferently, “What do you want now?”

“Lin Feng, I hope you will think about it. Our leader wants to invite you to join us. Don’t infuriate him,” said the middle-aged man coldly, as if he were giving a prisoner a once in a lifetime opportunity to be pardoned.

Lin Feng couldn’t tolerate the way the man talked to him. They were strong cultivators from the Ri Guang Empire, so what? The leader of the Ri Guang Empire, so what? Lin Feng had killed Supreme God Jin Lun, he wasn’t afraid of other leaders.

Lin Feng wanted to laugh, but he just smiled coldly. What was going through these people’s heads? He had killed Supreme God Jin Lun, everybody knew about it, so why did they try to provoke him?

Were they brainless morons? No. Actually, they weren’t stupid. They were just trying to scare him.

The only explanation was that they were proud and arrogant. They had a powerful background, so they didn’t need to think of the consequences of their actions. They threatened him in the name of their leaders, otherwise they wouldn’t have dared.

But resorting to such methods to threaten Lin Feng wasn’t a good idea…

“I’m sorry. I have no time to waste. See you,” Lin Feng replied after merely glancing at the middle-aged man and the disciples of the Ri Guang Empire, and turned to leave.

As he started walking away, he sensed deadly energies at his back. They were trying to humiliate him.

Lin Feng grinned and clenched his teeth. He whirled around and suddenly used his Primal Chaos Thunderbolt Kick attack. It was like two beasts had been throwing themselves at the middle-aged man.

The man coughed blood and crashed back against a wall, which promptly collapsed. He crashed on the ground, his face extremely pale. He looked miserable.

“I wonder if you’re really stupid or if you’re just pretending. Since you know I killed Supreme God Jin Lun, why come here and provoke me? Do you think you are stronger than Supreme God Jin Lun?

“Inviting someone is one thing. Humiliating them is another. It’s like you were handing out food with contempt, it doesn’t work with me. Now I need to teach you a good lesson?

“You dumb fucks! Fuck off!” shouted Lin Feng angrily. He released primal chaos strength and pushed all the disciples of the Ri Guang Empire away. He had remained calm until now because he didn’t feel like paying attention to these people, but they had pushed him to the limit.

Now he was furious, so he taught them all a good lesson!

Lin Feng glanced at the people of the Ri Guang Empire grimly.

The people of the Yue Guang Empire remained silent the whole time, and just watched the whole scene calmly. In the end, the old man of the Yue Guang Empire shook his head and sighed, “A future supreme cultivator has appeared.”

The old man then glanced at the four disciples of the Yue Guang Empire meaningfully, and they left.

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