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Chapter 792: The Great Competition of the Empires, Clans and Sects!


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The leader of the group glared at Lin Feng ferociously. He was about to attack.

“Piss off!” shouted Lin Feng. Everybody was astonished. Lin Feng was too aggressive. He dared tell the guards to piss off?!

“Capture him!” shouted the leader of the group furiously. Since that criminal had killed their Young Master, he had to be punished!

“You want to kill me? You’re going to die first,” Lin Feng declared coldly, glancing at the man. Then he disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already kicking the man, who instantly died.

The atmosphere became explosive. Many people were so terrified that they fell on their butts. This man was really demonic!

“My name is Zhu Xie. I am going to participate in the Competition. You can come find me there anytime!” shouted Lin Feng at the remaining guards. Then he crouched down and removed Lun Bi Ba’s ring.

He slowly walked away and left the imperial city, disappearing from everybody’s view. Nobody dared chase him.

Ten minutes later, three old men appeared in the Imperial Restaurant, which had finally calmed down.

“No matter who he is, we have to investigate!” said the leader of the old men glumly.  Their Young Master had been killed.

“The Third Master is furious,” whispered a strong cultivator hiding in the corner of the room. The situation was ominous. A member of the imperial family had been killed in the imperial city and the criminal had left. How was that possible? What a humiliation for the empire!

“What did the criminal look like?” demanded the Third Master to the owner of the Imperial Restaurant. The owner was scared, and quickly told the man everything.

The old man said that Lin Feng was wearing a demon mask and a black robe, that he had a blue belt, and that he was extremely aggressive.

When the Third Master heard that, he looked quite grave. The criminal didn’t fear reprisals from the Lun Bi Empire?

On top of that, he was an independent cultivator: who was he, really?

The Third Master naturally didn’t think of Lin Feng, because the Ancient Demonic Clan had told everyone they had killed Lin Feng; they just hadn’t told anyone how they had done it. Nobody had seen Lin Feng recently and he wasn’t on the list of participants.

The Third Master even thought it was a pity that that young man had died because he was talented. Lin Feng had even surpassed his disciple!

He had practiced for such a long time to get his revenge. But Lin Feng was dead, so his disciple had to find another goal. He had practiced so much to take his revenge, after all!

The man in the demon mask had killed Lun Bi Ba; it wasn’t a good thing, but surprisingly, the people of the Lun Bi Empire took delight in talking about it.

In the weapon shop, the old man and his disciple were astonished. They couldn’t believe the news. The man with the demon mask had killed Lun Bi Ba?

The problem was that that man was their ambassador… And in front of Lun Bi Ba in the shop, the man with the demon mask had decided to give up his weapon… Where had he found the courage to kill Lun Bi Ba, then?

The two men were astonished and worried… Could they keep Lin Feng as an ambassador now that he had killed Lun Bi Ba?

After a long time, the old man’s face hardened. If people knew that the one who had killed Lun Bi Ba was their ambassador, what would happen? Wouldn’t even more people want to recruit him as an ambassador? Wouldn’t they earn even more money? Wouldn’t people place bets on him?

Thinking about that, the old man couldn’t help but rejoice. Lin Feng couldn’t imagine that killing one of his enemies would allow the old man to use him to make more money!


Lin Feng was already back in the inn. Jeston hadn’t come back yet. Lin Feng had no idea what he was doing, but he had faith in Jeston. As long as Jeston didn’t bump into a supreme cultivator, he would be safe. Besides, nobody could plot against Jeston, he was too smart!

Lin Feng took out Lun Bi Ba’s ring and inspected it with his godly awareness. There were so many different people’s memories inside that Lin Feng had to look for something specific. Therefore, he looked for precise memories Emperor Yu and he had in common.

In the end, Lin Feng found Emperor Yu’s memories. He was extremely happy. He had wanted to solve this issue for two years, and now he had finally solved it. Now, he just needed to wait until the next time he saw Emperor Yu and he would help him retrieve his memories.

Lin Feng put the ring in his spirit world at the top of the ancient tree. It was safe there.

