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Chapter 786: Genesis Spiritual Body!


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“Are you surprised?” asked Lin Hai with a mysterious smile.

Lin Feng couldn’t believe it. He just nodded.

“Little Feng, you blindly try to become stronger, but you neglected one of the most important things,” said Lin Hai, sighing helplessly. He didn’t want his son to think of cultivation levels and strength as the most important thing in life. Lin Feng had also completely neglected his spirit world.

When Lin Feng heard that, he suddenly thought of something. He had indeed missed something…

Lin Hai continued, “The outside world is gigantic, but it also belongs to someone. Your spirit world is your world. Your spirit is one of the most important things. The Qi in here is all yours.

“Since you can use it, why don’t use your spirit world more often? There are rules and skills in here, too. Why don’t you study them?

“My son, look at this tree. Are there such thick and strong trees in the outside world? Are there such vigorous and powerful trees?

“No. Trees in the outside world can’t be that powerful; do you know why?” asked Lin Hai sternly.

Lin Feng remained silent. He suddenly felt relieved as if there were solutions. If he worked hard, he would manage to get out of this pit.

“Your spirit world gives that tree a certain kind of strength; that strength is not a special body, it is your spirit!

“Your celestial book spirit is your spirit. My son, I thought I’d be a weakling my entire life, but I was wrong.

“I’ve lived in your spirit world for a hundred years. Ten years ago, I understood that in this world, I could practice without any hindrance. I could remain true to myself in here. Cultivation levels are different in this world, but it doesn’t mean I am weaker than people in the outside world.

“Little Feng, you have been abandoned by the gods, so why do you keep trying doing the same as people in the outside world? Can’t you practice cultivation in your spirit world?

“I don’t think that the pure Qi in your spirit world is less powerful than in the outside world. Think about it; it’s your own world, you are the only ruler here,” said Lin Hai. He didn’t seem grave and serious anymore. He looked relaxed. He finally had the opportunity to tell Lin Feng everything he wanted to tell him.

Lin Hai patted Lin Feng’s shoulder and then walked away and went back to his house.

Lin Feng stood at the foot of the vigorous tree. He was lost in thought.

Lin Feng looked at the tree. It looked pretty much alive. Indeed, it looked different from trees in the outside world. What was the reason? Fundamentally, it was because of the strength of all the things which existed in his spirit world.

Lin Feng suddenly understood what his trump card was. His trump cards weren’t his Tao skills, or his forbidden body, or his primal chaos body, but his celestial book spirit! His spirit world!

It was his own world. He had fabricated it from A to Z. He was an ultimate ruler in his world! He was the only god in here! People worshipped him!

It was his own world!

Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled. One second later, a third eye appeared on his celestial spirit. The blood-red lights which emerged from his Jia Yan’s Eye were dazzling. It seemed like they could destroy that entire world, and help Lin Feng start a new life.

Phwap! A gigantic hole appeared under him., It was a hundred meters deep. A blue light surrounded his legs as his Primal Chaos Thunderbolt Battle Boots appeared on his feet. Lin Feng jumped and landed at the top of the highest tree.

There was an explosion, and Lin Feng was suddenly surrounded by purple lights. He fused together with the Purpura Tao Skill. Lin Feng started a full refining process.

Blood Skill of the Great Tao, Third Master Tao Skill, Tao skill of Nature and Freedom, Freedom of Movement Tao Skill; Lin Feng used all the Tao skills he knew at that moment.

Lin Feng’s consciousness became blurry, like when Xie Mu had absorbed his primal chaos body. His consciousness kind of disappeared. His purpose was rebirth.

His body floated in his spirit world. Suddenly, all the beasts in his world saw lights that belonged to their ruler.

Liu Fei and Yue Meng He came out and looked at Lin Feng. His body was distorted and extraordinary lights were flashing around him. They both smiled.

What Lin Hai had said had been essential. Without him, Lin Feng probably wouldn’t have understood. Now, his world and he were going to start a new life.

Lin Feng never thought that his father would be the one who would enlighten him! He was now creating a new special body for himself based on his Tao skills and spirit world.

