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Chapter 798: Garuḍa


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However, even that way, Lun Bi Ze didn’t pose a threat to the man with the plaited bamboo hat at all. The man just tilted aside and dodged the attack. The man with the plaited bamboo hat grabbed Lun Bi Ze by the belt and lifted him up.

“Stop wasting my time and get down from the stage,” said the man indifferently. An explosive strength emerged from his hand and threw Lun Bi Ze away directly. Lun Bi Ze struggled to land on his feet… but he had fallen off the stage. He had lost.

“As expected, even though he’s just a level one high-level Supreme God, he finished the battle in one attack,” Lun Bi Sheng Tian sighed. Even though he was a genius from the Lun Bi Empire, he had no choice but to admit that the man with the plaited bamboo hat was extremely strong.

The two men with plaited bamboo hats were the exceptions of the Competition. One of them was Lin Feng, the other one was the one on the stage. Lin Feng was wearing a blue robe (translator’s note: the author said white at first and now he says blue) and the other man was wearing a black robe.

They also had a common point: both seemed completely unmoved.

“Tenth battle,” said the Third Master. The crowd was already starting to get bored; not because the battles were becoming less interesting, but because all the contestants were incredible geniuses and they had already seen so many amazing things since the beginning that they were getting used to it.

“Twenty seventh battle.” The twenty-seventh battle was between Chen Guang Yu and Qing Kui.

Qing Kui had lost against Lin Feng and still felt mad about it. However, it would still be extremely difficult for Chen Guang Yu to win against Qing Kui.

Chen Guang Yu was a level one high-level Supreme God, while Qing Kui was a level two high-level Supreme God. The cultivation level wasn’t the most important thing, but there was a huge difference between Chen Guang Yu and Qing Kui.

“Uncle,” Chen Guang Yu said to Qing Kui, flushing. Many people were startled.

Uncle? Qing Kui was the fellow disciple of Chen Guang Yu’s teacher?

Qing Kui stood in the middle of the stage, unmoved. He glanced at Qing Xin Yue. Qing Xin Yue smiled emotionlessly and nodded.

When he saw his female junior fellow disciple nod, he was relieved. Qing Kui took a deep breath and said, “I concede!”

“What? You concede?” Chen Guang Yu was stupefied. His uncle gave up? How was that possible?

“Conceding?” Lin Feng was dumbstruck at first, but then he remembered that Qing Kui had lost against him, so by giving up, he was also being eliminated from the Competition.

That way, Chen Guang Yu would be able to move on to the next round and might have an opportunity to do well.

Thinking about that, many people understood why he gave up. It was for Chen Guang Yu. There were no tensions between the different members of the Tai Qing Sect, at least in public.

It was now time for the twenty-eighth battle. Lei Ben came to the center of the stage and pointed at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng understood he had to fight against Lei Ben this time.

Lei Ben was a level two high-level Supreme God like Lei Teng. The Lei Sect had chosen these two people because they didn’t want to send their most outstanding geniuses. They didn’t want to show everybody their strongest geniuses.

Lei Jin Gang was surprised when Lei Ben pointed at Lin Feng, and his heart twitched. One of the geniuses of his sect had been eliminated by a free cultivator, and now Lei Ben was going to fight against the other one? How unlucky!

“The Lei Sect is extremely lucky! Haha!” commented Chang Hao, smiling mockingly.

Lei Jin Gang ignored Chang Hao. He just grunted and looked at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was already walking to the center of the stage. He looked at Lei Ben indifferently, but because he was wearing a plaited bamboo hat, nobody could see his expression.

“Lei Teng lost against a man with a plaited bamboo hat, I won’t let the same thing happen to me. Attack now, Zhu Xie!” said Lei Ben resolutely. He sounded confident of himself. Lei Teng had lost, so now it was Lei Ben’s duty to regain face for the Lei Sect.

When Lin Feng heard him, he just grinned, and didn’t reply. Lei Ben felt furious. Did Lin Feng disdain him?

“Celestial Thunder Fist!” shouted Lei Ben furiously. Suddenly, there was thunder everywhere in the sky. Lei Ben looked like a thunder god. If the crowd had been close to Lei Ben, most of them would have died.

Lei Ben raised his fists, lightnings continued emerging from them. They shot towards Lin Feng like bullets. Lei Ben wanted to use a powerful attack straight from the beginning to gain the advantage. He wanted Lin Feng to panic.

However, it was a failure. Lin Feng didn’t panic. Lin Feng had noticed a flaw in Lei Ben’s strategy.

Lin Feng didn’t protect himself first, like the other man with the plaited bamboo hat had done. He moved and charged Lei Ben. He also raised his fist and a terrifying energy emerged from it.

Everybody looked at him with their eyes wide.

What an incredible punch! His energies made Lei Ben’s lightning slower and slower.

Lin Feng flashed up and threw a punch. Bam! The crowd heard the sound of Lei Ben’s bones cracking. He shouted with pain, his voice echoing far away.

But Lin Feng didn’t intend to be merciful. He moved again and threw a kick into Lei Ben’s lower abdomen. Lei Ben was blown away.

Boom! Lei Ben crashed to the ground. Unlike Lei Teng, who had managed to land on his feet, Lei Ben rolled on the ground. When he stopped, blood appeared all around him.

The crowd was astonished. Lei Ben was a genius of the Lei Sect, and Zhu Xie had defeated him so easily! He had only needed three attacks to defeat a level two high-level Supreme God.

Many people thought the same thing: This man is amazing!

Lei Jin Gang pulled a long face, furious now. The two men with plaited bamboo hats had defeated the young geniuses of his sect. How infuriating! Even worse, those two men were independent cultivators. They had no background, and yet they had defeated geniuses of an ancient sect.

“Master, next battle please,” Lin Feng said when he saw the crowd was looking at him strangely. The Third Master came back to his senses and nodded hastily, “Alright, next battle!”

“Twenty-ninth,” said the Third Master. “Ancient Beast Clan, Garuḍa.”

The Third Master wasn’t even done talking when someone spoke. A beast in cyan clothes appeared and landed on the stage. It had the head of a bat and wings. It folded its wings when it landed.

When the crowd saw Garuḍa, they burst into an uproar.

Garuḍa was a level three high-level Supreme God. It was incredible. Besides, Garuḍa was a hermaphrodite, neither male nor female.

It had a strangely sharp and strident voice. It sounded a bit like a woman, so sharp it was almost as if it could behead someone. Since it sounded like a woman, many people talked about it as a “she”.

She was a genius from the Ancient Beast Clan. It was the first time she had appeared anywhere. People would see her battle twice during this first round.

Lin Feng was already done. He had fought twice already and won both battles. He was qualified for the next round.

Xie Dian had also fought twice and was also qualified.

Now, it was time for the Ancient Beast Clan’s genius to show what she was capable of!

Chang Hao looked at her and smiled cheerfully. “Garuḍa, it’s your turn.”

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