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Chapter 784: Going Back Home!


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“Lin Feng, how do you feel?” asked Jing Wu Hen compassionately.

“Hehe, what do you think?” replied Lin Feng, forcing a smile. Jing Wu Hen knew Lin Feng felt both desperate and devastated.

Jing Wu Hen checked Lin Feng’s cultivation level, and his face paled: first Godly Emperor layer!

He had lost his primal chaos body, and now he only had the strength of the first Godly Emperor layer. He was a piece of trash in the Country of Eternity with that kind of cultivation level.

Jing Wu Hen remained silent. He didn’t know what to tell Lin Feng to cheer him up, because he couldn’t even cheer himself up.

“Wu Hen, thank you for rescuing me. That is extremely touching and moving,” said Lin Feng. He knew what Jing Wu Hen was thinking. Lin Feng now understood something: he had a new friend, a real one, someone who liked him as much as Yan Di.

“Lin Feng, I… I… I feel powerless. I feel like a terrible person,” said Jing Wu Hen, biting his tongue. Then he slapped his own face, and a big red mark appeared on his cheek.

He felt incredibly guilty. He hadn’t managed to save Lin Feng. The Ancient Demonic Clan had humiliated Lin Feng right in front of him. Lin Feng only hard the strength of the first Godly Emperor layer now, he had become a piece of trash.

Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen both remained silent.

Lin Feng wasn’t in the proper mood to cheer Jing Wu Hen up. He already felt devastated himself. He felt like he was stuck in cave whose entrance was collapsed.

“Wu Hen, no need to take care of me. Go back to Ze Country. Get someone’s help to unseal your pure Qi, then go and get ready for the Great Competition,” said Lin Feng resolutely, raising his head. He didn’t want Jing Wu Hen to waste his time on him. Jing Wu Hen could continue rising. He didn’t need to waste his time with a piece of trash.

When Jing Wu Hen heard that, he felt even more guilty. He didn’t intend to leave Lin Feng alone though, especially in such circumstances.

“Shush. Have a rest now and stop talking,” said Jing Wu Hen, changing the topic.

Lin Feng sighed and laid down. He looked at the dark sky. There were some shooting stars. It was beautiful, but when they disappeared, the sky became extremely dark again.

Lin Feng felt like a shooting star; they dazzled for a little while, and then they disappeared.

Had he failed? Had he really failed?

Lin Feng didn’t want to think of that for the time being. He probably could still win battles against people of the same cultivation level, but he couldn’t compete with Supreme Gods anymore.

He felt confused. He had to calm down, so he just laid there and tried to empty his mind. He didn’t want to see anyone.

Maybe he could just lay down and wait for death. Nobody would know he had died, and nobody would be sad that way.

Lin Feng’s eyes became wet. Tears of resentment and remorse appeared in his eyes. Tears of despair…

Jing Wu Hen’s heart twitched; he felt incredibly sad as well. Lin Feng was supposed to become one of the strongest cultivators in the world; was it really over for him?


One day passed. Early in the morning, the valley was less dark. Lin Feng felt much better. He didn’t feel so desperate and devastated anymore.

“Wu Hen, help me find or dig a cave. I want to spend some time in a cave. Then, please go to Jin Lun City and tell Chen Guang Yu that I can’t participate in the Great Competition. Also, if possible, bring or ask someone to bring Jiang Xuan back to Lang Xie City. You can also bring him to Ze Country if you want,” said Lin Feng. He hadn’t slept at all that night, so he had thought of various things that had to be done.

He now needed to spend time in this valley. He needed to rest and calm down. He also had to tackle all sorts of issues systematically and methodically. He had the strength of the first Godly Emperor layer; he could start practicing cultivation again and become stronger again.

When Jing Wu Hen heard that, he wanted to say something, but Lin Feng looked firm and resolute, so he knew he had no choice but to agree.

Even though Jing Wu Hen’s pure Qi was sealed, he still had the strength of the medium-level Supreme God layer, so digging a cave in the cliffs of the valley wouldn’t be a problem.

It took him half an hour. He had dug a cave in such a way that nobody could see it from outside, not to mention that the valley itself was already extremely isolated.

Lin Feng stood up and entered the cave.

Jing Wu Hen watched Lin Feng disappear in the cave and sighed helplessly. Then he left the valley. At the very least, he would do what he could to help Lin Feng.


Half a month later passed. Lin Feng hadn’t said anything. He hadn’t seen anyone for two weeks. He was lying in the cave; he didn’t see the sun, he was just in a world of darkness which was suitable for him at that moment.

“I’m going into my spirit world.” Lin Feng missed his parents, and Liu Fei. He hadn’t seen his relatives for such a long time.

