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Chapter 782: Stealing Lin Feng’s Primal Chaos Body!


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“I don’t believe you,” said Jing Wu Hen, shaking his head instantly. Jing Tian Ao had abandoned Lin Feng once, so Jing Wu Hen didn’t believe his teacher and father would save him this time.

Jing Tian Ao pulled a long face and shouted furiously, “Wu Hen, you care about a stranger more than your father and teacher?!”

“He’s like a brother to me. I must be righteous and loyal, that’s how I am,” answered Jing Wu Hen fearlessly. He didn’t understand his father.

Jing Tian Ao was surprised. The Ancient Demonic Clan wanted half of Lin Feng’s primal chaos body, and they were extremely determined. On top of that, the leader of the Ancient Demonic Clan, Xie Mu, was extremely strong. Jing Tian Ao couldn’t compete with him. Even if the five high-level Supreme Gods of Ze Country came to help, they wouldn’t be able to compete with him…

Unless Jing Wu Hen’s teacher, She Shan, helped!

Jing Tian Ao looked at She Shan. The old man felt pressured. If he didn’t save Lin Feng, his disciple, Jing Wu Hen, would be dispirited and unhappy. Their teacher-disciple relationship would deteriorate. But if he went to rescue Lin Feng, then it would start a conflict between an ancient sect and an ancient clan.

“Tian Ao, Wu Hen, you know who I am. Do you want the Yuan Hall to step out for this?” asked She Shan gravely. He could intervene, but if he did, then the Yuan Hall, an ancient sect, would step into the light and tensions would arise between his ancient sect and the Ancient Demonic Clan. The leader of the Yuan Hall probably didn’t think that becoming enemies with the Ancient Demonic Clan because of Lin Feng was worth it. Lin Feng wasn’t strong enough, he was insignificant.


“Wu Hen, Tian Ao, not only am I Wu Hen’s teacher, but I also an elder of the Yuan Hall, I can’t act recklessly because of someone. It would have disastrous consequences for the Yuan Hall,” stated She Shan, shaking his head.

Jing Wu Hen nodded indifferently. He respected She Shan’s decision, he was just disappointed. He turned around and gazed into the distance with determination.

“If I am not back in three days, no need to come and look for me. You can find another descendant,” said Jing Wu Hen to his father gloomily, as if it were his last wish.

“Wu Hen, come back!” shouted Jing Tian Ao quickly. He reached out with his left hand to catch Jing Wu Hen.

But Jing Wu Hen only accelerated. He clenched his fists and flew away at explosive speed. He flew so fast that his muscles twitched.

“Don’t piss me off, father!” Jing Wu Hen shouted with cold determination.

Jing Wu Hen drew his hand back. His heart ached, but he didn’t persist. He didn’t want his son to kil himself. Jing Wu Hen wasn’t joking. Jing Tian Ao understood his son well.

“Father, teacher, take care!” said Jing Wu Hen, taking a deep breath. He bowed and continued flying away.

Jing Tian Ao and She Shan watched Jing Wu Hen disappear into the distance. The two men sighed. Jing Wu Hen was going to die if they let him go this time.

“She Shan, if anything happens to my son, the Yuan Hall can leave Ze Country; otherwise don’t blame me for being impolite!” shouted Jing Tian Ao to the old man icily, his eyes hard and cold.

She Shan’s expression fell, and his heart skipped a beat. The Yuan Hall was one of the seven ancient sects. They had been living in seclusion for a long time. If they had to leave Ze Country, then their plans would be ruined.

Jing Tian Ao didn’t want to save Lin Feng because of Ze Country. Ze Country couldn’t compete with the Ancient Demonic Clan, but the Yuan Hall was different. It was also extremely powerful. If they intervened, they would definitely be able to help.

Jing Wu Hen was furious now and he even blamed his father. If Jing Wu Hen died, Ze Country wouldn’t have a suitable descendant for hundreds of years, which would be a catastrophe for Ze Country.

Therefore, Jing Tian Ao blamed She Shan. He was Jing Wu Hen’s teacher, after all. Jing Tian Ao hoped the old man would feel ashamed.


Lin Feng had sent all the strong cultivators of San City to Ze Country, which was great. Even though Jing Tian Ao didn’t want to get involved in all this, he was happy to have more strong cultivators in his country.

