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Chapter 783: Despair!


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“Capture the moron who’s causing trouble outside!” shouted Xie Mu angrily. It was the most crucial moment of the procedure.

Supreme God Xie and the other high-level Supreme Gods of the Ancient Demonic Clan acted immediately outside. Jing Wu Hen couldn’t compete with all of them. In less than a hundred attacks, he would be crushed. Supreme God Xie knew Jing Wu Hen and was surprised that Jing Wu Hen had come alone.

“Isn’t that Prince Wu Hen? What? You came to save Lin Feng?” asked Supreme God Xie, smiling scornfully. The strong cultivators of the Ancient Demonic Clan all smiled mockingly.

Jing Wu Hen’s face paled, but his eyes were filled with fury; he hated himself for not being strong enough. He would have killed all these bastards otherwise!

He wanted to crush the whole Ancient Demonic Clan…

“Bring him inside!” shouted Xie Mu at that moment. Supreme God Xie didn’t dare laugh, he just smiled and hauled Jing Wu Hen inside.

When Jing Wu Hen entered the room, he saw Lin Feng, who was now unconscious. His body was floating in the air, his arms spread wide. He seemed to be in pain. Xie Mu’s left hand was as sharp as the tip of a blade, and he had already stabbed it into the left side of Lin Feng’s chest.

“You’re Jing Wu Hen?” Xie Mu smiled. He had heard of Jing Wu Hen, who had ranked third at the previous Great Competition of the West. He was a little bit famous already.

This time, though, with Xie Dian and all the other young geniuses of the ancient sects and clans, someone like Jing Wu Hen would easily be eliminated from the top ten.

“Seal his pure Qi,” Xie Mu ordered Supreme God Xie casually.

Supreme God Xie nodded, and put his left hand on Jing Wu Hen. Jing Wu Hen sensed an incredible strength flow through his meridians. He suddenly couldn’t use his pure Qi anymore, trying a few times in vain. He finally understood his pure Qi was sealed.

“Shameless bastard!” shouted Jing Wu Hen furiously. He wanted to attack, but he couldn’t anymore.

“Hehe, look at your friend. We’re going to cripple his cultivation and Xie Dian, the genius of the Ancient Demonic Clan, is going to progress quickly all of a sudden.”

Xie Mu laughed scornfully. The sound of flesh being ripped apart accompanied him putting his hand into Lin Feng’s ribcage. The pain was unbearable. He was soaked in sweat.

Xie Mu’s expression grew more and more ferocious. He felt impatient and excited, and moved faster and faster. He had his hands on Lin Feng’s ribs and could feel the strength of the primal chaos body in his bones. After removing the primal chaos strength from Lin Feng, he would become a piece of trash.

Xie Mu smiled. His yellow teeth looked disgusting. He didn’t care about Lin Feng, all he cared about was Xie Dian, the young genius of the Ancient Demonic Clan, the one who could help the Ancient Demonic Clan rise even more quickly.

Bones crackled. Xie Mu’s entire hand was inside Lin Feng’s chest. He kept stroking Lin Feng’s ribs and feeling the strength of the primal chaos body.

“Lin Feng, you should feel honoured; thanks to you, Xie Dian is going to become one of the greatest and most powerful geniuses of the clan! Haha!” shouted Xie Dian excitedly. He finally managed to grab Lin Feng’s primal chaos strength, and now he started removing it from Lin Feng’s body. Xie Dian would become the new owner of the primal chaos power.

“No! No! Stop! Asshole! Scumbag!” shouted Jing Wu Hen. His eyes were bloodshot. Blood kept dripping from Lin Feng’s chest.

The primal chaos strength was shining. It looked like divine strength.

Jing Wu Hen was devastated, but he couldn’t break free from Supreme God Xie’s grasp. No matter how hard he struggled, he was stuck and couldn’t do anything but watch his friend get humiliated. His incredible strength was being stolen.

“No! No! How is this possible!?” shouted Jing Wu Hen. His face paled, and he fell on his rear powerlessly. He was panicking. He felt even more devastated than Lin Feng himself.

Jing Wu Hen didn’t dare imagine what Lin Feng would look like after losing his primal chaos body. What would he do in this world? What would be his state of mind?

Would he become a piece of trash?

Would Lin Feng become like he used to be, two hundred years before? Many people used to insult him, make fun of him, humiliate him… Back in the days, even his own family had given up on him.

