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Chapter 795: Eliminated from The Competition!


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“Alright, everybody stop talking and let the leader of the Tai Qing Sect sit down,” said Lun Bi Sheng Tian. He felt extremely embarrassed. Those three men had the strength of the legendary cultivation layer and were famous two hundred thousand years ago! They were known as the Three Envoys, Feng, Yun, and Yue!

Very quickly, a disciple brought a special throne for Qing Xin Yue.

The only sect which could compete with the Tai Qing Sect was the Ancient Human Sect, but the Ancient Human Sect hadn’t sent anyone. Even the imperial family of the Fa Lan Empire hadn’t sent anyone, so people didn’t understand. Didn’t they intend to participate in the Competition?

Anyway, they decided not to think about it for the time being. Lun Bi Sheng Tian had to announce the beginning of the Competition; nobody was willing to waste more time.

“I announce the beginning of the Great Competition of the Empires, Clans, and Sects!”

Boom boom!…


Lun Bi Sheng Tian had announced the beginning of the Competition. Some disciples outside beat gongs to officially announce the Competition had begun. The sound of the gongs was extremely loud and people’s hearts beat faster.

“The Third Master is in charge of the rest of the Competition,” Lun Bi Sheng Tian said blandly.

The Third Master finally had the opportunity to speak again. He wasn’t entitled to talk to those supreme cultivators. Now, he could finally take the reins.

Lin Feng stood in the middle of the crowd. Nobody paid attention to him, but Lin Feng saw some familiar faces; Xie Dian, the Third Master, and Chen Guang Yu…

Lin Feng knew that Chen Guang Yu’s ancient sect was extremely powerful, but he had hadn’t thought that the Tai Qing Sect was Chen Guang Yu’s ancient sect. On top of that, Chen Guang Yu was among the few men who had come with Qing Xin Yue.

At that moment, Chen Guang Yu missed Lin Feng. Unfortunately, bringing Lin Feng back to life was now impossible. Chen Guang Yu hated the Ancient Demonic Clan for killing Lin Feng. He would never forgive them. However, his ancient sect couldn’t do anything about it. Even though Qing Xin Yue was the leader of the sect, she still had to report everything to the ancestor and always had to ask him for his authorization.

But Chen Guang Yu was surprised because the sect had allowed him to get close to Lin Feng. They had even promised him a few things. Unfortunately, Lin Feng had been killed too early. What a pity…

“The first part of the Competition can start,” proclaimed the Third Master. Everybody heard him, even outside of the city.

“All sixty-eight contestants can come onto the stage,” ordered the Third Master. He didn’t speak too loud when calling those strong people, as he didn’t want to offend them. They were all proud and young geniuses from all sorts of influential groups.

Apart from Xie Dian, Chen Guang Yu, Lei Teng, Lei Kui, and the man whose face was covered, all the others were at the foot of the stage. They all flew towards the top of the stage, including Lin Feng.

Lin Feng wasn’t stupid. He didn’t keep his demon mask on; he took it off and put a plaited bamboo hat, which completely covered his face this time. He had also taken off his black robe and put on a white one instead.

The sixty-eight geniuses stood on the stage. They were all from powerful groups except for Lin Feng, Jeston, and the man whose face was covered.

Jeston glanced at Lin Feng, but didn’t say anything.

“Everybody, you’ll be drawing lots,” said the Third Master indifferently. He raised his left hand and golden paper cards appeared.

“That’s mine, don’t steal it!” shouted Xie Dian icily. He stretched out his left hand and nabbed a card.

All the others also grabbed golden cards, but nobody got injured. Why kill someone for a card?

In the end, everybody looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng naturally reached out and grabbed the last golden card.

“Everybody look at your cards,” said the Third Master, smiling broadly.

Very quickly, everybody turned their cards over. Some people looked happy, others didn’t.

Lin Feng didn’t turn his around hastily. He first glanced at Xie Dian. Xie Dian looked indifferent, as if no matter who his opponent was, he didn’t care. He was confident he could win against anyone.

Then Lin Feng glanced at Chen Guang Yu. Chen Guang Yu seemed disappointed. He wasn’t happy about his opponent.

