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Chapter 778: Ancient Demonic Clan and Danger in San City!


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“Little Feng, no need to think about me. If you think it’s a difficult thing for you to do then forget it. I’ll just tell that old grouch about it directly. He won’t do anything to you. You killed Supreme God Jin Lun; you think anyone would dare provoke you?” asked Supreme God Zi Dian when he saw Lin Feng feeling guilty.

He understood Lin Feng, and therefore didn’t want to put pressure on him. Supreme God Lang Xie hadn’t made Supreme God Lang Zi Dian come to form positive relations between them, he had asked him to come just to help him get the boy back. If Lin Feng refused, Supreme God Zi Dian wasn’t going to resort to force. In any case, Supreme God Lang Xie didn’t understand Lin Feng; even Lin Feng’s relatives couldn’t make him change his mind.

Supreme God Zi Dian didn’t want tensions to arise between him and Lin Feng for insignificant reasons, especially now that Lin Feng was rising and becoming famous. Everybody seemed to know Lin Feng’s name in the Country of Eternity. Finding such a disciple was extremely hard. If tensions arose between him and Lin Feng, he would really cry.

“Teacher, thank you. Indeed, I don’t really want Jiang Xuan to go back for the time being. Tell Supreme God Lang Xie that I will bring him back within three years. When I bring him back, Jiang Xuan will be monstrously strong and aggressive.”


After that, Supreme God Zi Dian left since he hadn’t managed to convince Lin Feng. Supreme God Zi Dian didn’t even reply to Lin Feng, he didn’t tell him he would indeed tell Supreme God Lang Xie what Lin Feng had said. Lin Feng watched him disappear into the horizon guiltily.

Supreme God Zi Dian would lose face. Supreme God Lang Xie would disrespect him, and yet Supreme God Zi Dian hadn’t forced Lin Feng to do anything. Lin Feng’s selfish decision hurt Supreme God Zi Dian’s feelings. Lin Feng decided that in the future he would definitely have to be nicer to the old man. He was honest and kind, and Lin Feng didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

“Teacher, if I am a burden, I can leave,” said Jiang Xuan, suddenly appearing behind Lin Feng. If Lin Feng had been vigilant, he would have detected the young boy’s presence, but he had been paying attention to Supreme God Zi Dian, so he hadn’t noticed Jiang Xuan.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at Jiang Xuan sadly. The boy’s eyes were wet. He understood that Lin Feng had made Supreme God Zi Dian lose face. Jiang Xuan felt guilty, as it was all for him.

“Hehe, it’s alright. Just listen to everything I tell you and don’t be an ingrate. That’s all you have to do,” Lin Feng said pamperingly. He took the boy in his arm and left the room.

They went behind the palace. Lin Feng sat down on a chair. The boy didn’t feel guilty anymore.

“Teacher, I will always follow you, and I will never do anything which could make you feel sad,” said Jiang Xuan clenching his fists resolutely. Lin Feng felt touched.

“Alright, take the boulder and carry it for three hours. Don’t be a lazy boy,” Lin Feng said. Jiang Xuan sighed in annoyance. He regretted that he had come out now.

“What? You don’t feel like it?”

“No, no. Of course. Understood, teacher!” said Jiang Xuan, nodding unwillingly.

But very quickly the boy ran into a room and laughed, then he shouted mockingly, “Teacher, I think that you and Fu Su Rong are very similar! You’re both detestable! Hmph!”

“You want to get hit, you!” shouted Lin Feng back angrily, throwing his cup of tea at the door. Jiang Xuan stuck out his tongue and laughed, then came back out.

Chen Guang Yu entered right then, and saw the broken cup of tea on the ground. “What’s wrong? Your disciple is not listening?”

“It’s alright, we’re just joking. What do you want?” Lin Feng asked, shaking his head idly. However, he realized Jing Wu Hen had been right. Three days had passed, and Chen Guang Yu was back.

“Sorry, Lin Feng, I didn’t manage to get a spot for you. Sorry,” said Chen Guang Yu apologetically.

As expected, Jing Wu Hen had anticipated that. Now he would probably ask Lin Feng to follow him to the ancient sect.

“Lin Feng, you should come with me to the ancient sect,” said Chen Guang Yu awkwardly, but he was excited inside.

Lin Feng frowned. He didn’t want to accept, but after Jing Wu Hen had told him… There were things he simply had to do.

Lin Feng didn’t accept immediately. Otherwise, Chen Guang Yu would think he wasn’t very determined.