When Lin Feng came back to his senses, he gave his new body a name: the genesis spiritual body.

Lin Feng was floating in midair. A week passed. Liu Fei and Yue Meng He were waiting patiently. They didn’t want to interrupt Lin Feng during his rebirth.


Time passed. Two weeks went by. Lin Feng’s arms were still open. He was still floating, his body surrounded by divine golden lights. They were due to his genesis spiritual body.

All the beasts crouched down in his spirit world and roared respectfully at their ruler. They wanted to express their gratitude.

Time passed. Lin Feng’s body became even sharper, like a dazzling sword.


Five more days passed, Liu Fei and Yue Meng He were worried, but they still waited and continue leading a normal life, as if Lin Feng didn’t exist.

Lin Feng was still floating in the air above the tree. The tree became more and more dazzling. It became thicker and stronger. Its vitality increased.

It was all thanks to Lin Feng’s rebirth.

His spirit world was also becoming more powerful. All the beasts in his world became more powerful.

On the twentieth day, Lin Feng’s consciousness changed. He slowly brought his arms back. His eyelids moved. His whole spirit world moved along with him.

Another day passed, and Lin Feng opened his eyes. Swift, fierce lights emerged from his eyes. The display of lights disappeared from his spirit world. It was like it became sunny again after a bunch of stormy days.

The weather returned to normal again, the atmosphere calmed down.

Lin Feng came back to his senses. Not only did he wake up, but he had also recovered his original strength. He had come back to life. However, now, his cultivation level couldn’t be defined in terms of ordinary cultivation levels because he had chosen a new path, his own path! It should have been that way from the beginning.

Lin Feng now estimated that if he bumped into Supreme God Xie again, he’d easily be able to defeat him. If he bumped into someone like Supreme God Jin Lun again, he would easily be able to crush and kill him.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He descended from the sky and landed on the ground.

Yue Meng He and Liu Fei didn’t leap for joy because to them, what had happened was to be expected. They hadn’t expected any less from Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was in a great mood. He felt confident again. He was now strong enough to go and get his revenge.

The Ancient Demonic Clan, Xie Dian, Xie Mu… He was going to crush them violently!

They had humiliated him? Now death lurked!


During the following days, Lin Feng didn’t feel like leaving his spirit world. He just wanted to spend time with Liu Fei and his parents. He enjoyed those peaceful moments.

But as Lin Feng’s wife, Liu Fei knew what he thought. He was becoming more and more absent-minded. He kept thinking of the outside world.

“Husband, you should leave. You have so many things to do outside. Don’t waste your time here. Don’t worry about your parents, I’ll take care of them as usual,” said Liu Fei, hugging Lin Feng from behind. She didn’t feel like parting with him, but she knew it was better for him to leave.

Lin Feng felt guilty again. He never took care of her. She was even the one who took care of him each time he came back.

Lin Feng couldn’t help but feel sorry for General Liu and his daughter sometimes…

“Little Fei, I..,” said Lin Feng, turning around. He took her in his arms. Liu Fei put her finger on his mouth.

She smelled so good. Lin Feng calmed down.

“Husband, do you love me?”

“I do.”

“Do you feel sad?”

“I do.”

“So leave. I will take good care of myself; you are a man and you have great things to achieve…”


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  1. Rob September 17, 2019 at 6:10 pm - Reply

    Damn these new chapter are such a tease ! I can’t wait for LF to come out and start his revenge i just wanna see the ancient demonic clan gone.
    Demonic clan uh ?? My boy lin feng will show everyone what a true demon is.

  2. Team YouYou September 18, 2019 at 3:04 am - Reply

    Why hasn’t Lin Feng ressurrected anyone yet? Mr. Kong could resurrect Godly Emperors as just a Mid Level Supreme God, and now he is much stronger.

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    See? I just said it yesterday LF gonna get a new body.

    • hangtimewolt September 18, 2019 at 6:34 am - Reply

      was gonna say you were right! congrats, i feel both proud but sad that the author decided to go in such a contrived way. will set up the whole jetson vs forbidden body thing maybe?

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