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Chapter 779: The Ancient Demonic Clan!


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“Lin Feng, stop! The Ancient Demonic Clan probably wants you to go there! It’s probably part of their plot!” shouted Jing Wu Hen. He finally managed to catch up with Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was furious. If anyone else had been standing on his way, he would have kicked them aside violently. Lin Feng couldn’t let anyone harm Xiao Qing. Even if he had to go and fight against the members of the Ancient Demonic Clan alone, he would do it.

He was the leader of San City, he had to!

“Wu Hen, move,” Lin Feng ordered, taking a deep breath.

“Lin Feng, you’re going to bring about your own destruction. Many people are going to die, including you!” said Jing Wu Hen, shaking his head resolutely. He couldn’t let Lin Feng go, no matter how furious Lin Feng was.

“Move!” shouted Lin Feng, then punched Jing Wu Hen. His Qi was swift and fierce.

But Jing Wu Hen wasn’t afraid; he didn’t want Lin Feng to go and die. He used his physical strength to block Lin Feng’s punch, but he still grunted with pain and coughed blood.

When Lin Feng saw Jing Wu Hen cough up blood, he felt guilty, but he had no time to waste, as he had people to save!

“Wu Hen, move now,” Lin Feng said calmly. He didn’t want to fight and defeat Jing Wu Hen before going to San Country. He didn’t want to hurt him.

“Lin Feng, my father and teacher are already flying towards San City. Great Elder Yan Tie Sheng has been captured, they won’t just sit by and watch. You should wait for them first, and we’ll go to San City altogether. I won’t go to San City without them,” said Jing Wu Hen sternly. Lin Feng wasn’t always wise.

Lin Feng just wanted to get to San City as quickly as possible, so he accepted.

“Alright, let’s go!” Jing Wu Hen and Lin Feng then continued flying towards San City.


Jin Lun City had settled down, but now San City was in chaos again. This time, San City had been conquered by an ancient and powerful clan, everybody felt taken by surprise.

Nobody in the Country of Eternity would have thought the first ancient clan to step out would be the Ancient Demonic Clan, but it was a fact. The Ancient Demonic Clan was the only sect people knew in the Country of Eternity. They didn’t know the names of the other ancient clans and sects.

Chen Guang Yu learned about that thirty minutes after Lin Feng left. His expression changed drastically. He never thought the Ancient Demonic Clan would announce their appearance to the world. He wasn’t in the mood to think about the Competition anymore. He immediately called his four protectors and asked them to go back to the ancient sect as quickly as they could to report to the leader.

Chen Guang Yu sat down on the Dragon Throne. Lin Feng might be heading to die this time. Lin Feng was famous; what if they took control of him?

It would be a catastrophe, but it was all like a game of chess, as well. If they captured and controlled Lin Feng, then the plans of his own ancient sect would be ruined.


Nobody knew that Lang Xie City was also in danger. Supreme God Lang Xie was captured by a mysterious influential group. The atmosphere was calm, yet heavy. Danger loomed everywhere in Lang Xie City.

An ancient sect had showed up in Lang Xie City, Tian Dao Yuan. Their target was Lang Xie City. In one day, the whole territory of Lang Xie City was occupied, including Zi Dian Mountain. Supreme God Zi Dian was also captured.


Lin Feng didn’t know about any of that. He was just concerned about Xiao Qing’s safety. He knew how cruel the members of the Ancient Demonic Clan were.

He didn’t use the teleportation portals of Jin Lun City. After Supreme God Jin Lun’s death, the teleportation portals had collapsed. Someone had to fix them, but Lin Feng didn’t have time.


One day passed. It was already dark outside, so dark Lin Feng couldn’t even see his fingers when he stretched out his hands. They arrived in Borderland Village soon after.

They entered San City and Lin Feng sensed some evil demonic Qi. It was like San City had turned into hell.

Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen flew over hundreds of li. The evil demonic Qi was growing thicker and thicker. There was no sound in Borderland Village. It was empty. Lin Feng was even more worried.

“As expected, it’s the Qi of the Ancient Demonic Clan; the exact same Qi as Supreme God Xie’s,” Lin Feng frowned. He was starting to panic.

“I need to go to the main palace,” Lin Feng old Jing Wu Hen. Then he flashed into a beam of light, and disappeared into the horizon. Jing Wu Hen’s expression fell. Lin Feng was even faster than before!

What to do?, thought Jing Wu Hen. trying to keep calm. The only thing he could do was to find his father and teacher. They were both high-level Supreme Gods, it was the only way to make the Ancient Demonic Clan retreat.

Jing Wu Hen knew that he couldn’t stop Lin Feng anymore. Lin Feng had lost his mind. Trying to stop him was completely useless.


In the palace in Great Village, the atmosphere was extremely calm. There were no lights. The atmosphere was gloomy and cold.

There were many people in black clothes there. Ancient Demonic Clan was written on the front of their robes. They had different positions in their clan, with status corresponding to their rank.

“We’ve been discreet for two hundred thousand years. It’s time for us to step into the light,” said a man who was exactly four chi tall. {about 134 cm}

The short man looked incomparably hideous, but he also looked extremely tough, valiant, and plucky. It felt like his Qi could destroy a gigantic city.

The hundreds of men in black clothes regarded him respectfully. Nobody looked at him scornfully; if anyone dared, they would be killed on the spot!

“Before that, you were rich business people, some of you were teachers, some of you were harbor workers, some of you were bandits, or you were already just strong cultivators… but you also have a common identify, you are members of the Ancient Demonic Clan.

“Maybe aboveground, nobody would ever think you are from the Ancient Demonic Clan. Maybe when you are away, you will even forget about the Ancient Demonic Clan, but when I call you, you must all react quickly. The Ancient Demonic Clan is about to step into the sun,” the man declared solemnly, his arms open.

“High Priest, Xie Ao,” said the man, opening his eyes. They were red. The whole palace was silent.

“Here, Master!” said an old man in the crowd. He was a kindly-looking fellow with a long beard. If his Qi hadn’t been evil, it would have been impossible to imagine that he was a High Priest in the Ancient Demonic Clan.

“Minister over the Masses, Xie Mo.”


“Minister over the Sacrifices of Hell, Supreme God Xie.”

Supreme God Xie was wearing a blood-red robe, every bit as crooked as before. He had even more wrinkles. Supreme God Xie was extremely cruel, and not many people liked to have contact with him.

“How strong is Xie Dian now?” an elder asked Supreme God Xie.

Supreme God Xie looked at the short man respectfully and replied, “Xie Dian is now a level two high-level Supreme God, Master.”

“Good, haha! The Ancient Demonic Clan has set high hopes on him. We need to continue supporting him, you understand?” the man smiled. Someday, Xie Dian might even become the leader of the Ancient Demonic Clan.

The man had destroyed ninety percent of the sects and clans who angered him alone. He considered himself a God of Death. If anyone was as cruel as him, then they were qualified to become his successor.

Xie Dian had potential!

“Alright, let’s stop wasting time. Supreme God Xie, Xie Ao, and Xie Mo,” the man spoke up impassively after a long time.


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    HMM Thank you so much!!!!

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    so the 90% of the 120 or so sects and clans that 200.000 years ago were all destroyed by the leader of the demonic sect?

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      nah thats too simple, its gotta have something to do with the fire underneath the country of eternity. maybe the demonic sect tricked everyone to go underground but then they’d have their own strong people left.

      my thoughts is its a person with one of the three bodies- choas, light or jetson’s body that attained super godhood (ranks lose meaning since the xuan level)

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