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Chapter 796: You Should Go and Take a Rest!


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Six battles passed quickly. Apart from Jing Wu Hen, who was from Ze Country, all the other winners were from ancient sects or clans.

The weather changed. The world order also changed. The ancient sects and clans had risen up again!

Nobody really paid attention to independent cultivators, though. Therefore, when Lin Feng’s turn came, nobody thought he could win. They even thought that Lin Feng should give up, because fighting against Qing Kui, a genius of the Tai Qing Sect, came down to attempting the impossible.

How could an independent cultivator defeat such an incredible genius? It was impossible!

“Seventh battle,” said the Third Master when he saw nobody stood up. He stared at Lin Feng, having a familiar feeling.

Lin Feng remained silent. He just walked to the center of the stage and looked at Qing Kui.

Lin Feng wasn’t interested in the Great Competition. He just wanted to get his revenge and kill Xie Dian!

Qing Kui walked past the Three Envoys and then slowly to the center of the stage. He looked neither strong nor sturdy. He was handsome, his hair hung naturally over his shoulders. His eyes were completely black.

He was a level two high-level Supreme God. He could already be considered someone outstanding and talented among all these geniuses. The Tai Qing Sect had done their best to raise him properly.

“Qing Kui.”

“Zhu Xie.”

They introduced each other first, but when Lin Feng said his name, the Third Master and the leader of the Ancient Demonic Clan, Xie Mu, both frowned.

Xie Mu had a bad feeling. That independent cultivator was called Zhu Xie? But he had nothing to do with the Ancient Demonic Clan…

The Third Master frowned because the one who had killed Lun Bi Ba was named Zhu Xie, and was also a contestant.

He just looked different from the killer. The Third Master paid more attention to this man…

“Strange. I can’t see how strong you are,” said Qing Kui skeptically. He knew he couldn’t afford to underestimate an independent cultivator.

“Can we start now?” Lin Feng replied indifferently. Qing Kui frowned at him icily. Deadly energies filled the air. Qing Kui looked at Lin Feng sharply.

“Alright, I will be merciful,” said Qing Kui, smiling coldly and nodding. He clenched his fists and silently disappeared. He reappeared behind Lin Feng and threw a punch. His fist looked like a demonic beast.

“No need to be merciful. I will spare your life,” Lin Feng said, smiling coldly. He disappeared as well. Qing Kui suddenly realized he had indeed been careless…

“Enlightenment of the Great Tao!” shouted Qing Kui. His opened his hand and used four or five Tao skills at the same time. It was incredible. Everybody was astonished, including the terrifying old men.

Qing Kui could use four or five Tao skills at the same time! How could an independent cultivator compete with him?

The terrifying Tao skills were explosive. A gigantic ball of energies appeared.

The energies shot towards Lin Feng like a ferocious dragon. Lin Feng flashed backwards and landed at the edge of the stage. One more step backwards and he’d fall from it.

The atmosphere became extremely tense!

“Good young man! His attack is as powerful as a thunderbolt! No wonder he’s a genius of the Tai Qing Sect!” exclaimed Yuan Tian, the leader of the Yuan Hall. He knew about Qing Kui, but he had never seen him fight. Qing Kui was not disappointing!

Yuan Tian also thought of the genius of the Yuan Hall, Yuan Feng. Would Yuan Feng be able to defeat Qing Kui in less than a hundred attacks?

Thinking about that, Yuan Tian grinned proudly and confidently.

“Zhu Xie is going to lose,” whispered Lun Bi Sheng Tian, when he saw Lin Feng seemed to be in a dead end.

“I don’t think so. I think Qing Kui is going to lose,” said Gu Jin Ze, frowning when he heard Lun Bi Sheng Tian. He didn’t know why he thought so, but that was his feeling. When Lun Bi Sheng Tian heard Gu Jin Ze, he glanced at him thoughtfully.

If Lin Feng won, then everything would be different…

Even though Lin Feng was in a difficult position on the edge of the stage, he didn’t need to step back anymore. Lin Feng howled furiously, and suddenly looked like a demonic beast. His Qi became sanguinary and demonic.

He threw a punch. Because the stage wasn’t that big, the two fighters weren’t far from each other. Both fighters punched each other in the chest. Qing Kui’s fist was still filled with the strength of several Tao skills.

