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Chapter 775: Lin Feng vs. Jing Wu Hen!


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Lin Feng looked at the man. The man in black attire sat down; not on the Dragon Throne, but on a chair next to it. He looked calm until he saw Lin Feng, and smiled.

“Your father let you come out?” Lin Feng asked, smiling back at Jing Wu Hen broadly. He and Jing Wu Hen bumped fists.

Jing Wu Hen seemed happy to see his friend again.

“I’m sorry. I’m not such a great friend,” Jing Wu Hen replied seriously, standing up. He felt guilty. He would never forget the day when Lin Feng had been captured by Supreme God Xie. He had been knocked unconscious and his father had taken him back to Ze Country.

It’s not what a friend was supposed to do. Jing Wu Hen had never done such a thing to a friend. He couldn’t forgive himself. Therefore, when Jing Tian Ao agreed to release him, he didn’t waste time, and hurried back to San City. Yan Tie Sheng told him Lin Feng was in Jin Lun City, so Jing Wu Hen then rushed over.

Lin Feng knew how Jing Wu Hen felt. He also knew he was probably in a bad mood, but Lin Feng didn’t blame Jing Wu Hen, and what had happened to him had nothing to do with Jing Wu Hen. Jing Tian Ao had done nothing wrong, either; he had just protected his son.

“Brother Jing, don’t worry about it. The fact that you came to me today proves we are friends. The rest doesn’t matter,” Lin Feng said, patting Jing Wu Hen’s shoulder.

Jing Wu Hen nodded but still, he would always remember the day when Lin Feng had been captured. He wouldn’t tolerate such a thing happening a second time!

“Alright, have a seat,” Lin Feng smiled. Jing Wu Hen was pushed down to the chair and fell onto it. Jing Wu Hen was stupefied; Lin Feng hadn’t used much strength, yet he had managed to make Jing Wu Hen sit down.

Jing Wu Hen had heard that Lin Feng had killed Supreme God Jin Lun. He tried to imagine what a battle between him and Supreme God Jin Lun would have looked like. In the best case, they would have both been severely injured, but he would never have been able to kill Supreme God Jin Lun. Therefore, he came to the conclusion that Lin Feng was much stronger than him now.

Thinking about that, he felt even more determined. He wanted to fight. He wanted to see how strong Lin Feng was!

Lin Feng also noticed that Jing Wu Hen felt like fighting.

“Lin Feng, fight against me, as a friend,” exclaimed Jing Wu Hen bluntly. Lin Feng smiled wryly and nodded.

Lin Feng wasn’t afraid of fighting Jing Wu Hen, he just hoped he wouldn’t injure him. Even though his cultivation level had decreased and he only had the strength of the medium-level Supreme God layer, he wasn’t any weaker than a level one high-level Supreme God.

Back then, Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen’s battle had ended up in a draw, and Lin Feng had made great efforts to earn that result. This time it was different, he really hoped he wouldn’t harm Jing Wu Hen.

Lin Feng didn’t know what to think, but Jing Wu Hen finally had the opportunity to fight against Lin Feng again. He felt extremely happy, especially after being imprisoned for a while.

“Let’s go out to fight!” said Jing Wu Hen, laughing eagerly. Then he flashed away and disappeared, reappearing in the sky above Jin Lun City. Energies started emerging from his body.

Lin Feng slowly came out of the room. He didn’t know what to do, how should he fight against Jing Wu Hen? Should he use his full strength, or should he go easy on him?

Without Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen noticing it, their fight was drawing many people’s attention. Very quickly, people of all ages and all cultivation levels had gathered to watch.

Lin Feng had killed Supreme God Jin Lun, so everybody knew him in Jin Lun City. Jing Wu Hen had ranked third at the previous Great Competition of the West, so everybody knew him as well.

If Lin Feng hadn’t killed Supreme God Jin Lun, many people would have bet on Jing Wu Hen, but now they didn’t dare underestimate Lin Feng anymore.