Lin Feng also took advantage of the small trip to go and see Liu Fei. He had decided that he would try to go and see his wife and parents as often as he could from now on. He didn’t want her to feel lonely in there.

They also had a rather torrid night…


The next day, Lin Feng came out of his spirit world and reappeared in his room in the inn. Jeston still hadn’t come back yet. Lin Feng couldn’t possibly wait for him. The Great Competition was going to start.

The name of the Great Competition of the West had been changed already, it was now called the Great Competition of the Empires, Clans, and Sects. The Lun Bi Empire had announced the change on the previous day. The Competition was going to be fierce. But Lin Feng couldn’t care less. All he thought about was killing Xie Dian. He didn’t even care about finishing in the top place.

In the past, being the champion of tournaments was important to him, but not anymore. He didn’t need them to dazzle anymore.

Lin Feng was heading along the main road. There were so many people on the street that it was difficult to walk without bumping into someone else. On top of that, there weren’t many people on the ground, but there was an ocean of people in the sky. There were billions of people in the imperial city, which was only fifty li across. Many people were stuck outside of the imperial city because the Great Competition was about to start.

All the influential groups were already there. The imperial city had built a gigantic stage standing a hundred meters high and three hundred meters around up there in the air. It was made of a very resistant purple stone which was even more durable than bluestone.

Three high-level Supreme Gods had also joined hands to isolate the stage and create a sealed world all around the stage. No matter how fierce the battles would be, the observers would be safe, so they didn’t need to worry.

San City didn’t send anyone to participate in the Competition, because they had already been invaded and conquered by the Ancient Demonic Clan. Lang Xie City didn’t send anyone either, because they were occupied by the Lei Sect. Apart from them, all the influential groups of the Country of Eternity had sent cultivators to the Competition.

A bugle call for battle rose up, sounding like wailing ghosts. When the crowd heard that, everybody stopped talking and waited for the beginning of the Great Competition.

The wind was strong today, but people didn’t really care. The sky was dark, and it wasn’t a sunny day. There were even occasional showers, but the cultivators didn’t mind.

The atmosphere turned tense, calm, and solemn. Nobody was on the stage yet, save the Third Master, who was in charge of the Competition.

He was one of the pillars of the Lun Bi Empire, a very experienced high-level Supreme God. He was a level three high-level Supreme God, like Supreme God Lang Xie.

The Third Master looked at the crowd from up the sky, then glanced at the sky. It was time for the Competition to begin.

“Everybody, it is time for the Competition to begin. The Great Competition attracted everybody this year. All the empires, sects, and clans are going to participate.

“I am sure that some people wonder why the Great Competition of the West is now called the Great Competition of the Empires, Clans, and Sects. I am delighted to announce that from now on, the Competition will be even fiercer than in previous years. The entire continent is going to participate, including the ancient sects and clans. A flourishing era is starting for everybody.

“You will all witness an incredible event, including fierce battles and beautiful attacks. New champions will rise.

“Everybody knows about Prince Ghost from the previous Competition; will he manage to keep his first position this year? We’ll see!

“Leader of the Lun Bi Empire, please!” proclaimed the Third Master solemnly and respectfully.

Everybody took a deep breath and waited for the leader of the empire to show up.

Lin Feng also waited.

In the blink of an eye, an old man in golden robes appeared. His eyebrows and hair were white, and he was wearing an imperial crown.

The old man slowly walked up to the stage and then sat down on a Dragon Throne on the stage.

“Everybody, long time no see. Come here,” said the old man, smiling at some “old friends” who were hidden. However, his eyes were flat.

Lin Feng stared at the old man, astonished. The old man wasn’t a Supreme God. He had broken through to that legendary cultivation layer already, like the leader of the Ancient Demonic Clan!

Lin Feng looked grim when he saw that.  He was seeing more and more really strong cultivators with time.

“Haha! Lun Bi Sheng Tian! You haven’t died yet, old grouch?!” exclaimed someone. Everybody heard an extremely loud laughter which hurt their ears. The seven apertures of weaker people all started bleeding.

Lin Feng was stupefied. He raised his head and shivered.

Another cultivator of that legendary cultivation level!

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