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Chapter 787: Jeston!


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Lin Feng left his spirit world and the warmth of his family environment. He was back in that cruel world.

Even though Lin Hai had become extremely strong and was about as strong as a medium-level Supreme God in the outside world, he didn’t feel like coming out. He didn’t feel like competing with others. He wanted to lead a calm and peaceful life with Yue Meng He, not to mention that they would have another grandchild soon.

He was happy with Liu Fei and Yue Meng He.

Lin Feng came out of his spirit world, and arrived back in the dark and cold cave. He still remembered how desperate he had felt when he had arrived there.

Lin Feng left the cave and reappeared in that unknown valley. The atmosphere was calm and silent. No beasts roared out. It seemed abandoned, as if nothing was alive in there.

Lin Feng flew up and left the valley. There was a big desert near there. The wind created whirlwinds of sand. Lin Feng enjoyed the landscape.

He floated in the air like a ghost. He didn’t feel heavy at all, as if his body didn’t exist.


Half an hour later, Lin Feng arrived in a remote place with people there. It was a tiny village. It reminded him of when he had arrived in San Country.

Lin Feng didn’t stop there. He crossed the village and half an hour later, he arrived above a beautiful city. The buildings were gold-plated, and there was a gigantic mountain there, too.

Lin Feng landed on the ground and asked someone what this place was.

It was the border of Jin Lun City. It was under nobody’s jurisdiction. San City didn’t care about it, and neither did Lang Xie City.

Kan Cheng. It was an eight hundred li wide city. It was so tiny that Jin Lun City didn’t want it. It was better that way, anyway, because people from there hated Jin Lun City and enjoyed their independence.

Kan Cheng had a leader. He was a high-level Supreme God. People admired and worshiped him in Kan Cheng.

Lin Feng didn’t hurry to leave. He looked for an inn and paid, then went into town.

Nobody stopped him. He arrived in front of the palace and went to the main hall.

Kan Cheng’s disciples told the leader someone had trespassed on their territory. Very quickly, the leader of Kan Cheng showed up.

When Lin Feng saw the leader, he was dumbstruck.

When the leader of Kan Cheng saw Lin Feng, he was astonished, but he quickly looked overjoyed.

“Lin Feng?”



The Great Competition of the West was going to start. All the geniuses of the different influential groups rushed over, including geniuses from ancient sects and clans.

Everybody already knew about the Ancient Demonic Clan, because they were the first ones who had announced their arrival in that world.

Then there was the Lei Sect, one of the seven ancient sects. They were the ones who had invaded Lang Xie City.

The Yuan Hall had also announced their arrival in that world; they were Ze Country’s allies. They were going to participate in the Great Competition together.

The Tai Qing Sect was one of the seven ancient sects. They had announced their arrival in the Ri Guang Empire recently. They hoped to dazzle and impress during the Competition.

Lin Feng learned that Chen Guang Yu’s ancient sect was the Tai Qing Sect, and the Tai Qing Sect had sent their two strongest cultivators for this occasion: Qing Kui and Qing Xi, a man and a woman.

The ancient clans remained much more discreet than the seven ancient sects. Apart from the Ancient Demonic Clan, only one other clan had announced their arrival. They were in the Lun Bi Empire and collaborated with them, similar to Ze Country and the Yuan Hall.

Because of this, everybody in the Country of Eternity knew that the ancient sects and clans were all going to rise really quickly. They were just waiting for the Great Competition to start.

The Ancient Demonic Clan was very satisfied. Their young genius Xie Dian had suddenly broken through to the level three high-level Supreme God, thanks to Lin Feng’s primal chaos power.

But everybody had already forgotten that Lin Feng was the one who originally had the primal chaos body. They chose to forget about it because they didn’t want to irritate Xie Dian. Nobody would speak about it to anyone else.

The Great Competition of the West was going to start in less than a week. Apart from Ze Country, Lang Xie City, Jin Lun City, and the Lun Bi Empire, this year would be slightly different because all the influential groups of the Fa Lan Empire were also going to participate.

Maybe the Great Competition of the West wasn’t a suitable name anymore, because it wasn’t only about the West anymore.

It was more about the geniuses of the ancient sects and clans now!

Everybody in the Country of Eternity had already forgotten about Lin Feng. Most people were already traveling towards the Lun Bi Empire for the Competition. Lin Feng had only one thing in mind: killing Xie Dian!

You absorbed my primal chaos body? Good, then I’ll kill you, thought Lin Feng. He wanted to show the Ancient Demonic Clan that even though Xie Dian had absorbed his primal chaos body, he still couldn’t compete with him. On top of that, the primal chaos body was originally Lin Feng’s; he was the one who had refined it and worked hard on improving it, so Xie Dian couldn’t possibly understand it as well as he did!.

Jeston followed Lin Feng. They had met again, it was fate. After arriving in Gods Country, Jeston had landed in Kan Cheng and helped the previous leader of Kan Cheng. After that, the leader had asked Jeston to be his successor as the leader of the city.

Even though Kan Cheng wasn’t big, it had many resources. Jeston had lived a peaceful life there, but he hadn’t forgotten his ultimate goal: to become one of the strongest cultivators in the world. He controlled light Dao, after all.

Lin Feng could see that Jeston was now even more dangerous than in the past. Even though he only had the strength of the level two high-level Supreme God layer, if he fought with his full strength, Lin Feng wouldn’t be able to easily compete with him.

Lin Feng made an iron mask and put it on. It was a demon mask. He didn’t want to use his real face during the Great Competition. He wanted to make the Ancient Demonic Clan suffer and remember him forever. He wanted them to wonder who he was.

A mask was the best way to do that. Why a demon mask? Because he had chosen the demon mask in Tian Yuan and had enjoyed it.

Jeston didn’t need a mask. Nobody knew him. The reason he went to participate in the Competition this time was because he wanted to show the world who he was. He had been waiting for this day for a while.


The distance from Jin Lun City to the Lun Bi Empire wasn’t insignificant, crossing millions of li. It took Lin Feng and Jeston five days to arrive.

Two days were left before the beginning of the Competition.

The atmosphere in the Lun Bi Empire was oppressive. Many people had already arrived. There were many terrifying geniuses. All the strong cultivators of the Lun Bi Empire, including the leader of the Lun Bi Empire, remained vigilant.

Yuan Hall’s genius, Yuan Feng.

Ancient Demonic Clan’s genius, Xie Dian.

Lei Sect’s genius, Lei Ben.

Tai Qing Sect’s geniuses, Qing Kui and Qing Xi.

The Lun Bi Empire had joined hands with the Gu Gu Clan. The Gu Gu Clan sent their second strongest genius. Their goal was to finish first.

Apart from those geniuses, those who had ranked first, second, and third during the previous Competition were there, too: Prince Wu Hen, Prince Demon and Prince Ghost. Most people didn’t think they could compete with the geniuses of the different ancient sects and clans, however.

Two days were left before the beginning of the Competition, but the Lun Bi Empire was already densely packed with people. In the evening, the streets were bustling with activity. Many people also fought and killed one another.

Why did some people fight before the Competition? Because there were free spots for outsiders, which meant that apart from needing an invitation, three independent cultivators would also be able to participate. They just needed to win those spots by shedding blood.

One day later, the three spots were taken.

The three spots had been taken by a man with a demon mask, another one with golden hair, and a middle-aged man whose face was covered.

The Great Competition was about to start smoothly!

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