Lin Feng couldn’t see anything anymore. His vision was too blurry. He couldn’t feel the pain anymore, either. He just felt desperate and cold. His primal chaos strength was slowly being stolen. He knew that he would become a piece of trash, or even worse, afterwards.

Lin Feng remembered how life was two hundred years before; was the same thing going to happen all over again?

No. Lin Feng couldn’t agree to that. He didn’t want to lose his primal chaos power. He didn’t want to let the Ancient Demonic Clan succeed in their evil scheme. He didn’t want Xie Dian to use the power he had refined for two hundred years. How unfair!

What can I do? What should I do?, thought Lin Feng. He didn’t even have the strength to stand up; how could he resist?

Xie Mu carefully and unscrupulously continued stealing Lin Feng’s primal chaos strength. The cyan strength flowed towards Xie Dian’s abdomen. Even though his face was pale and it felt extremely painful, he was extremely excited. After obtaining the primal chaos strength, he would become one of the greatest young geniuses of the world. Nobody would be as strong as him!

“Lin Feng, with that body, you were strong; but with it, I’ll be even stronger!” whispered Xie Dian, looking down at Lin Feng, who was half-conscious. Xie Dian was also trying hard not to faint.

Nobody would know how he had obtained a primal chaos body. They would just notice that there was something unusual about him. Nobody would imagine that another genius had fallen for him to have such an incredible body. Everybody would admire and respect him.

He would become a king in this world. Lin Feng would become as good as a skeleton with dried bones.

Time passed slowly. Lin Feng’s body started feeling empty. His primal chaos strength was being absorbed by Xie Dian. Xie Dian controlled the unknown power with his Qi.

A real genius. That’s what he was going to become!

He would quickly forget about this poor little Lin Feng anyway. Some people lost, some won; that was completely normal.

“It’s over.”

Xie Dian would become stronger and stronger. Trillions of people would revere him. Lin Feng would become a skeleton with dried bones, his body would go back to ashes. He had no primal chaos strength left at all.

Xie Dian glanced at Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked miserable and pitiful, but Xie Dian didn’t care. He didn’t care about a piece of trash.

“I’m going to cultivate,” said Xie Dian, exhaling deeply. His body was filled with primal chaos Qi. It felt mysterious and terrifying.

Xie Dian pushed the door open and left the room. Xie Mu took a deep breath. His hand was still soaked in Lin Feng’s fresh blood. He used his sleeve to wipe it off. Then he threw a robe at Lin Feng. He glanced at Supreme God Xie and said, “Release Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen. They’ll die naturally.”

“Yes,” Supreme God Xie acknowledged. Xie Mu left, and only Supreme God Xie, Lin Feng, and Jing Wu Hen were left in the room.

Supreme God Xie had the impression he was in a dream. In the past, nobody could afford to offend Lin Feng, but now he had become a piece of trash.

Supreme God Xie suddenly felt empty. It didn’t feel real. Was it real?

He sighed. Maybe was Lin Feng’s fate. He couldn’t afford to act proudly and arrogantly anymore. Lin Feng was now just a piece of trash.

“Go, leave now,” said Supreme God Xie, releasing Jing Wu Hen. He didn’t unseal Jing Wu Hen’s pure Qi, however.

Jing Wu Hen’s face was as white as a sheet of paper. He didn’t even know how to take Lin Feng away, he had no Qi to fly him away from the Ancient Demonic Clan…

Jing Wu Hen still took Lin Feng in his arms and walked away. It was painful and difficult. He walked for three days. He didn’t know where he was. They ended up in a dark valley, like Lin Feng’s future.

“Wu Hen… Put… put me down,” coughed Lin Feng. He was slowly coming back to his senses. His whole body burned and felt extremely sore. He kept coughing, and talking was difficult.

Jing Wu Hen was happy, Lin Feng was finally awake!

“Alright, alright, let’s go deeper into this valley,” said Jing Wu Hen, nodding hastily. He carried Lin Feng several thousand strides deeper into that valley. Even though Jing Wu Hen had no pure Qi, he was physically strong enough to carry Lin Feng.

Deep inside the valley, Jing Wu Hen put Lin Feng on the ground. The wounds on Lin Feng’s abdomen needed to heal.

But the scars in Lin Feng’s heart would never heal.


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