Some of those strong cultivators also went to Jin Lun City. In Jin Lun City, there was no problem, as Chen Guang Yu was there to protect the city, and he was also a member of an ancient sect, so it was safe.

Lin Feng once again went back inside the palace with the disciples of the Ancient Demonic Clan. The palace already belonged to the Ancient Demonic Clan. Lin Feng felt rather strange.

Lin Feng followed the disciples; they didn’t go to the main hall, they brought him to a side room.

The disciples left and closed the door firmly. It was dark in the room, but Lin Feng could see fairly well. The atmosphere was oppressive.

“So you’re Lin Feng?” asked an icy voice suddenly. Lin Feng was surprised. He glanced at the corner of the room and noticed someone seated there. Surprisingly, he hadn’t noticed the man at first glance.

It was a young man with blood-red hair, wearing a black robe with dragon and skeleton patterns. He looked extremely aggressive and imposing. His eyes gleamed and were filled with death.

Lin Feng looked him over. The man didn’t look at Lin Feng. His head was lowered. He said, “Your primal chaos body is not bad. I’m the one who’s going to obtain half of it.”

“Who are you?” asked Lin Feng expressionlessly.

“Xie Dian,” replied the man expressionlessly. He finally raised his head and glanced at Lin Feng, but then he lowered it again quickly.

“The Ancient Demonic Clan set high hopes on you,” said Lin Feng, grinning coldly.

“I suddenly broke through to the level two high-level Supreme God layer. They’re excited, it’s normal, isn’t it?” replied Xie Dian, smiling indifferently.

“it is,” Lin Feng nodded. The Ancient Demonic Clan had made the right decision, but unfortunately, they had cast greedy eyes on Lin Feng’s special body. He had no choice. Nobody could save him and he had to face his destiny. He could only rely on himself.

“Alright, anyway, let’s finish this quickly. If you want half of my primal chaos body, just help yourself,” said Lin Feng impassively. He didn’t feel like talking. He wanted to finish this as quickly as possible.

“Awesome!” Xie Dian laughed. He looked ice-cold and his eyes were filled with admiration for Lin Feng at the same time. He thought fighting against Lin Feng would be great.

“Master, please start,” said Xie Dian calmly, looking at someone behind Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s grimaced. The leader of the Ancient Demonic Clan was behind him? He hadn’t sensed any presence at all. He had even used his godly awareness to inspect the room, yet he hadn’t detected anyone’s presence.

Lin Feng suddenly sensed cold and evil energies behind him. The leader of the Ancient Demonic Clan, the four-chi short man, Xie Mu, walked over in front of Lin Feng.

“Are you ready?” asked Xie Mu, glancing at Lin Feng coldly.

“You can start,” said Lin Feng, taking a deep breath. Then he closed his eyes and opened his arms waiting for the nightmare to start.

“Get ready, Xie Dian,” Xie Mu nodded. He moved the palm of his hand towards Lin Feng’s celestial spirit. Lin Feng had the impression he was going to faint. His eyes rolled back as he lost control over his body.

It felt like being drunk, as if he had drunk thousands and thousands of glasses of alcohol. Suddenly, it felt as if Xie Dian was flowing through his veins.

“The primal chaos body is about to be yours! Haha!” said Xie Mu excitedly. He hoped the Ancient Demonic Clan would become even stronger in the future, and the primal chaos body would be extremely useful for them!

Suddenly, Xie Mu looked ferocious. He thought of something: since Lin Feng would become a piece of trash after losing half of his primal chaos body, why stop? Why not take the other half? He could give Lin Feng’s entire primal chaos body to Xie Dian!

“Haha! Haha! The Ancient Demonic Clan is going to rise so quickly!” shouted Xie Mu, laughing frantically. He reached out with his left hand and made ready to stab Lin Feng with it.

Lin Feng’s Sword of Remote Times started buzzing and trembled. Xie Mu casually sealed it and the sword stopped moving.

Xie Mu continued…

“People of the Ancient Demonic Clan are really shameful! Release Lin Feng!” shouted an angry voice suddenly. It came from outside and interrupted Xie Mu.

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    Am I the only one that thinks lin f did the most dumbest thing

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    You are right bro

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    no you are not. i think that he is no the lin feng we know cuz lin feng care about his family alot and in the lastest chapters he only care about that girl, and forgetting how his real family (his wives, sons, diciples, teachers and so on)will fell when they found about.

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