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Chapter 789: Arrogant Lun Bi Ba!


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Lin Feng was surprised, and looked at the talisman he was holding. He was amused; the old man knew the talisman, not him. Everybody knew this talisman.

“So what?” asked Lin Feng. He had already assessed the situation in his heart.

The old man smiled. Even more wrinkles appeared on his face when he smiled.

“Little friend, you are a contestant; do you want to be the ambassador of our shop?” asked the old man excitedly. He raised his fist and waited for Lin Feng to bump fists with him.

Ambassador? Lin Feng remembered ambassadors representing brands at different events on Earth. He had never heard of that in the world of cultivation, though…

Lin Feng felt stupid suddenly.

“Ambassador of what?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t refuse, his curiosity was aroused.

“Our weapon shop, of course. If you do, our services will be free to you, since we’ll be your sponsor,” the old man said enthusiastically. Lin Feng didn’t really understand.

“Lin Feng, they like to sponsor cultivators, it’s good for you. You’ll both benefit from a relationship. It’s also a kind of bet for them; if you do well, they’ll benefit from it. They’ll receive business.

“If you fail, they’ll also receive benefits. Your results don’t matter at all for them,” said the Sword of Remote Times to Lin Feng telepathically. Zu Ti sounded happy.

“Master, you’re awake?” asked Lin Feng quickly.

The old man replied, “Yes, thank you. If you hadn’t gone to your spirit world, I wouldn’t have been able to break Xie Mu’s seal so quickly.”

“I’m happy that you’re alright.”

“No, I am happy that you’re alright. Your misfortune turned out to be beneficial. Even though you lost your primal chaos body, you now have an even greater trump card, your spirit world. You have a new body now, that’s great. By the way, did you give it a new name?” asked the old man curiously.

A name? Lin Feng had already chosen a name for it, a better name than “primal chaos body”.

“Yes, the genesis spiritual body,” Lin Feng smiled.

The old man smiled. What a great name! Lin Feng and his genesis spiritual body would become famous worldwide!

“Oh, by the way, Master, do you know what an ambassador has to do?” asked Lin Feng.

“Of course. I’ve been an ambassador in the past, so of course I know. Lin Feng, you can agree. There are only advantages for you,” replied Zu Ti after a few seconds.

Lin Feng looked back at the old man and nodded. “Alright, I’ll be your ambassador,” said Lin Feng behind his mask. Since Zu Ti had told him it was a good thing, why not then?

“Really? Awesome!” said the old man, smiling excitedly. Suddenly, he had almost no wrinkles anymore.

Uh, you seem so happy…, thought Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t understand why the old man was so happy.

“Someone bring a pen and a paper!” shouted the old man. A disciple quickly arrived with a pen and paper.

“What for?” asked Lin Feng, surprised.

“Little friend, write your name and sign it. It’s our agreement,” said the old man, smiling honestly.

Lin Feng took the pen and wrote a name on the paper: Zhu Xie!

Zhu Xie? {Editor’s Note: It basically translates as Demon Slayer…}

When the old man saw that name, he was stupefied. However, Lin Feng’s handwriting was beautiful. That name was pretty strange, though…

“Little friend, that’s your name?” asked the old man skeptically.

“Is there a problem?” asked Lin Feng.

“No. Of course not,” said the old man, smiling wryly. He didn’t dare contradict Lin Feng. They needed an ambassador this year more than the others since the geniuses of the various ancient sects and clans were there.

Their small shop was under the jurisdiction of the empire and it was rather small. The previous year, the ambassador they had invited had been eliminated during the first round. He had been killed extremely quickly. The old man hoped that Zhu Xie wouldn’t be eliminated so quickly.

“Take it!” shouted the old man at the disciple. The disciple took the agreement and the pen and went down.

“Old man, I need to ask you something, tell me the truth,” said Lin Feng gravely. The old man couldn’t see Lin Feng’s face since he was wearing a mask.

“Tell me,” said the crooked old man, smiling.

“Do you know Lun Bi Ba?” asked Lin Feng grimly.

The old man frowned skeptically. Why did Zhu Xie ask him that?

“Do you know him?” repeated Lin Feng when he saw the old man remained silent.

“I know him. He’s the Young Master of the empire. He sometimes visits our shop,” said the old man, nodding hastily. His expression shifted as he spoke.

Lin Feng ignored the old man’s expression and stopped talking. He just waited for his weapon.


Three hours later, Lin Feng heard some people arguing.

“Young Master, please don’t. Some people bought all our good things, what can we do?”

Lin Feng was sure that the voice was the old man’s.

When Lin Feng heard “Young Master”, he smiled. He didn’t need to look for Lun Bi Ba anymore, it seemed.

Lun Bi Ba, you probably never thought that your worst nightmare was about to start, thought Lin Feng. His eyes were filled with murder.

He headed back down to the ground floor.

When he arrived, the old man was at the door, looking worried. A man in golden clothes was in front of him. He seemed quite young and he had a crown on his head. There were four clawed mahoragas on his robe.

The man seemed extremely proud and arrogant, obstinate and unruly, as if he were the ultimate ruler of the world. However, he didn’t seem to be strong enough to act like that…

Lin Feng stood at the foot of the flight of stairs. Lun Bi Ba had the strength of the low-level Supreme God layer. About two years before, when Lin Feng had learned that Emperor Yu’s memories had been stolen, he would have thought the man was strong, but nowadays a low-level Supreme God couldn’t compete with Lin Feng anymore.

Lin Feng had already killed many low-level Supreme Gods. However, he couldn’t kill him on the spot here.

Lun Bi Ba was furious, because there was nothing interesting for him in the shop.

“What a bunch of crap,” said Lun Bi Ba icily. He smiled nastily and kicked some items. Nobody dared stop him.

The old man’s eyes were wide. He had been collecting those precious treasures for such a long time, and Lun Bi Ba just kicked them like that. Some of them even broke.

“Young Master, you…” The old man’s cheeks reddened. He clenched his fists, but controlled himself. He wanted to crush this arrogant Young Master. Lun Bi Ba’s grandfather was the leader of the Lun Bi Empire, though…

After a long time, the old man just sighed. Lun Bi Ba laughed mockingly.

At that moment, a disciple came out with Lin Feng’s Buddha Sword. It had been refined into a Supreme God weapon.

The Buddha Qi of the Buddha Sword was beautiful. It wasn’t unsheathed, but the Qi was still extremely sharp.

Lun Bi Ba cast greedy eyes on the Buddha Sword, and burst into laughter. “Great, I want this item!”

When Lin Feng heard that, he grinned. He had been waiting for something like this to happen!

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    Even at a lowly God Cultivation level everybody already have their own spirit world. So what makes LF’s world so special? Don’t forget that LF already has his own world long before he became the supreme ruler of 9 continents, and that cultivation level is way more.lower than a god.

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