Chen Guang Yu also sensed some sharp threads of Qi. At first, he was worried that more enemies had arrived. When he rose up and saw Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen, he was relieved. He was even excited to watch the fight.

The boy had seen his teacher fight against other people. He also knew Jing Wu Hen. Jiang Xuan threw the boulder on his shoulders away and rose up in the air. He stopped when he arrived next to Chen Guang Yu.

Chen Guang Yu couldn’t wait to see Lin Feng win this fight. If Lin Feng didn’t defeat Jing Wu Hen, then he would achieve nothing at the Great Competition of the West. If he won against Jing Wu Hen, then he would have high chances of dazzling at the Great Competition of the West.

The Great Competition of the West this time would be tougher than the previous one. Many ancient sects and ancient clans would participate, as well as some people who had never shown up in public. Those people were stronger than Jing Wu Hen.

During the previous Great Competition, Jing Wu Hen had managed to rank third, but during the next Great Competition, he wouldn’t even be able to finish in the top ten. Chen Guang Yu had access to news nobody knew about. Six ancient sects and eight ancient clans were going to send geniuses to participate in the Competition. Their geniuses would finally step into the limelight.

It would be incredible when everyone saw all those new geniuses from various sects…

In the sky, the battle was fierce. Even though they were not enemies, they fought like enemies.

Jing Wu Hen was grim, his eyes were filled with fighting intent. Of course, he didn’t want to kill Lin Feng, but he wanted to win!

Lin Feng looked impassive, but his eyes were as sharp as swords.

The atmosphere was heavy. Nobody dared talk. They didn’t want to distract the fighters, who needed to focus.

Lin Feng flashed. Lights like constellations appeared under his feet as he threw a punch. A hundred zhang square imprint appeared, looking like it could destroy the universe.

Jing Wu Hen’s expression didn’t change. His robe fluttered in the wind. In the end, the attack tore away the top of his robe. He was now topless, revealing his slim and muscular upper torso. The pieces of clothes scattered on the ground, and all the women around looked at him greedily.

Jing Wu Hen wasn’t trying to show off. He wanted to use his upper body to block Lin Feng’s attack.

There were no terrifying waves or explosions, no magnificent lights. When Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen collided, they were both pushed back again. Lin Feng took his left hand back. His right foot was on Jing Wu Hen’s chest.

Jing Wu Hen frowned unhappily. He shouted angrily and threw a punch at Lin Feng’s chest. Lin Feng sensed his organs shaking violently, and he was blown back.

“Lin Feng, if you don’t use your full strength to fight, I will cut ties with you!” shouted Jing Wu Hen, angry because Lin Feng wasn’t using his full strength. Did he think Jing Wu Hen was a weakling?

Lin Feng came to his senses, and rubbed his chest. Indeed, why didn’t he use his full strength? Jing Wu Hen felt humiliated.

“Alright, Jing Wu Hen, look at this attack,” Lin Feng answered, getting ready to attack using his real strength.

“With pleasure!” Jing Wu Hen smiled, and he threw himself at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng threw two punches. They looked like two demonic beasts. Even if Jing Wu Hen’s physical body was powerful, with such strength, coupled with primal chaos strength, he didn’t have the advantage and was pushed back a hundred meters.

But he was happy to fight like that, he liked fierce battles!

“Come on, again! Haha!” shouted Jing Wu Hen, laughing loudly and throwing himself at Lin Feng again. Lin Feng wasn’t afraid of Jing Wu Hen, but he didn’t like fighting in close combat against him. They could both get injured, and it could be dangerous.

However, he didn’t intend to be merciful.

“Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill!” shouted Lin Feng, opening his arms. A terrifying Qi appeared all around Lin Feng, and the air turned dark. A blood-red third eye appeared on his forehead.

When Jing Wu Hen saw that, his expression suddenly changed. “Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill?”

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