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Chapter 788: Lun Bi Empire!


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“Lin Feng, we are participating as independent cultivators. Let’s crush the ‘proud geniuses’ of the different ancient clans and sects!” said Jeston, smiling cheerfully. He looked amused. He was good at trickery, like Di Shu and Xu Gan.

Jeston didn’t need to think too much to plot against people, and being one of his targets was one of the worst things that could happen to someone.

Lin Feng and Jeston were a team, the best kind. One of them relied on strength, the other one on the mind.

Lin Feng wanted to crush Xie Dian, but he knew that relying solely on powerful attacks wouldn’t be enough. He had to keep calm and cold-headed.

The only reason why Lin Feng had acted irresponsibly was because the Ancient Demonic Clan had threatened to kill Xiao Qing. Lin Feng would never forgive them for that. Lin Feng didn’t care about being the champion of this Great Competition; he wanted to make the people of the Ancient Demonic Clan cry and regret. He wanted to kill Xie Dian!

“You don’t need me for that,” said Lin Feng, smiling admiringly. Jeston knew what Lin Feng meant.

“I’ll go and see. Hehe!” Jeston grinned and left the inn. Very quickly, he disappeared in the middle of the night.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and sat down on the edge of the windowsill. It was already dark outside and stars were twinkling.

It was cold too, piercingly cold. The Lun Bi Empire was a cold place. Jin Lun City was warmer by dozens of degrees. The Lun Bi Empire felt like an iceberg.

Two days from now, the Great Competition of the West was going to start. The Fa Lan Empire was going to participate, as well.

Thinking about the Fa Lan Empire, Lin Feng’s thoughts turned to Yan Ran Xue. Fu Su Rong wasn’t brave enough to go and save her, so he had abandoned her to the Great Prince had captured her.

Lin Feng hated Fu Su Rong; what a coward! And what a pity for Yan Ran Xue. Why had Yan Ran Xue fallen in love with such a coward? Lin Feng didn’t understand. Why had she given up on him, Lin Feng? Was she blind? Women were too complicated to understand…

I wonder if the Great Prince of the Fa Lan Empire is here…, thought Lin Feng.


The night passed quickly. Lin Feng didn’t know where Jeston was. He hadn’t come back at all the whole night.

Lin Feng left the inn. The Great Competition was going to start on the next day. The atmosphere would be extremely lively.

At that moment, Lin Feng wanted to do something, something he wanted to do since he had arrived in Gods Country.

He wanted to avenge Emperor Yu. He needed to find Lun Bi Ba and retrieve Emperor Yu’s memories. In the past, it would have been difficult, but now it was just a formality for him.

But Lun Bi Ba was the grandson of the Lun Bi Empire’s leader. If Lin Feng killed Lun Bi Ba, the Lun Bi Empire would be furious. However, who would know that Lin Feng had killed him?

Lin Feng flew towards the imperial palace. As an independent cultivator who had obtained a spot for the Competition, entering the imperial palace wasn’t an issue. He didn’t need to prove who he was.


Half an hour later, he arrived in front of the imperial palace of the Lun Bi Empire.

It was the first time Lin Feng had been there. He glanced over it. The palace consisted of many tall and lofty buildings made of blue jade. Some of the pavilions were thousands of meters high.

Lin Feng sighed. These empires were all really powerful and rich. Maybe the Lun Bi Empire didn’t look as splendid and luxurious as Jin Lun City, but it was definitely at least as rich. In comparison, San City looked ridiculous.

Lin Feng was wondering why had the Ancient Demonic Clan decided to settle in San City? It was so poor and didn’t have natural resources. The territory of San City was much smaller, too.

Lin Feng took out his independent cultivator talisman and showed it to the guard. They instantly let him pass. All the contestants were geniuses, so the guards didn’t dare offend them.

The Lun Bi Empire had never thought they would ever host such an important event.

The Lun Bi Empire was stirring with excitement and bustling with activity. However, the situation was tricky for them, because the Gu Gu Clan whom they were collaborating with was just average in comparison to the other ancient clans and sects.

Most people stayed outside the palace because they didn’t want to offend the contestants and young princes of the imperial palace.

Lin Feng looked terrifying with his demon mask; there were only holes for his nose and eyes. His eyes were ice-cold.

Everywhere he walked, people moved away from him to give him space. He was one of the three independent cultivators, after all. Nobody wanted to offend him.

People didn’t underestimate independent cultivators in the Country of Eternity. Two independent cultivators had ranked first and second during the previous Great Competition of the West after all, Prince Demon and Prince Ghost. But who would win the Competition this time?

Lin Feng entered the imperial palace.

The palace was more an inner city than just a series of buildings. It was gigantic. Really strong cultivators were inside. The weakest people were low-level Supreme Gods, and the majority were medium-level Supreme Gods.

Lin Feng arrived in front of a weapon shop displaying weapons of the Godly Emperor and Supreme God layers. Many of those weapons needed to be refined. The success rate of refining such weapons was quite low.

But still, there were customers. It was the only weapon manufacturer in the empire!

Lin Feng entered the shop. Quickly, someone came to greet him.

“How may I help you, Master?” asked the clerk. He looked professional and his voice was pleasant to hear. That was an essential skill for a merchant, a pleasant voice was a key asset for attracting customers.

Lin Feng took out his Buddha Sword. It had been made into a weapon of the Godly Emperor layer after Godly Emperor Blood had helped him. It had the strength of the top of the Godly Emperor layer. Lin Feng wanted to refine it into a Supreme God weapon.

Lin Feng didn’t intend to use it to fight, he wanted to do it because he missed Godly Emperor Blood. He wanted to tell his old friend that he would never forget him!

“Please help me and forge this weapon turn into a Supreme God weapon. If you fail, I’ll destroy your shop,” said Lin Feng. He was wearing a mask, so he had nothing to fear. His eyes were filled with death.

The man’s legs shook under the pressure. He had seen many aggressive people in his life, but not as aggressive as Lin Feng.

“Alright, please wait. It’ll be ready in half a day. Please take a seat!” replied the man quickly.

Lin Feng turned around and went back to the first floor.

Very quickly, a white-clothed man came up from the ground floor and smiled at Lin Feng, then bowed hand over fist.

“Little friend, excuse me for my lack of manners.”

Lin Feng didn’t know that old man, so he was surprised. Why did the old man look at him as if they were old friends?

“Excuse me, do we know each other?” asked Lin Feng, frowning.

“Uh, no,” said the old man, still smiling.

“So why are you talking to me as if we were old friends?” asked Lin Feng angrily.

The old man smiled and scratched his nose, “Don’t be angry, little friend. I don’t know you, but I know the talisman you are holding.”



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