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Chapter 777: Plan!


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“Brother Jing, you went a bit too far,” Lin Feng said, smiling neutrally. Jing Wu Hen had provoked Chen Guang Yu without knowing whether he and Lin Feng were friends or not.

Jing Wu Hen was satisfied with himself. He smiled and said, “You saw that he was just trying to curry favor with you, right?”

“Yes, it’s a fact. He wants me to join his ancient sect,” Lin Feng nodded.

“You see? Since he keeps currying favor with you, you think he doesn’t have a spot for you? He needs you to go to the ancient sect personally? Do you understand what it means?” asked Jing Wu Hen, smiling knowingly. He was saying those things for Lin Feng. He didn’t really care about Chen Guang Yu. They were neither friends nor enemies.

“What you mean is that if I went to the ancient sect, he would try to make me join it again?” Lin Feng asked skeptically.

Jing Wu Hen shook his head, “If you went to the ancient sect, all his teachers, uncles, and all the elders of the ancient sect would put pressure on you. How could you refuse to join the sect if so many high-level Supreme Gods tried to force you?

“His ancient sect is one of the strongest ones. Even the Ancient Demonic Clan isn’t as powerful. Can you imagine? In his ancient sect, the cultivation resources are almost endless.

“What I said was over the top, but it was to protect you, so that you don’t easily join his ancient sect.

“However, Lin Feng, you will need to join an ancient sect; it’s the only way for you to continue becoming stronger. Otherwise, it will be too difficult in the future.

“Of course, you can’t accept their invitation too quickly. You killed Supreme God Jin Lun, which means you are more valuable than him. Every ancient sect must know about you now.

“I am sure that in less than three days, Chen Guang Yu will come back and he will tell you that he failed to obtain a spot for you, then he’ll tell you that you need to go to the ancient sect. At that moment, you should go,” explained Jing Wu Hen.

Lin Feng was surprised. He hadn’t understood any of that. “But, I…”

“I know what you want to say. You are not interested in joining an ancient sect. There are things you have to do, though. You have no choice, whether you like it or not. If you join an ancient sect, nobody will dare attack San City ever again. You’ll have a background. People will stop underestimating you.

“If you finish in the top five at the Great Competition of the West, they will attach even more importance to you in the future, and they will promote you in the sect. Therefore, you have to listen. Don’t be stubborn. You should have joined an ancient sect already,” said Jing Wu Hen, not giving Lin Feng time to speak. He sounded very serious and solemn.

“Alright, I will think about it…” Lin Feng nodded. What he meant was that he agreed. He needed to join an ancient sect for his own good.

“Wu Hen, could you tell me about those mysterious ancient sects and clans?” Lin Feng asked after taking a deep breath.

Jing Wu Hen nodded. His father and teacher had told him a lot about the ancient sects and clans. He told Lin Feng a part of what he knew. There were things he wasn’t allowed to tell, so he didn’t speak about them.

“In the ancient times, two hundred thousand years ago, there were hundreds of ancient sects and clans. Then, something happened and ninety percent of those ancient sects and clans were destroyed. Only seven ancient sects and eight clans are left. They are deeply connected to all the empires and cities of the Country of Eternity.

“I don’t know their names, though. That’s why I called Chen Guang Yu’s ancient sect ‘the ancient sect’, and that’s all. You need to go to the ancient sects directly to learn more about them. I guess you know about ancient clans already, though. At least, you know about Supreme God Xie’s ancient clan, the Ancient Demonic Clan.

“They’re not too powerful. They’re average, but the Ancient Demonic Clan also has many young geniuses. They disdain Supreme God Xie, so you can imagine how strong they are.

“Xie Dian is the only young genius I know from the Ancient Demonic Clan; he’s a high-level Supreme God already.

“During the previous Great Competition of the West, he suddenly withdrew. I don’t know why. Otherwise, Prince Demon, Prince Ghost, and I would have lost against him, and he would have been the champion.

