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Chapter 774: You’re Here!


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“The people of the Yue Guang Empire are gone, do you need me to kick you out now?” Lin Feng exclaimed to the people of the Ri Guang Empire, standing at the door.

The middle-aged man struggled to get back up on his feet. He glanced at Lin Feng darkly, then at Chen Guang Yu, who looked indifferent. He ground his teeth and waved at his disciples. They all left angrily.

Lin Feng glanced after them indifferently. He was still angry, but he controlled himself. However, he knew he had new enemies, but it wasn’t a problem; having offended those people didn’t come down to having offended the Ri Guang Empire. Those people weren’t the most important people of the empire.

The people outside the room dispersed. The disciples of Jin Lun City were relieved when those people left. The disciples also stopped beating the bronze drums, and everything calmed down.

“Lin Feng, if it had been anyone else, it wouldn’t have been that easy to solve the issue,” Chen Guang Yu smiled wryly.

“You are from a powerful ancient sect; do you fear those people?” Lin Feng asked, smiling in amusement as he sat down on another chair.

“No. I am not afraid of them. It’s just that my ancient sect is close to those two empires. It’s a long story but…” said Chen Guang Yu humbly.

“Enough. I don’t want to hear your story. It has nothing to do with me. I’m going to see my disciple,” Lin Feng waved him off. He wasn’t interested in the ancient sect.

He stood up, patted the dust off his clothes and walked away.

“Lin Feng, don’t forget that we’re leaving Jin Lun City in two weeks. We’re going to the Lun Bi Empire for the Great Competition of the West,” said Chen Guang Yu hastily.

“I know. I remember.”


In Lang Xie City, the atmosphere had calmed down. Supreme God Lang Xie announced to the people of the city that they had found their Young Prince and that they had taken him back to town, and that he was safe and sound.

However, Jiang Xuan’s relatives didn’t feel any calmer. The disciple they had sent to Jin Lun City had indeed found Jiang Xuan. He had also seen Lin Feng and Jiang Xuan leave happily together. Jiang Xuan had even broken through to the second Godly Emperor layer.

When the leader of the city heard that, they were happy that Jiang Xuan had broken through to the second Godly Emperor layer, but they felt guilty that tensions had arisen between them and Lin Feng. What was the problem in having such a strong and talented teacher for Jiang Xuan?

Fewer and fewer people took Supreme God Lang Xie seriously. They didn’t understand why he had acted the way he had in the past, why had he tried to put some distance between Lin Feng and Jiang Xuan. Nobody understood, not even Jiang Yi Tian.

Because of that, Jiang Yi Tian and his father’s relationship deteriorated. Supreme God Lang Xie could see that, but what could he do? Nothing. Such issues were too embarrassing to talk about.

“I am not worried about Little Xuan’s safety. He’s with Lin Feng. However, it would be nice to send someone to go and bring Jiang Xuan back at some point,” Supreme God Lang Xie told Jiang Yi Tian, Jiang Yi Tian’s wife, Jiang Yi Ze, and the elders.

Nobody was interested in what Supreme God Lang Xie was saying. They all looked reserved. Lin Feng had killed Supreme God Jin Lun, now they wanted to send someone to talk to Lin Feng? Who would dare go? Who was qualified enough to go? The only one who could talk to Lin Feng was Jiang Xuan, but now he was with Lin Feng and they needed to talk to him precisely because of Jiang Xuan.

Sending someone to talk to Lin Feng and have him send Jiang Xuan back to Lang Xie City seemed almost seemed impossible. None of them could do that. He hated them all.

Jiang Yi Ze felt helpless. Back then, when Jing Wu Hen had come to him to ask him if Lang Xie City could help with San City for the time being, not only had he refused, but he had told Supreme God Lang Xie about it. Lin Feng would never forget that.

Therefore, he naturally wasn’t a good choice to go and talk to Lin Feng.

Supreme God Lang Xie didn’t even consider the possibility of going to talk to Lin Feng. Lin Feng was so angry at him that they might even start fighting if he went and talked to Lin Feng. Lin Feng might even kill him. At least, he would become even more famous.