“Lin Feng, I know you think I’m using you, but you should try to put yourself in my shoes. My ancient sect only has six spots. Alone, I can’t do much, how can I convince them if I’m alone? They almost attacked me this time.

“Among those six spots, there are two which can’t be changed because two of the strongest young geniuses of the sect have obtained them. Regarding the four remaining spots, the strongest people can get them.

“I am not strong enough, so I beg you, Lin Feng, please come back with me,” implored Chen Guang Yu helplessly. It was difficult to know whether he was saying the truth or not, but he seemed sincere.

Lin Feng’s expression changed slightly. Chen Guang Yu suddenly seemed happy and added hastily, “There are many cultivation resources in the ancient sect, Lin Feng; you can also choose whatever you want. It will be very beneficial for you.”

“Lin Feng, he’s still using you, you can’t accept!” interjected someone. Jing Wu Hen entered the room, and Chen Guang Yu suddenly looked glum. Why did Jing Wu Hen keep attacking him?

Jing Wu Hen flashed in front of Lin Feng.

“Prince Wu Hen, Brother Wu Hen, we are not enemies, why do you keep attacking me?” said Chen Guang Yu angrily, clenching his fists, controlling himself.

Jing Wu Hen understood that he had guessed right.

“Alright, Lin Feng, you can accept,” said Jing Wu Hen, smiling kindly.

Lin Feng nodded. Chen Guang Yu was stupefied. “What’s going on?” he asked skeptically.

Lin Feng grinned, but didn’t reply, he just said, “Anyway, I accept. We can go to the ancient sect. But Jing Wu Hen will come with us, too.”

“Alright, I’ll organize everything. We can leave,” said Chen Guang Yu. He was overjoyed. If Lin Feng came to the ancient sect, then everything would be fine. The elders would help him. Whether they could manage to make Lin Feng join the sect or not would also depend on what they would offer him.

“Slowly. Before Lin Feng goes to the ancient sect, he needs to go back to San City,” said Jing Wu Hen, interrupting Chen Guang Yu. Lin Feng had to go to San City first. There was a problem Lin Feng needed to solve.

Lin Feng frowned and looked at Jing Wu Hen, but then Lin Feng quickly understood what Jing Wu Hen meant.

“We’re not in a rush. I need to go back to San City first, indeed. I need to find a place for the boy in San City,” Lin Feng said firmly.

The three of them would be able to gather at the border with San City again, and then they’d leave for the ancient sect.

Chen Guang Yu left the room, leaving Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen alone.

“Wu Hen, what’s wrong?” Lin Feng asked. He was suddenly worried about San City and Xiao Qing.

“Something happened. It’s extremely important. I just heard the news,” said Jing Wu Hen, frowning solemnly.

Lin Feng had never seen Jing Wu Hen like that, so his heart twitched. “Tell me what happened!” Lin Feng demanded, taking a deep breath.

“An ancient clan invaded San City. Our Great Elder, Yan Tie Sheng, has been captured.”

“What? An ancient clan? What could an ancient clan possibly be doing in San City?!” Lin Feng asked, his expression falling. He couldn’t believe it.

“Lin Feng, ancient sects and clans are mysterious. They are everywhere in the Country of Eternity. Some of them are even underground. You don’t know much about them, which is normal. It’s a catastrophe for San City, though!” Jing Wu Hen said sternly.

“What clan?” Lin Feng asked clenching his fists.

“The Ancient Demonic Clan.”


“Yes, the Ancient Demonic Clan. Supreme God Xie’s ancient clan.”

“They are in San City? How’s that even possible?

Lin Feng’s heart started pounding, and his face paled. San City was in danger. What could he do against the Ancient Demonic Clan?

Xiao Qing! She was also in danger!

Thinking about that, Lin Feng’s heart felt like it was going to explode.

“I’m going to San City, no matter what, I need to do something!” shouted Lin Feng angrily. His eyes became bloodshot and were filled with killing intent. Supreme God Xie had cast greedy eyes on San City?! Maybe he had been plotting ever since Lin Feng had killed Yan Zhen…

“Keep calm, Lin Feng! Lin Feng!” shouted Jing Wu Hen, hoping Lin Feng would keep calm but Lin Feng had already disappeared and was flying towards San City like a bullet. Lin Feng was already far away. Jing Wu Hen had no choice but to try and catch up with him.

The two of them flew towards San City. Nobody knew what would happen there; maybe they would be killed!

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