Suddenly, Lin Feng looked at Jing Wu Hen. Next to Jing Wu Hen was a child: Jiang Xuan!

Good that he didn’t take him back to Lang Xie City, thought Lin Feng. He was relieved.

Lin Feng turned his card over. His opponent would be Qing Kui, a young genius from the Tai Qing Sect.

The Tai Qing Sect had sent Qing Kui, as well. He was stronger than Chen Guang Yu.

Lin Feng had drawn Qing Kui’s card, but Qing Kui had obtained Chen Guang Yu’s card.

No wonder Chen Guang Yu looked dispirited. He didn’t feel like fighting a genius from his own sect.

However, the names on the cards were not the most important thing; the most important thing were the numbers on the cards, because they determined the order of the battles. The number on Lin Feng’s card was seven, so the seventh battle would be Lin Feng vs. Qing Kui.

“During the first phase, the process is simple. The winner moves on to the next stage, the loser is eliminated,” said the Third Master, confirming what everybody thought.

“The first battle can start!” shouted the Third Master, but he didn’t leave the stage. The other contestants, including Lin Feng, had to move away so that nobody would be confused regarding the first battle.

Jing Wu Hen moved to the center of the stage. The number on his card was one. He was going to fight against a genius of the Zhao Country, Zhao Fei.

Many people stared at Jing Wu Hen. Everybody knew him, since he had ranked third during the previous Competition.

“Hurry up and look! Prince Wu Hen is going to fight against a genius of Zhao Country.”

“Indeed. I wonder how far Prince Wu Hen will make it this time.”

“We’ll see. I hope his performance won’t be too disappointing.”

The crowd was whispering at the foot of the stage. Lin Feng just watched Jing Wu Hen.

Jing Wu Hen and Zhao Fei were now facing each other.

Zhao Fei was a medium-level Supreme God. He was already considered a strong cultivator in Zhao Country, but he wasn’t happy to fight against Jing Wu Hen. He was even worried.

“Let’s start!” Jing Wu Hen shouted expressionlessly. Zhao Fei looked at him angrily. He wasn’t famous, but he didn’t intend to let Jing Wu Hen humiliate him.

“I will defeat you and show everybody that I, Zhao Fei,am stronger than Jing Wu Hen!” shouted Zhao Fei, pointing at Jing Wu Hen.

“No need to talk shit. Defeat me first and then we’ll see,” said Jing Wu Hen sternly, but not angrily.

“Look at this attack!” said Zhao Fei, then flashed to the attack. He wanted to use a powerful attack to take the advantage from the beginning, so Jing Wu Hen wouldn’t feel as confident anymore.

Strength was the only way to make someone submit!

A vortex of terrifying energies appeared in front of Jing Wu Hen. Zhao Fei’s expression changed quickly. He hastily stopped and then took several steps backwards, but it was too late; Jing Wu Hen’s fists were already bombarding his chest.

Bam! Zhao Fei was pushed away and crashed into a balustrade. He fell to the ground and a ten-meter crater appeared under him.

The battle was already over! Prince Wu Hen hadn’t changed much!

Everybody remained silent. Nobody dared talk about the one who had ranked third during the previous Competition again. They were afraid they would offend him.

“Second battle,” said the Third Master, as soon as Zhao Fei crashed to the ground.

He didn’t announce who the winner was or who had been eliminated because now Zhao Fei and Jing Wu Hen both needed to fight their second battles. Zhao Fei needed to lose a second time to be eliminated, and Jing Wu Hen needed to win a second time to be qualified for the next round.

The Competition was going to be tough for everybody!

The second battle was between a genius from Ao Lai City called Sun Qi and Lei Ben from the Lei Sect. The outcome of the battle was obvious: Lei Ben won.

When Lei Ben won, Chang Hao, the leader of the Ancient Beast Clan and Xuan Tie Chen, the leader of the Ancient Xuan Clan, both looked grim. They were both in Ao Lai City, so they were allies.

“Little Qi must have let Little Ben win,” said Lei Jin Gang, smiling at the two old men. The two old men just grunted icily and turned around.

“Third battle…”

“Fourth battle…”

“Seventh battle!”

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