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Chapter 790: You Want to Drink? No Problem!


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“Give it to me!” Lun Bi Ba shouted at the old man. He stretched out his hand and grabbed the Buddha Sword. The disciple didn’t dare contradict or offend Lun Bi Ba, so he had no choice but to let it go.

Lun Bi Ba grabbed the Buddha Sword. The sharp Qi of the sword almost burned and cut him, but he didn’t care; he loved it so much that he didn’t want to let go of it. It was the price to pay for getting a great item.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, and ignored Lun Bi Ba’s smile. He just stared at him calmly.

The old man looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng waved to tell him he didn’t need to worry. The old man was disappointed and sighed helplessly. Who would dare offend the grandson of the empire’s leader?

Lin Feng was an independent cultivator; he couldn’t compete with the leader of the empire…

So, he had to let Lun Bi Ba off. He opened the door to tell Lun Bi Ba he could leave. However, Lun Bi Ba said mockingly, “Old grouch, remember that next time you have a good item, you should give it to me; otherwise, you’ll end up humiliated every time.”

The old man shook his head with a sigh. He suddenly looked much older. Ordinary citizens and members of the imperial family didn’t belong to the same world.

What could he do against someone who was close to the leader of the empire? He was just an ordinary man, even if he had the strength of the medium-level Supreme God layer, he was a nobody to those people.

What a cruel world. That was the law of the jungle…

Lin Feng watched Lun Bi Ba walk away , looking unmoved outside, but on the inside, he was furious already. He loved the Buddha Sword; it was a symbol of righteousness and honor to him. Lun Bi Ba was trash; he didn’t deserve such a beautiful item!

“Little friend, I know you’re very angry. I had no choice though,” sighed the old man, patting Lin Feng’s shoulder helplessly.

Reality was sad. He couldn’t do anything. Even though Lin Feng was a contestant, he was just an independent cultivator. An independent cultivator couldn’t compete with an empire, especially since the Gu Gu Clan was collaborating with them.

Lin Feng smiled, even if the old man couldn’t see it.

“Does he always treat you like that?” Lin Feng asked the old man and the disciple.

The old man smiled and waved, “Who would dare do anything to him? It’s unfair for you this time, too…”

“Yes, Prince Zhu Xie, we can’t do anything against such people. We have no backers…” added the disciple.

“We have no choice but to suffer in silence,” agreed the old man helplessly. He had been suffering for a long time already.

“I’m off,” said Lin Feng indifferently. He turned around and left the shop.

The old man and the disciple shook their heads helplessly.

They thought that Lin Feng felt humiliated and sad. He had brought them a weapon and had thought he would leave with a Supreme God weapon, and in the end Lun Bi Ba had stolen it. How sad…

But nobody would have thought that this time Lin Feng was going to teach a prince a good lesson…

Lin Feng walked down the wide street. It was dozens of li wide. People needed over ten minutes to cross the road. Lin Feng could easily follow the Buddha Sword, because it bore his Qi…


Lin Feng followed the Qi and arrived in front of a restaurant. He stopped and looked at the name of the restaurant: Imperial Restaurant.

The business belonged to the empire, but it was different from the weapon shop. It looked much more imposing. There were two flags at the top of the gate.

Lin Feng entered the restaurant and chose a seat opposite Lun Bi Ba, who was seated with some other nobles. He was smiling unscrupulously and playing with the Buddha Sword.

The Buddha Sword had been awoken by Lin Feng already. He had told his sword not to hurt Lun Bi Ba, and wait for him to arrive.

“How may I help you, sir?” asked the smiling waitress.

“What is the specialty of the day?” asked Lin Feng. The waitress almost fainted when she saw Lin Feng’s horrible demon face. There were all sorts of people there, so she had to stay calm. She had already seen some people from the Ancient Demonic Clan the day before.

“We have a special beverage. It’s very sweet.”

“Alright, bring me a jar,” Lin Feng nodded, then sat back to Lun Bi Ba and his friends. When he heard them talking, he grinned.

“Bro, this sword is not bad, huh?! Hehe. It’s a real treasure,” said a man in golden clothes next to Lun Bi Ba.

“Yes, I’ve seen all sorts of treasures in my life, but this sword is special. I’m sure its previous owner was a strong man!” declared Lun Bi Ba, nodding approvingly.

The man smiled disdainfully, “So what? It’s yours now, bro!”

“Haha! Indeed!” said Lun Bi Ba, laughing unscrupulously. He lifted the sword up proudly. People around them frowned, but nobody dared offend him.

Lin Feng knew what kind of person Lun Bi Ba was: someone who thought he could do whatever he wished, someone who was obstinate and unruly and who never thought of the consequences of his acts because of his background.

But one had to rely on strength to act like that, too. Lin Feng had taught many people like him good lessons. On top of that, Lun Bi Ba was just a low-level Supreme God. How ridiculous! If he weren’t from the Lun Bi Empire, he would have died a long time before with such a temper.

“Here is your drink, sir,” said the waitress, putting a jar on Lin Feng’s table. Lin Feng nodded, but at that moment, someone shouted angrily.

“You, give me the jar!” shouted Lun Bi Ba at the waitress, pointing to Lin Feng’s jar.

The waitress was terrified. Each time Lun Bi Ba came to the restaurant, he was like this. It wasn’t the first time.

“Young Master, it’s…” said the waitress. She wanted to say it was that client’s now, but Lun Bi Ba interrupted her.

“What? You dare contradict me?” Lun Bi Ba looked at her icily. The woman paled.

“Dear guest, may I…?” The waitress burst into tears. She had seen Lin Feng’s talisman; she didn’t want to offend him, either!

Lin Feng nodded. He didn’t want to cause trouble for the woman. However, he had to teach Lun Bi Ba a good lesson. He had stolen Lin Feng’s weapon and now was taking his drink?

“Alright, I’ll give it to him,” Lin Feng said to the waitress.

The waitress was extremely relieved. She said thank you a few times, but when Lin Feng said he was going to give it to the man himself, she seemed confused.

“You can leave. I’ll give it to Young Master myself,” said Lin Feng indifferently. The waitress understood and left. She had a bad feeling, and was quite alarmed on the inside.

The waitress couldn’t say much, so she just left the table. Lin Feng stood up and walked over to Lun Bi Ba’s table with the jar in his hand.

Lun Bi Ba raised his head and looked at Lin Feng ferociously, “Put the jar on the table, bastard.”

“Yes, put the jar on the table, bastard!” repeated his friends in unison. They had seen the talisman Lin Feng wore, but they didn’t seem to care.

Lin Feng smiled icily and shook his head. These people were absolute morons.

“You want to drink?” said Lin Feng, ignoring what Lun Bi Ba had just said. He seemed calm and serene,

Lun Bi Ba frowned and said unhappily, “Indeed. I want to drink YOUR alcohol.”

“Alright, take it!” Lin Feng nodded. He opened the jar and poured its contents on Lun Bi Ba’s crown. Splash! The idiot was suddenly soaked in booze.

Lun Bi Ba looked like a fool. Everybody was dumbstruck. Someone dared humiliate Lun Bi Ba?

“Damn, you want to die, motherfucker!?” shouted Lun Bi Ba furiously. He got ready to attack, but he realized he couldn’t move anymore. His veins were twitching painfully.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! SAVE ME!” shouted Lun Bi Ba. He couldn’t stand the pain anymore. He fell down on the ground and screamed. His face was extremely pale. The “Young Master” looked quite miserable at that moment.

More and more people gathered in the Imperial Restaurant; when they saw Lun Bi Ba like that, they were astonished.

“How’s this possible? Who’s that guy? He seems so strong!”

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