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Chapter 799: Attacking at the Most Crucial Moment!


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“The atmosphere is bustling now that Garuḍa has shown up,” whispered Xie Dian to himself sternly. He understood he would have to be careful of her.

Lin Feng also knew he had to be vigilant. This beast which was neither a woman nor a man seemed dangerous. He didn’t want her to become a hindrance to his objective of killing Xie Dian. He didn’t feel like fighting against her.

“Young man, come here,” said Garuḍa, pointing at Jing Wu Hen and smiling widely. Many people swallowed.

Jing Wu Hen’s heart skipped a beat; he took a deep breath and flew to the center of the stage.

This battle would definitely be extremely tough. Garuḍa was extremely strong. Jing Wu Hen had to use his full strength, so at least he wouldn’t feel guilty, even if he lost.

Lin Feng was worried for Jing Wu Hen. Jing Wu Hen was still a medium-level Supreme God, even if he was about to break through to the high-level Supreme God layer.

Jing Wu Hen had no choice but to use his full strength to fight against Garuḍa,a level three high-level Supreme God. The fight would be extremely difficult.

“Young man, you’re Prince Wu Hen?” Garuḍa didn’t hurry to attack. On the contrary, she started chatting. She was smiling widely, and looked rather friendly at that moment.

Jing Wu Hen felt disgusted. He turned his head and stopped looking her in the eyes. He thought she looked disgusting.

When Garuḍa saw that, her expression suddenly changed. She grinned and nodded, “Alright, since you don’t want to chat, let’s fight then!”

Garuḍa disappeared. Jing Wu Hen frowned. He glanced around, but didn’t see her at all.

He frowned as he saw two fists moving towards him like bullets. Jing Wu Hen moved aside and at the same time, a crater appeared where he was standing just before. If the  stage hadn’t been made of that incredible purple stone, it would have collapsed!

Jing Wu Hen was soaked with sweat. This genius from the Ancient Beast Clan was really extremely strong. Jing Wu Hen felt the pressure, but he still didn’t want to surrender.

“Tian Ao Tao Skill!” shouted Jing Wu Hen. He moved and turned into smoke. His Qi became much more powerful.

The energy of his terrifying Tao skill rolled out, and Garuḍa remained alert. She grunted coldly and threw a punch against Jing Wu Hen’s Tian Ao Tao Skill.

Garuḍa’s attack instantly destroyed Jing Wu Hen’s Tao skill. Jing Wu Hen was pushed back a few steps.

Jing Wu Hen took a deep breath. He felt even more under pressure, and was on edge. He looked extremely grave and solemn ashis whole Qi changed.

“Nose-pierced Ox!” Jing Wu Hen opened his arms.

A golden strength dashed to the skies. The energy rolled out and gathered into a nose-pierced ox.

The energies continued rising to the skies. The nose-pierced ox mooed. Garuḍa’s expression suddenly changed when it looked so real.

But when she looked carefully, she could see it was a gigantic illusion. She smiled. That Qi looked like the Qi of a nose-pierced ox, but it wasn’t!

“You think you can fool me, a genius of the Ancient Beast Clan, with a fake beast? You underestimate me!” she swore angrily. She slowly raised her left hand and a gloomy green light appeared.

“Garuḍa’s Attack!”

The crowd heard a sharp sound. Jing Wu Hen noticed that the nose-pierced ox was slowly breaking apart, becoming blurry. He grunted and released pure Qi. The nose-pierced ox solidified again.

Garuḍa was furious when she saw that Jing Wu Hen didn’t intend to stop fighting. She was tired of playing around with him. She wanted the battle to finish as quickly as possible.

Therefore, she used an attack that she had made herself. It was extremely corrosive, and one of her best attacks.

Everybody noticed the strength condensing in her hand. It was a green energy.

Jing Wu Hen’s expression fell. Garuḍa was really angry, and this attack could kill him!

Thinking about that, Jing Wu Hen didn’t dare waste time. He threw punches, and the nose-pierced ox also charged Garuḍa. All the energies on the stage were as heavy as several mountains.

Everybody remained silent, staring at the fighters. This was the most amazing battle so far.

The nose-pierced ox roared angrily. Garuḍa didn’t seem worried at all. On the contrary, she grinned mockingly.

“Oh no!” shouted Jing Wu Hen and Lin Feng at the same time. They both moved at the same time.

Jing Wu Hen clenched his fists and threw as many punches as he could to stop Garuḍa’s terrifying attack. The green energies corroded straight through Jing Wu Hen’s shadow punches. All his punch illusions were swept away. The nose-pierced ox was destroyed as soon as Garuḍa’s energies touched it.

Jing Wu Hen started retreating as fast as he could; he had already used his second trump card, the nose-pierced ox. He couldn’t use his biggest trump card because it would expose the true relationship between Ze Country and the Yuan Hall.

Jing Wu Hen didn’t know what to do. Should he use it or not, in the end?

The leader of the Yuan Hall looked at him sternly, and his hands started shaking nervously.

“Wu Hen, don’t use your last trump card.” whispered Yuan Tian. He hoped Jing Wu Hen would not make that mistake. If he did, then he would never know peace again.

His safety was hanging by a single thread. Jing Wu Hen looked at Garuḍa, who was only half a meter away from him. She threw a punch,and  gloomy green Qi surrounded him.

“You’re dead, young man. Tee hee!” declared Garuḍa, smiling evilly. Her face was distorted with ferocity.

She put her hand on Jing Wu Hen’s chest. At that moment, Jing Wu Hen saw a hand appear between him and Garuḍa and protected him, but the green energy moved towards the hand.

Boom, boom! There were two explosions. Garuḍa and the other silhouette were blown away. Garuḍa released strength to tumble away and avoid being injured. The person who had just appeared grabbed Jing Wu Hen by the collar and flew away.

Everybody looked at the one who saved Jing Wu Hen from Garuḍa.

It was a man with a plaited bamboo hat in blue clothes.

Zhu Xie! He had saved Jing Wu Hen!

Garuḍa won. Jing Wu Hen lost.

Jing Wu Hen had not yet recovered from the fright. If Zhu Xie hadn’t intervened, he would have had to use his last trump card.

Yuan Tian took a deep breath. He looked exhausted, but he finally smiled.


Garuḍa looked unhappy. She was furious and amazed; she hadn’t thought that those independent cultivators were so strong.

She had used seventy percent of her strength for the previous attack, and had used a special kind of poison, which the interloper had touched.

“Brother, your hand…?” said Jing Wu Hen, turning around and taking a deep breath. He stared at Zhu Xie’s left hand in astonishment.

The poison hadn’t injured Zhu Xie’s hand? A green light still surrounded his hand…

What kind of Qi was that?

Who was he?

Jing Wu Hen raised his head and stared at Zhu Xie, still astonished.

“Who are you? Why did you violate the rules of the Competition?” Garuda shouted angrily. Someone had just gotten involved in their battle!

Lin Feng didn’t talk to Jing Wu Hen. He just looked at Garuḍa.

“You’re not allowed to kill during the Competition. That’s also in the rules. If I hadn’t saved him, you would have killed him. Do we need to argue right now?

“Besides, you’re angry, huh? Well, sorry for making you unhappy!” Lin Feng said. He turned around and went back to the foot of the stage. He didn’t even look at Garuḍa. He also didn’t pay any more attention to Jing Wu Hen.

Suddenly, Garuḍa opened her cyan wings and flapped them.

Jing Wu Hen looked at Zhu Xie’s back and had a familiar feeling.

Could it be…?

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