“This year, he will probably participate again. Few people know about him in the Country of Eternity but I’ve travelled a lot; I saw him during the previous Competition, and I’ve also seen him while traveling. We’ve never fought, however.”

“Apart from Xie Dian, I’ve heard that a new genius will step into the spotlight, from the Lun Bi Empire. Some people say he has all the strengths of the Supreme Gods of the Lun Bi Empire. He never showed up because the goal of the Lun Bi Empire is to astonish all the participating groups.

“Lin Feng, all those people will be strong opponents. I know that this year the Competition will be extremely difficult, especially since ancient sects and clans are going to participate. This year, I don’t think I can finish in the top ten, so you can only rely on yourself. I hope you can rank first for me, your friend,” said Jing Wu Hen. Sincerely. He really hoped that Lin Feng would manage to finish first. It was extremely difficult, though. Jing Wu Hen couldn’t be sure Lin Feng would finish first. Lin Feng couldn’t be sure either, but he had to do his best!


During the next two days, Lin Feng didn’t do much, but train his disciple. He also chatted with Xiao Tian and the other ex-prisoners a lot. Lin Feng understood that they wanted to go to San City and protect it.

Lin Feng was moved. If these thousands of people went to San City to protect it, then San City would be fine, and it also would become much more powerful, as powerful as Lang Xie City!

But Lin Feng didn’t agree immediately. He wasn’t worried about Xiao Tian, but he was worried about the others, as he didn’t know them that well. Among those prisoners, some of them really had committed crimes. They had killed innocent people; what would happen if he sent such people to San City? Wouldn’t it be dangerous?

Lin Feng asked Xiao Tian to check those people’s backgrounds. What had they done to be imprisoned in Wu Jue Valley? Those who had really committed crimes wouldn’t be allowed to go to San City.

Xiao Tian understood that was a great opportunity, so he couldn’t let it slip. He promised Lin Feng that he would gather information about all the prisoners within five days.


On the third day, early in the morning, Lin Feng was already awake, or actually, he hadn’t slept that night. Supreme God Zi Dian had arrived from Jin Lun City in the evening.

Lin Feng was confused when he saw Supreme God Zi Dian. He didn’t dare tell Supreme God Zi Dian everything he had been through, and he didn’t tell him about Supreme God Xie. He just confirmed he had killed Supreme God Jin Lun.

Supreme God Zi Dian also told Lin Feng that Lang Xie City hoped Jiang Xuan would be able to go back. He was their future leader, after all.

If anyone else had spoken that way in front of Lin Feng, he would have punched them, but it was Supreme God Zi Dian this time. Lin Feng was annoyed; why did Supreme God Zi Dian suddenly care so much about Lang Xie City?

Supreme God Zi Dian was in a room waiting for Lin Feng’s answer. Lin Feng took advantage of the opportunity to go out and take a deep breath. Early in the morning, the air was fresh and fortifying.

Lin Feng didn’t want Jiang Xuan to leave. Their relationship would be impacted if he let the boy leave. It had happened once, and Lin Feng didn’t want that to happen a second time. Lin Feng had made great efforts to help Jiang Xuan become stronger, hoping that the boy would help him someday.

Supreme God Lang Xie probably didn’t know that there was something secret about Jiang Xuan’s body. Only Lin Feng knew about that, because he had the same secret.

A primal chaos body!

It was just at a rudimentary stage for the time being, but Lin Feng couldn’t let anyone from Lang Xie City learn about it. Lin Feng was probably selfish, but he had to be. The boy might be more talented than him, and on top of that, he might break through to the Supreme God layer before the age of twenty.

He couldn’t abandon such a disciple. Someday, Jiang Xuan and Lin Feng might rule over the world together!

When this boy grows up, Little Heng and Little Nian will follow him. They will benefit a lot from staying with such a genius, thought Lin Feng. What a great plan! If Jiang Xuan broke through to the Supreme God layer at the age of twenty, then Little Nian and Little Heng would only be about ten years old, which would be perfect.

“Meng Qing, when you will be able to come here?”

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