He closed his eyes and disappeared from the valley. He went back into his spirit world.

His spirit world was a utopia, a perfect world. He had made it himself. The sun was bright, the air was fresh, there were vast and boundless grasslands, gigantic trees which were hundreds of meters tall, beautiful leaves; there was nature everywhere.

Lin Feng was in a much better mood. He forgot about all his problems and thought of his family.

Half an hour later, he arrived in front of a simple wooden house. Three people were inside, a couple and a woman.

Lin Hai, Yue Meng He, and Liu Fei.

“Little Fei, some fruits are ripe already. Let’s go and see,” Yue Meng He told her daughter-in-law, Liu Fei.

Yue Meng He loved Liu Fei. They had spent such a long time together that Yue Meng He almost hoped Lin Feng would just keep one wife, Liu Fei, and that they would spend calm and peaceful days together in this perfect world.

“Alright, I’ll go and see,” said Liu Fei, smiling resplendently. She looked extremely beautiful, even if she had grown older.

Lin Feng looked at Liu Fei, his second wife. He owed her so much in life. When he saw her, he instantly felt calmer. She was different from Meng Qing, much more normal. She had also made many sacrifices in life for him.

He owed her too much.

“Little Fei,” said Lin Feng in a trembling voice. His eyes were wet, but he controlled himself and tried not to cry.

Liu Fei’s entire body shook, and she almost fainted. She was holding something, but it felt down. She raised her head and saw Lin Feng.


Yue Meng He and Lin Hai were astonished, dumbstruck, and extremely moved.


“Little Feng.”

Liu Fei burst into tears. Yue Meng He and Lin Hai’s eyes reddened. Their son looked much older than the last time they had seen him.

“Little Fei, dad, mom,” said Lin Feng, trying to look normal. He didn’t want to look sad in front of his relatives. He wanted to look normal and happy, and not to worry.

“Husband.” Liu Fei was extremely touched, too. Tears flowed along her cheeks.

Lin Feng flew towards her as quickly as he could, then took her in his arms. Liu Fei’s heart started racing, while Lin Feng’s slowed down.

“Little Fei, I’m sorry,” said Lin Feng guiltily. In the end, he still cried.

“You’re back, good,” Liu Fei smiled. She didn’t blame Lin Feng, even though she had made many sacrifices for him in her life.

“Little Feng,” cried Yue Meng He. Lin Hai also got closer.

“Mom, dad,” said Lin Feng, looking at his parents.

“You’re back, good!” said Lin Hai, laughing loudly. They weren’t incredible cultivators, so they couldn’t see that Lin Feng’s cultivation had a problem. They didn’t know he had lost one of his most valuable assets in life, his primal chaos body.

“Are you going to leave again this time?” asked Yue Meng He. She hoped her son would stay for a long time this time.

Liu Fei didn’t say anything, but she nervously waited for Lin Feng’s answer.

“No. I will stay with you for a while,” Lin Feng smiled. Nobody could see there was something wrong.

Liu Fei frowned, though. She had the impression there was something wrong, but she didn’t want to ruin Lin Hai and Yue Meng He’s mood, so she didn’t ask anything. She would just wait for a more suitable moment.

Liu Fei went to fetch some pickled vegetables and brought them to the table. They all ate together happily. Lin Hai got really drunk. Yue Meng He even had a few glasses. Both parents were so happy to see their son.

“I’m so hammered! Meng He, let’s go!” Lin Hai was extremely drunk, but he didn’t forget that his daughter-in-law and his son might need time alone, so he glanced at Yue Meng He. Yue Meng He understood, and his parents thus left and went back to their room.

Lin Feng and Liu Fei went to Liu Fei’s room.

He entered the room, and felt an unutterable sadness. There were portraits of him everywhere in the room, at least a dozen. He realized that Liu Fei probably spent entire days drawing portraits of him, which wasn’t normal. How painful!

“Little Fei, I’m so sorry,” said Lin Feng, taking a deep breath.

Liu Fei smiled back. “Husband, don’t be sorry. I’m not a stranger,” said Liu Fei. Her eyes were wet, and Lin Feng’s heart twitched. Besides, Liu Fei had also drunk a few glasses of unfiltered rice wine, her face was red and her eyes were glassy. Lin Feng found her extremely attractive like that.

“Little Fei, we should have a kid.”

“Alright…” said Liu Fei shyly. Lin Feng drew closer to her, then grabbed her and lifted her energetically. He put her on the bed and took her clothes off quickly.

A few seconds later, they were fusing together.

Lin Feng was like a wild beast. Liu Fei silently enjoyed it.

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