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Chapter 781: I Agree!


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“Remember, you have only three days!” stated the man icily, and he stopped looking at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was panicking. He left the room absent-minded. All the disciples of the Ancient Demonic Clan looked at him mockingly, but he ignored them. He just walked away and sat down on a boulder.

Lin Feng was extremely annoyed. He felt powerless. This was a real dilemma. If he didn’t give up half of his primal chaos body, then Xiao Qing would die? The man was extremely strong, he could easily kill everyone in San City. What could Lin Feng do? Make himself explode? Hehe, he didn’t do such drastic things. Besides, it would be useless; he wouldn’t be able to kill the man, even if he made himself explode.

Could Lin Feng give away a part of his primal chaos body? Of course not. It was his main asset. His forbidden body had turned into a primal chaos body, and it had been difficult to do. If he gave up half of his primal chaos body, what would happen? Wouldn’t he become extremely weak?

Mister Time was a perfect example. After he had given up his forbidden body to bring Lin Feng to the world of cultivation, he had become extremely weak, and he hadn’t managed to break through for a very long time.

But if he refused, then Xiao Qing would die. Even though Lin Feng and Xiao Qing weren’t related by blood, he still considered her one of his family members, and he didn’t want anything to happen to her. He already felt guilty because of what Hu Yan Qing had done to her. He couldn’t let anything happen to her again.

Lin Feng had contradictory feelings at that moment. He felt powerless in front of these extraordinarily strong people.

Ancient Demonic Clan, I will never forget you. If I survive and ever become strong enough, I’ll destroy you first!, thought Lin Feng, clenching his fists so hard that his nails pierced through his palms and blood dripped from his hands. Lin Feng was furious, and he also felt humiliated. A debt of blood had to be paid in blood!

Lin Feng had never wanted to destroy a clan so much. He even wanted to destroy everything that was related to the Ancient Demonic Clan.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. Suddenly, he looked hundreds of years older. He sat there alone all night until noon. The sun was scorching hot, but Lin Feng felt ice-cold on the inside.




One day passed and the sound of drums spread in the air. Lin Feng was extremely nervous.

A large number of men in black appeared in the sky. There were so many of them that they blotted out the sun. The disciples of the Ancient Demonic Clan all flew towards Lin Feng.

The Black Dragon King and the Azure Dragon King had been tied up by those disciples. Lin Feng looked at the two chained men. Their pure Qi and skills had been sealed.

“Lin Feng, one day has passed. Do you agree?” asked a demonic voice hoarsely. Lin Feng’s heart sped up.

Lin Feng didn’t reply. A hundred-meter axe appeared in the sky. It was covered in fresh blood, dripping down on the Black Dragon King and the Azure Dragon King. They were both infuriated, but they couldn’t do anything. They were too weak.

It was difficult to compete with the Ancient Demonic Clan!

“Lin Feng, do you agree?” asked the hoarse voice again. Lin Feng’s heart was racing. He took a deep breath, and put his hand on his pounding heart.

“Die!” shouted the voice furiously. The gigantic axe chopped towards the Black Dragon King and the Azure Dragon King.

Lin Feng’s eyes were wide. He watched the axe descend towards the two Dragon Kings at bullet speed.

“Stop! I agree!”

I agree!

Lin Feng shouted with all his strength. His head was soaked in sweat.

Lin Feng couldn’t wait any longer. He didn’t want to see his people get killed.

It left him no choice but to agree. His cultivation level was definitely going to decrease again. It was impossible to know to what extent yet…

The axe disappeared. Lin Feng had just saved the two Dragon Kings, but most importantly, Xiao Qing!

The chains disappeared from around the Black Dragon King and the Azure Dragon King. Their pure Qi returned to normal as they landed on the ground. They looked at Lin Feng guiltily.

“Lin Feng, you… you agreed?” The Black Dragon King felt extremely sad. He knew how important the primal chaos body was for Lin Feng. If he lost half of it, he might become a piece of trash, or even worse.

It would have a terrible impact on Lin Feng’s cultivation level, but the Ancient Demonic Clan’s plan had worked!

“We’ll release all the people of San City Lin Feng. You have half a day,” said the hoarse demonic voice. Lin Feng had agreed, and the Ancient Demonic Clan had released all the people of San City; that was already not bad for Lin Feng.

After a short time, Xiao Qing, Supreme God Ma Gu, Yan Tie Sheng, all the leaders, Ya Wu Hen, and all the others appeared at the gate of the city.

