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Chapter 776: Skepticism!


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“It’s a combination of the Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill and the Imperial Imprint Formula!” shouted Lin Feng proudly. A blood-red light arrow emerged from his third eye, and golden imprints shot out from his hands. They turned into hundred-zhang imperial imprints, and all the lights hurtled towards Jing Wu Hen. Lin Feng was definitely not being merciful anymore!

Lin Feng knew that Jing Wu Hen liked crazy battles, so he decided to use his full strength against him. Jing Wu Hen respected people like that. They were friends, but when they fought, they had to do their best.

“Tian Ao Tao Skill!” howled Jing Wu Hen defiantly. His arms looked like dragons suddenly, and his terrifying strength pierced through the hundred-zhang imperial imprints. He flashed to the attack, but the Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill light arrow also reached him. He grunted with pain and blood appeared on the corner of his mouth, but he didn’t intend to flinch. He continued charging towards Lin Feng.

“Tian Yuan Tao Skill!” shouted Lin Feng grimly. He couldn’t afford to underestimate Jing Wu Hen.

Two explosions spread in the air, energies rolled in waves all around them. The sky became even darker. All the buildings in a circumference of a thousand meters collapsed. Some hills collapsed as well.

Chen Guang Yu pulled a long face. Those two bastards were fighting, or trying to destroy Jin Lun City?

Xiao Tian and the other people Lin Feng had freed were in the sky too, watching Lin Feng and Prince Wu Hen’s duel in astonishment.

“Lin Feng, you win!” proclaimed Jing Wu Hen, taking a deep breath. There were more destroyed mountains and buildings behind him than behind Lin Feng. He had also used more pure Qi than Lin Feng. Jing Wu Hen knew that he had lost. If they continued, there would be more damage for no reason.

He had lost, but it didn’t mean that if Lin Feng and he were enemies, Lin Feng would have managed to kill him. They didn’t need to try that hard, since they were friends.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, because he didn’t know who the real winner was. He didn’t think Jing Wu Hen was that much weaker than him. However, in terms of cultivation level, Lin Feng had already broken through to the high-level Supreme God layer in the past, so he was probably a bit stronger.

Lin Feng considered it a draw, but Jing Wu Hen knew that Lin Feng hadn’t used some of his most powerful attacks.


Jing Wu Hen and Lin Feng’s duel finished.

Even though the battle hadn’t lasted for long, the whole crowd felt inspired, and watching such a battle was definitely extremely beneficial for their cultivation.

Jing Wu Hen and Lin Feng landed on the ground in front of Chen Guang Yu.

“You guys are monsters,” Chen Guang Yu smiled. Then he looked around at the 13 buildings which had collapsed and the hills which had been razed.

But it wasn’t bad, either. Now that a whole area had been levelled, they would be able to use that place for Competitions.

“Teacher, you are extremely strong!” exclaimed Jiang Xuan, giving Lin Feng the thumbs up and smiling widely. He wished he were that strong. He hoped he could manage surpass his teacher someday.

“Uh? Who told you to stop the exercise?” Lin Feng said angrily. Jiang Xuan’s cheeks suddenly reddened. He had to get back to his exercises. He looked at the boulder and walked back to it.

“Let’s go inside to talk,” said Chen Guang Yu to them. Jing Wu Hen and Lin Feng glanced at each other, thinking the same thing. They followed him into the palace.

In the palace, Chen Guang Yu sat down on the Dragon Throne. Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen sat down to his sides.

“Lin Feng, we have to plan for the Competition,” Chen Guang Yu frowned. Lin Feng’s injuries had healed. He had fought against Jing Wu Hen, and Chen Guang Yu had seen that Lin Feng could easy finish in the top ten at the Competition.

“Lin Feng, you are going to participate in the Great Competition as well?” asked Jing Wu Hen when he heard Chen Guang Yu. He was surprised.

Lin Feng nodded indifferently. He told Jing Wu Hen the whole story. In the end, Jing Wu Hen nodded and said, “It’s a good thing for you anyway.”

“But you need a spot and an invitation to participate. How are you going to obtain them?” asked Jing Wu Hen, frowning. The Great Competition of the West wasn’t an ordinary Competition. It was a Competition for the strongest and proudest geniuses of the Country of Eternity, and there were only a limited number of spots.

“A spot and an invitation?” Lin Feng looked at Chen Guang Yu skeptically. He didn’t know about that. Chen Guang Yu had asked him to participate, so he had probably sorted that out for Lin Feng already?

Chen Guang Yu seemed embarrassed. He had forgotten that Jing Wu Hen had also participated in the Great Competition. He had even ranked third. He had to be more precise.

“Eh… I will find a solution for that, but I need you to come to the ancient sect, Brother Lin Feng,” said Chen Guang Yu blushing.

Lin Feng frowned.

He needed to go to the ancient sect for a spot and an invitation?

“Chen Guang Yu, you invited me to participate in the Competition. I didn’t take the initiative to ask you to help me to participate. If there are things you can’t sort out, I don’t mind, I won’t participate,” Lin Feng said angrily.

Chen Guang Yu was nervous. If Lin Feng didn’t participate, he would go alone, in which case he wasn’t even sure he would manage to qualify for the second rounds of the Competition.

“No, no, no. I will sort everything out. But yes, the Competition for free spots is intense. My ancient sect only has six. There’s one for me of course, but the five other spots are taken, too,” sighed Chen Guang Yu. When he had invited Lin Feng to participate, he had kind of forgotten that detail. Without a spot and an invitation, Lin Feng couldn’t participate!

“What do you mean?” Lin Feng frowned. If Chen Guang Yu couldn’t sort everything out himself, then it meant that Lin Feng had to do something?

“Lin Feng, I need your help. I hope you can help me get another spot,” said Chen Guang Yu. He had to rely on Lin Feng’s help to obtain some spots. It was the only solution he could think of.

Jing Wu Hen remained silent, calmly listening. When he heard Chen Guang Yu, he smiled coldly.

“Hehe, I understand now. You want to use Lin Feng. You don’t care about his spot, all you care about is your own spot!” Jing Wu Hen declared angrily.

Lin Feng looked at Chen Guang Yu. Lin Feng initially didn’t want to resort to verbal aggression to make Chen Guang Yu speak, but Jing Wu Hen was a bit more impulsive than him.

Chen Guang Yu’s expression changed drastically. He shook his head hastily and explained, “No, no! That’s not what I meant at all.”

“Since it’s not what you meant, why did you invite Lin Feng to participate in the Great Competition, even though you’re not even sure you can get him an invitation and a spot? What did you think? That Lin Feng would go and get his own invitation and his own spot?!” demanded Jing Wu Hen impatiently.

Chen Guang Yu was furious but what could he do? “Alright, I will get two spots within five days, alright?” said Chen Guang Yu, taking a deep breath. He stood up and promptly left the palace. He felt awkward.

Chen Guang Yu went to try and sort out the situation. He didn’t want Lin Feng to misunderstand him. What Jing Wu Hen had said could ruin Chen Guang Yu and Lin Feng’s relationship. It simply came down to sowing discord between them.

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