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Chapter 800: Provocations!


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“Thirtieth battle,” said the Third Master after everything finally calmed down. The Competition could continue.

“I, I give up,” said a man softly after the Third Master said that. He was a genius from an empire and had already won once. One more battle and he would be qualified for the next round, but after seeing Garuḍa’s battle, he decided to give up because he was too scared.

Indeed, he was scared because his next opponent was Garuḍa, and he had just seen it fight. Fighting against Garuḍa would be extremely reckless!

As a result, Garuḍa was also directly qualified for the next round.


After that, the genius of the Ancient Xuan Clan won two battles. Many other battles continued taking place.

After the thirty-fourth battle, the first round was over.

A dozen people had lost two battles; they were all from empires, so the leaders of those empires all pulled long faces, but what could they do? The geniuses of the clans and sects were so strong…

Those who had lost two battles would naturally be at the bottom of the rankings. Then, there were those who had won only one battle. Jing Wu Hen was one of them. They were also eliminated, but higher in the rankings than those who had lost two battles.

The crowd was astonished that Jing Wu Hen had been eliminated after ranking third during the previous Competition. This time, he didn’t even finish in the top ten. Many people were disappointed.

Lin Feng hadn’t paid attention to Prince Ghost and Prince Demon so far, but they were qualified for the next round as well. All Lin Feng thought about was Xie Dian.

“The first round is over. Now, the thirty-four remaining fighters will continue fighting one on ones until twelve people are left. The losers will be eliminated.

“We’ll continue tomorrow. Everybody can leave now,” said the Third Master.


The whole crowd quickly dispersed. Many people were annoyed.

This Competition was different from the previous one. In the past, it finished within one day, they didn’t need to wait several days to know the champion. It was inconvenient and boring this way.

Everybody left slowly, including those who had been eliminated. The losers all looked dispirited.

Lin Feng also got ready to leave, but Jing Wu Hen walked up to him. Lin Feng looked at Jing Wu Hen.

Jing Wu Hen was with Jiang Xuan. They both looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was wearing a plaited bamboo hat, so they couldn’t see his face.

“I’m happy you are safe and sound,” Jing Wu Hen smiled.

“Let’s leave to talk,” Lin Feng replied in a low voice. They walked away from the imperial city.

Many people watched Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen skeptically as they were leaving together. How did they know each other? Lin Feng had even humiliated Garuḍa because of Jing Wu Hen!

Garuḍa looked glum when she saw Zhu Xie leave, her eyes filled with killing intent. But then she smiled evilly. Many people didn’t know what that meant…

Lin Feng looked for a new inn. This time, he wasn’t with Jeston, he was with Jing Wu Hen and Jiang Xuan.

Lin Feng took off his plaited bamboo hat. When Jing Wu Hen saw Lin Feng’s face, he smiled. Jiang Xuan ran into Lin Feng’s arms and cried. He already knew what had happened in Lang Xie City, his home.

Even though he had decided to leave Lang Xie City because he had felt wronged, he didn’t wish his family anything bad. He was extremely worried.

“Teacher, my dad and mom have been captured,” Jiang Xuan cried. He hoped his teacher would help save the people of Lang Xie City.

Lin Feng sighed and patted the young man’s back, forcing a smile. He couldn’t do anything against an ancient sect. He couldn’t do anything against the Lei Sect or the Ancient Demonic Clan. It was already difficult to deal with Xie Mu, who had stolen his primal chaos power to give to Xie Dian.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng was angered again. He couldn’t do anything against the Ancient Demonic Clan. How could he save Lang Xie City from the Lei Sect? It was impossible for the time being!

Lin Feng felt helpless and powerless… at least, for the time being!

Jiang Xuan knew that his teacher wasn’t strong enough yet, but Lin Feng was the strongest person he knew.

Everything calmed down. Jiang Xuan stopped crying, and Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen could talk.

“Lin Feng, how did you regain your strength?” asked Jing Wu Hen. He was amazed. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would be able to regain his strength. He had fallen to the strength of the first Godly Emperor layer after what had happened to him, and now he had regained his power!

At least, Jing Wu Hen couldn’t see Lin Feng’s current cultivation level, but he had seen how strong he was!

Lin Feng knew that Jing Wu Hen would ask him that question. He was even stronger than he had ever been before. How had he done that? Unfortunately, people in Gods Country didn’t understand what a spirit was.

Therefore, it was useless to try and explain what a spirit was to Jing Wu Hen. Besides, it was his secret!

Lin Feng trusted Jing Wu Hen, but there were his parents in his spirit world so he didn’t want to talk about it.

“Wu Hen, it’s a secret. I trust you, but nobody knows about it; it’s important because my parents’ safety is involved. It’s better and safer if nobody knows about it,” Lin Feng frowned.

Jing Wu Hen laughed wholeheartedly and waved, “Alright, it’s alright. You’re safe and sound, that’s the main thing!”

“Thank you for your support, brother,” Lin Feng nodded. He was touched by his friend’s empathy.

Jing Wu Hen didn’t say anything else, as he wasn’t angry at all. Lin Feng could have lied, but had told him the truth.

Lin Feng was honest. Therefore, Jing Wu Hen respected Lin Feng’s choice and wasn’t angry. He was only disappointed because he was curious and wondered how Lin Feng had survived.

But it didn’t matter. He didn’t tell anyone about his trump cards, either. Everybody had secrets. Not telling anyone about his secret was safer for both Ze Country and the Yuan Hall.


Time passed slowly. Lin Feng and Jiang Xuan talked all night. At the end of the night, Lin Feng had the feeling that Jiang Xuan had become much more mature.

The next day, Lin Feng and Jiang Xuan left the inn. Jing Wu Hen had already left. Even though he had been eliminated, Lin Feng hadn’t.

When Lin Feng and Jiang Xuan arrived at the foot of the stage in the imperial city, it was already noon.

There was an ocean of people at the foot of the stage already.

Lin Feng inspected the area with his godly awareness and found Jing Wu Hen. He told Jiang Xuan to go to him, and then proceeded onto the stage.

Lin Feng was still wearing a plaited bamboo hat and a blue robe.

When Lin Feng arrived at the top of the stage, many people in the crowd noticed him.

Lin Feng glanced at the man with the plaited bamboo hat and the black robe. The man looked back at Lin Feng.

“After defeating Xie Dian, Garuḍa, and the genius of the Gu Gu Clan, I will defeat you, Zhu Xie,” promised the man with the plaited bamboo hat and the black clothes. Lin Feng frowned.

The man with the plaited bamboo hat was confident he could defeat all those geniuses from different ancient clans and sects, and he considered Lin Feng someone who could compete with those geniuses, too…interesting.

Lin Feng grinned. “Alright, we’ll see,” he replied, walking past the man.

The second round was about to start!

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