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Chapter 797: Xie Dian!


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“Eighth battle,” said the Third Master, glancing at Lin Feng. He had the impression there was something unusual going on. He really wanted to capture that young man, but he wasn’t even sure he was strong enough to do so.

Xie Dian slowly walked to the center of the stage. He looked expressionless. He waved at Lei Teng and waved, then said indifferently, “Come. We can fight now.”

He sounded completely indifferent, so Lei Teng felt humiliated. He wasn’t giving face to the Lei Sect. Lei Teng’s muscles started twitching in anger.

“Xie Dian, I don’t know what happened to you, but defeating me won’t be easy!” shouted Lei Teng furiously. He clenched his fists and threw a punch brimming with thunder. It was explosively loud.

Xie Mu and Lei Jin Gang glanced at each other icily.

“No need to talk shit. Since you don’t want to surrender right away, I’ll smash you out of the stage,” said Xie Dian, frowning scornfully. Then he flashed in front of Lei Teng in the blink of an eye and threw a punch which contained primal chaos strength.

His terrifying primal chaos strength made the space around him shake. Lei Teng’s expression fell. He had never thought Xie Dian’s attack would be so scary. It even looked like Xie Dian was trying to kill him!

Lei Teng didn’t panic though. He condensed pure Qi in his legs, then condensed a thunder-like energy. He was suddenly surrounded by lightning. Their energies collided.

The primal chaos strength collided against the thunder-like energy, and there was an explosion. Tthe protection layer which surrounded the stage felt like it was going to collapse. Luckily, the two fighters hadn’t used their full strength.

But the people at the foot of the stage still looked scared. If the protective layer of the battle stage broke apart, those terrifying energies would kill or severely injure them!

Lin Feng was furious when he saw Xie Dian using his primal chaos strength. If he weren’t wearing a plaited bamboo hat, people would see his eyes were bloodshot and filled with murder. He really looked like a demonic beast.

Xie Dian had stolen his primal chaos power, and now he was bragging. Lin Feng despised such people. Therefore, this time he had to kill Xie Dian! If he didn’t kill Xie Dian, the latter would become stronger and stronger, and could pose a threat to him in the future.

After the first attack, Lei Teng was pushed back a hundred steps and nearly fell off the stage. Xie Dian was just pushed back a few steps. He was already getting ready to attack again.

Lei Teng didn’t even have time to regain his balance when Xie Dian attacked for the second time. Xie Dian raised both fists and threw two punches. Energies which looked like violent beasts emerged from them and shot towards Lei Teng.

Lei Teng wasn’t standing steadily. He hastily and clumsily threw a kick. He blocked one punch but not the other one, which reached his chest. He shouted stridently and released the strength of a Tao skill. Explosive arcs of lightning appeared all around him.

Xie Dian glanced at the strange lightnings. They had different colors and looked like dragons which wanted to devour him.

Xie Dian shouted angrily and threw a kick at Lei Teng’s foot, then raised his hands again and his white godly aura became dazzling. He completely disappeared inside his godly aura.

“Primal chaos body?”

“How’s that possible?”

“There’s a primal chaos body in the Ancient Demonic Clan?”

Suddenly, everybody stood up. Nobody could believe it. Xie Dian’s godly aura contained primal chaos strength. It was a perfect primal chaos body.

The different leaders all stood up, except for the leader of the Ancient Demonic Clan.

Lei Jin Gang seemed furious. He shook and looked at Xie Mu.

Since when did the Ancient Demonic Clan have a primal chaos body?

Yuan Tian immediately thought of something… Could it be that Lin Feng’s primal chaos body…?

Oh my god… So…? 

Yuan Tian’s muscles twitched. Now, the Ancient Demonic Clan would probably have the advantage during the Competition…

Lun Bi Sheng Tian was dumbstruck as well. Xie Dian had a primal chaos body? No wonder the Ancient Demonic Clan hadn’t been hiding too long, they had an incredible genius who had a primal chaos body.

“Brother, I’m not dreaming, right? Xie Dian has a primal chaos body, right?” said a woman at the foot of the battle stage.

The mouth of the man next to her twitched.

“Wow, so handsome. That man is perfect. I want to marry him.”

“You think Xie Dian would ever look at you? Look at you.”

Everybody started talking about Xie Dian. Nobody paid attention to Lei Teng anymore.

Lin Feng was standing in a corner of the stage and grinned icily. No problem, you want to play? The Ancient Demonic Clan wants to play? I’ll play. 

After we’re done playing, I’ll take my primal chaos power… 

“Xie Dian is so strong!” murmured the Third Master after a long time.

Everybody was astonished. They didn’t pay attention to anyone but Xie Dian.

The battles were also about pride between ancient clans and ancient sects. Because Xie Dian had won, ancient clans felt proud, while ancient sects felt nervous. They had to regain face.

Lei Teng fell off the battle stage. He wasn’t injured, but his heart ached. Xie Dian had been brutal. It would be difficult for Lei Teng to cheer up. He had to be strong.

If he understood that, then he would have hope in the future. If he remained depressed, then he would be unable to continue becoming stronger and his life as a cultivator would come to an end.

Xie Dian glanced at Lei Teng without any empathy. He had won, and that was all that mattered.

Xie Dian slowly walked away. He glanced at Lin Feng when he walked past him, then continued and finally stopped about a thousand meters away from Lin Feng.

“Ninth battle,” said the Third Master, taking a deep breath. He was amazed, but the Competition had to continue.


Lin Feng saw a man with a plaited bamboo hat and a black robe. It was the one who had fought against Xie Dian before and hadn’t been at a disadvantage.

When he came out, he drew everybody’s attention because he was also an exception. Nobody had expected to see someone like that.

“Come here,” said the man, pointing at a genius in golden clothes. That genius was from the Lun Bi Empire, Lun Bi Ze!

Lun Bi Ze frowned. He wasn’t pleased he had to fight against that man.

The man had had a draw against Xie Dian before the beginning of the Competition, so the fact that Lun Bi Ze was extremely worried was absolutely understandable.

“Attack,” said the man with the plaited bamboo hat. He raised his left hand and wiggled his forefinger mockingly.

When Lun Bi Ze saw that, he flew into a rage from the humiliation.

“Look at this attack!” shouted Lun Bi Ze furiously. His golden robe fluttered in the wind, and his Qi became explosive. He had the strength of the high-level Supreme God layer. He was extremely strong.

The Lun Bi Empire had a young genius who had the strength of the high-level Supreme God layer. Even though he was a level one high-level Supreme God, he was already the pride of the Lun Bi Empire.


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