Lin Feng looked at them. In the end he turned his eyes on Xiao Qing. Her face was still covered by a veil. When she saw Lin Feng, she cried silently, “Brother…”

“Xiao Qing, you’re safe and sound, that’s the most important thing,” he replied, walking over to Xiao Qing. Xiao Qing wasn’t injured, so Lin Feng was relieved.

“Lin Feng, you’re a good and kind boy,” said Supreme God Ma Gu, who was standing next to Xiao Qing. She looked at Lin Feng respectfully.

“Thank you for taking care of Xiao Qing, Master. I hope that you’ll continue,” answered Lin Feng sincerely. He didn’t ask for anything; as long as Ma Gu took care of Xiao Qing, he was happy.

“Don’t worry. I will,” Supreme God Ma Gu nodded. She looked at Xiao Qing kindly, as if she were her own granddaughter.

“Lin Feng, I’m going to tell you one thing, I hope you’ll understand,” said Supreme God Ma Gu telepathically after taking a few steps towards him.

Lin Feng’s expression changed for a second, but he controlled himself and tried to look normal again. He replied, “Please tell me, Master.”

“Lin Feng, you are the only god in this world. Never forget that. Even if the fog is dense, it still is fog. Your heart needs to be as clear as a mirror in this dense fog.

“I’m off!” finished Supreme God Ma Gu. Then she grabbed Xiao Qing’s hand and then walked away.

“No, teacher, I don’t want to leave!” shouted Xiao Qing, pushing away Ma Gu’s hand. She wanted to stay with Lin Feng. How could she abandon Lin Feng at such a difficult time? She didn’t want Lin Feng to give up half of his primal chaos body, either.

“Xiao Qing, if you don’t leave, I will stop considering you my sister!” Lin Feng swore, taking a deep breath. He knew that Xiao Qing would react like this, so he had already thought of a plan.

When Xiao Qing heard those cruel words, she paled and started shaking from head to foot. Her eyes were wet.

“Leave!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. It was the first time Lin Feng had shouted at Xiao Qing like that.

“Let’s leave, my little disciple,” said Supreme God Ma Gu taking a deep breath and shaking her head. Silly girl…

“Brother, you…”

“PISS OFF! NOW!” shouted Lin Feng explosively, and he pushed Xiao Qing away. At that moment, Supreme God Ma Gu made Xiao Qing faint and took her in her arms. She glanced at Lin Feng, and left San City.

She was convinced that Lin Feng wouldn’t give up cultivating, because people who were really strong never gave up.


Supreme God Ma Gu left San City with Xiao Qing and the atmosphere became calm.

“Bring all the strong cultivators of San City to Ze Country. Ze Country will not harm you,” Lin Feng ordered the two Dragon Kings.

The two Dragon Kings glanced at each other. They obeyed Lin Feng and flew towards Ze Country with all the strong people of San City. The others, who were not strong enough, could only stay there and suffer from the Ancient Demonic Clan’s oppression. They weren’t strong enough to travel with the others.

The people of San City left the city. Only Yan Tie Sheng and Lin Feng remained there.

“Master, thank you for helping me manage San City. You can leave now,” Lin Feng said to Yan Tie Sheng, bowing respectfully and gratefully. Yan Tie Sheng had helped him a lot. He had kept the promise he had made to Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen. He had really protected San City until the Ancient Demonic Clan had arrived. Lin Feng couldn’t blame him for not being able to compete with the Ancient Demonic Clan.

He was only a Supreme God; he couldn’t compete with the leader of the Ancient Demonic Clan.

“See you,” said Yan Tie Sheng.

Lin Feng didn’t blame Yan Tie Sheng for reacting like that. He had to think of himself first. All this didn’t have much to do with him.


At that moment, a thousand li away from the city palace, Jing Tian Ao and an old man in purple clothes rushed over. Jing Wu Hen also flew towards them.

“Father, teacher, I need to find Lin Feng!” shouted Jing Wu Hen. He was extremely nervous.

“Come here, Wu Hen,” a kind voice replied to him. Jing Wu Hen looked at the old man in purple clothes, his mysterious teacher.

“Teacher!” said Jing Wu Hen absent-mindedly. He didn’t get any closer to his mentor.

“Wu Hen, I guarantee you Lin Feng will be fine. Wait here, okay?”

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