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Chapter 780: Insane Request!


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Lin Feng flew towards the palace. He could already see many people. Supreme God Xie and the others had been waiting for a long time.

Lin Feng was grim. As expected, Supreme God Xie was there, so those people really were from the Ancient Demonic Clan.

“Lin Feng, I didn’t think we’d meet again so soon,” said Supreme God Xie, smiling widely. He looked kind, but his eyes were dark and his Qi was evil.

“Supreme God Xie, you’re good at plotting,” Lin Feng returned, smiling coldly. Lin Feng despised people like them.

Supreme God Xie just grinned even more widely. He could see that Lin Feng was angry, but so what? The Ancient Demonic Clan had been planning to go public in the Country of Eternity sooner or later; they had chosen San City, and it had drawn Lin Feng’s attention.

“Hehe, you quickly became famous in San Country. You remember when you won the Great Competition of San Country? That’s when we saw you.

“We never thought you would kill Yan Zhen, though. Hehe! You helped us greatly by killing him. We don’t even need to make a secret of our presence since the place is empty. We’re now the leaders of San City,” said Supreme God Xie, smiling cheerfully.

Lin Feng looked even grimmer and more furious, his eyes filling with flames fury. His hands and legs shook violently. Supreme God Xie was startled, but then he just frowned and said disdainfully, “What? You want to fight? You want to kill me?

“Lin Feng, don’t think that because you killed Supreme God Jin Lun, you can underestimate all high-level Supreme Gods. Look around you; there are many high-level Supreme Gods. Is there anyone who isn’t an extremely strong high-level Supreme God?”

Supreme God Xie smiled as if his face would break. He didn’t need to worry about Lin Feng. Lin Feng couldn’t afford to offend an ancient clan. They weren’t like Jin Lun City.

Lin Feng wasn’t stupid; he had seen how strong these people were. They were all extremely strong… and Lin Feng was only a medium-level Supreme God! Even if he could compete with level two high-level Supreme Gods, it wasn’t enough…

Lin Feng couldn’t really rescue Xiao Qing and the others, but as the leader of San City, he didn’t intend to just sit by and watch. He had to be devoted to his people.

“What do you want?” Lin Feng frowned. He was convinced they had meant him to come here. Otherwise, they could have waited until the Competition if they had wanted to kill him. Announcing their presence in the world was dangerous; it might draw their enemies’ attention!

But since they had done this, it was definitely to inform Lin Feng of their presence. They were looking for him! But he didn’t know why…

“Haha! Smart boy,” said the cheerful Supreme God Xie. “Our leader wants to see you. Come with us,” said Supreme God Xie. He walked into the palace with Xie Ao and Xie Mo. Lin Feng didn’t move though.

Supreme God Xie turned around and grinning mockingly, said “What? You don’t dare come in?”

“I am here, why would I be afraid to come in?” Lin Feng replied, smiling coldly. He flashed past Supreme God Xie and entered the building first. Lin Feng knew the place perfectly. He didn’t need anyone to lead the way.

Lin Feng crossed a garden and arrived at the meeting hall. The atmosphere had changed; it felt cold and didn’t smell good inside.

“Lin Feng?” asked the short, squat man, smiling when he saw Lin Feng, curious about this young man.

“That’s me,” Lin Feng answered, standing in the middle of the room.

The man’s expression didn’t change, keeping his ugly smile. He waved at the three others and said, “You can leave for now.”

Supreme God Xie, Xie Ao, and Xie Mo all left.

The man sat down on the throne. Lin Feng didn’t feel right. It was the leader’s throne. As someone who had received San Zun’s knowledge, Lin Feng felt guilty. He also felt sad for Yan Tian Jiao.

“You don’t feel right about this?” the man beamed.

“The Ancient Demonic Clan doesn’t do things by traditional methods,” Lin Feng returned blithely.

“Indeed, you’re right. We don’t. At the beginning, we wanted to make a comeback in Jin Lun City, but another ancient sect had already cast eyes on it, so we decided to let them have it.”

“But you can’t do what you wish in my territory,” Lin Feng stated coldly.

“Hehe, unfortunately, we did. So what?” said the man, his ugly grin mocking now.

Lin Feng was usually the one who said “So what?” to people, but not today. He could only smile. He was too weak in comparison to this man.

“So tell me, what does the Ancient Demonic Clan want?” Lin Feng asked, taking a deep breath. He wanted to kill this man.

Impossible, though. Lin Feng could see that that man was stronger than a high-level Supreme God; he was stronger than any of the cultivators he had ever seen in his life, which meant that that man had broken through to that legendary cultivation layer.

The man in front of him might truly be a legendary cultivator!

Therefore, Lin Feng couldn’t fight him. The man could kill him with his little finger. However, they probably hadn’t lured him here to kill him, but to ask him to do something.

“I like smart people,” said the man, his grin approving, yet cruel.

“Just tell me what you want,” Lin Feng said. He just wanted to save Xiao Qing and the people of San City.

“Haha! You have a bad temper, boy!” replied the man, laughing loudly. His eyes abruptly became blood-red. Lin Feng had the impression he was going to suffocate, as if someone were strangling him, but nobody was touching him.

It didn’t mean that the man wasn’t attacking Lin Feng, it’s just that Lin Feng couldn’t see it.

“Boy, it’s not good to be too impulsive,” mused the man coldly, still smiling.

Lin Feng couldn’t do anything. Death might be less terrifying than this midget’s Qi; he was the one who felt small in front of this man. He was just incredibly strong!

“You have three days to hand over half of your primal chaos body!” said the man coldly. His smile had turned into something which resembled a smile, yet wasn’t one. His face was distorted with ferocity and evil.

He wanted Lin Feng’s primal chaos body!

It was Xie Dian’s only hope to succeed. With a primal chaos body, everything would go smoothly for Xie Dian. He just needed a powerful body, nothing else. Lin Feng had a perfect primal chaos body, so why not take some of it?

That was all he wanted.

Lin Feng was furious. Why? Just because this man was stronger than him, he could control everything?

“No, impossible!” howled Lin Feng angrily. He put one of his hands in front of himself. Over his dead body!

“Hehe, I knew you wouldn’t agree. I won’t beg you. You have three days. If you refuse, I will kill two people on the first day; three days later, I will kill six more people.”

“I will kill the Black Dragon King, the Azure Dragon King, Ya Wu Hen, Xiao Qing, Supreme God Ma Gu, and Yan Tie Sheng!” said the man, smiling unscrupulously. He had everything under control. He didn’t need to negotiate with Lin Feng. He was too strong; he didn’t need to talk shit and waste time!

If someone refused to do what he wanted, then he killed people!


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