The atmosphere was heavy. Nobody knew what to say. But Jiang Xuan was their Young Prince, how could he stay with Lin Feng all the time? They hadn’t raised the boy for him to leave and spend the rest of his life with Lin Feng.

Surprisingly, the boy preferred staying with a stranger than with his own family members! Supreme God Lang Xie was furious when he thought about it. Jiang Xuan was really a stupid boy…

“We have to go and talk to Supreme God Zi Dian,” said Supreme God Lang Xie, shaking his head. He didn’t want to go and beg Supreme God Lang Zi Dian, but he had no choice. Lin Feng would definitely give his teacher face.

But convincing Supreme God Zi Dian to go and talk to Lin Feng wouldn’t be easy either, so Supreme God Lang Xie needed to think a little bit more.

The atmosphere in Lang Xie City grew heavy once again…


These days, Lin Feng was extremely happy. He couldn’t get angry with the boy around him. Jiang Xuan was extremely motivated to become stronger. He had already become much stronger than when Lin Feng had left Lang Xie City already. Lin Feng even restricted his own strength and fought against Jiang Xuan at the same cultivation level. Surprisingly, he didn’t have the advantage. The boy could dominate him!

Lin Feng was satisfied; Jiang Xuan was becoming extremely strong. If nothing unexpected happened, the boy would break through to the Supreme God layer in less than ten years and would become the youngest Supreme God in history. How incredible would that be?

Lin Feng just hoped the boy would break through to the Supreme God layer as quickly as possible. He wanted to see it happen with his own eyes.

“Study hard,” Lin Feng said to Jiang Xuan, who was carrying a two million jin boulder on his shoulders at the moment.

Jiang Xuan was soaked in sweat. His shoulders hurt and his muscles kept twitching. It was sunny and extremely warm on top of that. He wanted to stay in the shadows inside, but since Lin Feng had prepared this training for him, he didn’t want to stop.

He ground his teeth and tried to think of something else.

“Not bad, Lin Feng. Your disciple is very talented,” Chen Guang Yu smiled. He was walking towards them slowly, nodding approval. Lin Feng was unmoved. Jiang Xuan smiled wryly and continued lifting the boulder.

“What do you want?” Lin Feng asked distractedly.

Chen Guang Yu sighed helplessly. “What’s wrong? Am I not allowed to come and see you?”

“Each time you come to me, you need something,” Lin Feng replied.

Chen Guang Yu was surprised, but then he blushed, scratched his nose, smiled wryly and said smoothly, “Alright, alright. I do indeed actually need to talk to you.”

“What do you want?” Lin Feng asked.

“Someone wants to see you. They’re in the main palace. I can’t offend him, so you have to go and see them,” said Chen Guang Yu carefully. Lin Feng was surprised. He had never seen Chen Guang Yu look so vigilant.

“Someone from an empire wants to invite me?” Lin Feng asked impatiently.

“Of course not. You know this person. They’re extremely strong, and you know them extremely well,” said Chen Guang Yu, shaking his head, “Go and see them. I’ll just stay here and look after the boy.”

“Alright, thank you,” Lin Feng nodded. He clapped Chen Guang Yu’s shoulder and walked away.


Chen Guang Yu nodded, turned around and smiled at Jiang Xuan in amusement. “You’re still practicing? Your teacher is gone, you can take a rest.”

“No. I don’t cheat. I don’t want my teacher to be disappointed.”

Chen Guang Yu wanted to be kind to the boy, but Jiang Xuan refused to cheat. He took the exercise extremely seriously and remained determined.

Chen Guang Yu was surprised. Then he shook his head and mumbled to himself, “No wonder they’re teacher and disciple, they’re both so stubborn!”


After Lin Feng left, he headed to the main hall. He could sense some Qi and instantly recognized who had come. He was confused, and didn’t know what to say.

But he took a deep breath and headed to meet his friend.

“You’re here!”

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