The observers were astonished. Both fighters were going to get severely injured that way!? However, Lin Feng wasn’t injured, he was merely pushed back, and then he flashed up in the air. He still looked expressionless.

However, Qing Kui was in great pain, as a big hole had appeared in his white robe and blood was leaking out. He was wounded!

If Qing Kui hadn’t been so strong, his organs would have been destroyed!

Qing Kui was pushed back a dozen steps. He looked quite miserable. On top of that, an independent cultivator had pushed him back. He couldn’t believe it. How could an independent cultivator be so strong?!

Qing Xin Yue looked expressionless, because she didn’t care about Qing Kui. She was staring at Lin Feng. She had paid attention to all of his attacks. She had a familiar feeling, but she didn’t know why.

“It seems like we can’t underestimate independent cultivators either…” whispered a genius. Lei Ben was next to him and grunted mockingly.

“You think he’s strong? I can crush him a hundred times. Hehe. If you think he’s strong, then I must be the strongest cultivator of the entire universe! Haha,” said Lei Ben, laughing proudly and arrogantly. He sounded like Xie Dian.

The genius who had just whispered looked at Lei Ben angrily, but then he recalled what his leader had told him and controlled himself. Someone would teach this damn Lei Ben a good lesson sooner or later.

“Again?” asked Lin Feng expressionlessly.

Qing Kui was furious. He didn’t want to surrender so easily, and was really unhappy. He had come thinking he had a chance to become the ultimate champion of the Competition. If he failed, he would be extremely disappointed.

“Come!” shouted Qing Kui furiously. He looked like a demonic beast who had lost his mind. His eyes were bloodshot as he charged Lin Feng. His Qi turned swift and fierce, like a sharp sword.

Lin Feng frowned, and stayed alert. Qing Kui wasn’t weak. If Lin Feng had been slightly weaker, he wouldn’t have been able to compete with him.

But now that Lin Feng knew that his spirit was his most valuable asset, he didn’t think he was weaker than these proud geniuses!

Lin Feng raised his hand and thrust out a palm. The wind turned into a dragon and flew towards Qing Kui like a bullet.

Qing Kui was ready to protect himself this time. He released the energy of a Tao skill and put his hands in front of him to protect himself.

However, Lin Feng’s energies still pierced through. Bam bam! Qing Kui was pushed back ten meters and nearly crashed to the stage.

Qing Kui stopped sliding backwards and then ran towards Lin Feng again. He wanted to fight as long as he could, maybe his foe would run out of pure Qi at some point?

The two fighters started fighting in close combat. One of them blocked, the other punched, and vice versa. It continued like that for a while.

After a long time, the crowd was stupefied; what a fierce and exhausting battle! That independent cultivator was so strong! He had no background, and yet he could compete with Qing Kui, a genius from the Tai Qing Sect! How incredible!

The two men continued fighting. Lin Feng had the advantage. He didn’t even use his full strength. Qing Kui was struggling…

Fifty attacks… Eighty attacks…

Lin Feng and Qing Kui exchanged another fifty attacks. Lin Feng still had the advantage. Qing Kui felt more and more pressured.

He had never felt so weak. He felt less and less confident.

“Alright, enough now. We’ve been fighting for too long. It’s time for you to go and take a rest!” Lin Feng paused and declared. Qing Kui felt even more humiliated. He didn’t even have time to react before Lin Feng was already next to him and throwing a punch. Qing Kui crashed to the battle stage.

Lin Feng recalled his Qi. Qing Kui was extremely pale and shaking from head to toe.

He had lost!

The great genius of the Tai Qing Sect had lost against an independent cultivator!

Suddenly, Zhu Xie became famous, even outside of the imperial city.

Many people looked at Lin Feng in admiration. What an outstanding cultivator, incredible! He made many unknown people feel extremely motivated.

Jing Wu Hen looked at Zhu Xie. He had a familiar feeling, but he didn’t know why.

“Zhu Xie is really strong,” Gu Jin Ze smiled.

Lun Bi Sheng Tian felt awkward. He had thought Zhu Xie would lose.

What a surprise! So far, two independent cultivators had been amazing!

The Competition was getting better and better!

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