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Chapter 801: Battles for the Top Twelve!


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There’s a lot going on during the Competition this time, thought Lun Bi Sheng Tian, looking at the geniuses on the stage. Those twelve people were all the strongest young geniuses of the continent.

With such people, the Country of Eternity would become more and more powerful. It was a good thing for everybody.

Besides, there weren’t only young geniuses from the ancient sects and clans; there were also young geniuses from the three empires, and there were also three independent cultivators. In other words, there were people from completely different backgrounds.

“Draw lots now to see who your opponent will be,” said the Third Master, opening a box full of cards. The remaining contestants drew cards, including Lin Feng.

For Lin Feng, no matter who his opponent was, it didn’t matter, because he didn’t care about being the champion or not. All he wanted was to take his revenge.

Very quickly, the contestants took their cards and looked at them. They all had different reactions; some of them were happy, some of them were annoyed, some of them looked solemn.

Lin Feng looked at his card as well, and his expression changed. Chen Guang Yu was written on his card. Lin Feng smiled wryly. He hadn’t thought he’d have to fight against Chen Guang Yu. Interesting…

Everybody glanced at their opponent. Lin Feng read Chen Guang Yu’s name out loud. Chen Guang Yu’s face fell. Poor him… How unlucky… He was also going to fight against the man with the plaited bamboo hat and the blue clothes…

The man had defeated Qing Kui, Lei Ben… How could he compete with someone like that?

But he didn’t feel like giving up, because he didn’t only represent himself, he represented his own sect, the Tai Qing Sect. The Tai Qing Sect was the first of the ancient sects. There was always someone watching him.

This time, Qing Kui had lost, so Chen Guang Yu and Qing Xi were the only ones left in the Competition.

Chen Guang Yu looked at Qing Xin Yue. She smiled at him sweetly, which instantly gave Chen Guang Yu some courage.

This time, he couldn’t lose, or at least he would do all he could to go as far as possible.

Lin Feng glanced at Qing Xin Yue. She really looked too much like Yao Yu Yan. Was there even a difference?

Lin Feng took a deep breath, and suddenly decided something, if he really had to fight against Chen Guang Yu, he would withdraw from the Competition. He didn’t care about it. He could take his revenge after the Competition as well…

“Garuḍa against Xuan Mei Er,” said the Third Master coldly. He disappeared and left the whole stage for Garuḍa and Xuan Mei Er.

Xuan Mei Er was one of the young geniuses of the Ancient Xuan Clan and Garuḍa was a beast, nobody knew whether she was a male or a female, but people talked about her as a “she”.

“Xuan Mei Er? Hehe,” Garuḍa grinned and walked to the center of the stage.

Then she looked at the woman in a red skirt in front of her; Xuan Mei Er, a young genius of the Ancient Xuan Clan.

Xuan Mei Er looked good, but in comparison to Lin Feng’s women, she lacked something.

Xuan Mei Er was holding a Jade Water Sword. She looked grave and serious. She had to qualify for the next round, she couldn’t give up that opportunity.

“Let’s start,” Xuan Mei Er said to Garuḍa. She flashed and disappeared. When she reappeared, she was already only five meters away from Garuḍa, and slashing with Jade Water Sword as well. She was merciless.

Garuḍa didn’t panic. On the contrary, she grinned mockingly. How weak, thought Garuḍa. She was a level three high-level Supreme God, Xuan Mei Er was just a level two high-level Supreme God; there was a cultivation level of difference, so Garuḍa felt extremely confident.

As Xuan Mei Er cut with her Jade Water Sword, Garuḍa grinned. Then she raised her left hand and thrust out. Poison flew towards Xuan Mei Er, and her expression suddenly changed. The poison was aimed at her head.

Xuan Mei Er really cared about her face. If the poison reached her beautiful face, she’d be disfigured forever and she wouldn’t feel like cultivating anymore. She would give up everything. Xuan Mei Er groaned angrily; she had no choice but to drop her Jade Water Sword and jump backwards to dodge the poison.

Garuḍa grinned evilly. She flashed and disappeared.

“Xuan Mei Er lost,” murmured Lin Feng. Everybody’s expression changed drastically. He was probably right.

As expected, when Lin Feng said that, Garuḍa reappeared in front of Xuan Mei Er and slapped her violently. Xuan Mei Er was blown away and crashed to the ground.

“You lost,” said Garuḍa, giggling mockingly.

Garuḍa from the Ancient Beast Clan had won. Xuan Mei Er from the Ancient Xuan Clan had lost.

“Garuḍa is the first one qualified during this round,” announced Lun Bi Sheng Tian personally. The best young geniuses were all important people.

The atmosphere was ardent. The crowd couldn’t wait to see the other geniuses.

During the next few battles, people from different empires were eliminated and both sides were injured, apart from the young genius of the Fa Lan Empire.

“The fifth one who is qualified is Fa Heng,” shouted Lun Bi Sheng Tian, looking at the man on stage. It was a man with a blue robe rippling like water. He was slimly built and was extremely pale of skin.

Fa Heng?

Lin Feng looked at Fa Heng and memorized his name. He had to learn as much as possible about the Fa Lan Empire because he might decide to go and save Yi Ren Lei at some point, or more precisely, save Yan Ran Xue.

Lin Feng didn’t think that the Fa Lan Empire only had a single young genius like this. A level two high-level Supreme God was already strong, but compared to the ancient sects and clans, he wasn’t really a young genius, he was just an outstanding young man.

Lin Feng didn’t think that the Fa Lan Empire, the greatest empire in the Country of Eternity, only had such a young genius. He was sure they had incredible geniuses who had not shown up and would step into the limelight someday, but not at such a ridiculous Competition.

Nobody knew what the Fa Lan Empire really intended to do. The leader of the Fa Lan Empire hadn’t even shown up this time, so many people were puzzled.

Lun Bi Sheng Tian was a bit sad that the leader of the Fa Lan Empire didn’t show up on today.

“Next battle, Chen Guang Yu versus Zhu Xie,” said the Third Master solemnly. Many people looked at Chen Guang Yu with pity.

Even though Chen Guang Yu was a young genius of the Tai Qing Sect, the difference in strength between the two opponents was too important. Chen Guang Yu couldn’t possibly defeat Zhu Xie!

Chen Guang Yu took a deep breath and then walked towards the center of the stage. He looked at Lin Feng.

“I know you are extremely strong but I won’t flinch,” said Chen Guang Yu. No matter the strength difference, he didn’t intend to step back. He had to fight, for the honor of the Tai Qing Sect!

Lin Feng smiled, but nobody could see it because of the plaited bamboo hat which covered his face. Lin Feng found it amusing that Chen Guang Yu said such a thing to him.

Lin Feng knew that the Competition was extremely important for him, otherwise, he wouldn’t have done his best to convince Lin Feng to participate in it with him.

But the Competition was more complicated than that, and nobody helped anyone.

“Let’s start,” said Chen Guang Yu, clenching his fists. He was ready to fight, even if he knew he was going to lose.

He didn’t intend to surrender… unlike Lin Feng!

“I surrender,” Lin Feng said casually, breaking the eerie silence. Everybody burst into an uproar.

“How is that possible? Zhu Xie surrendered?”

“Is this a joke? Zhu Xie is so strong, why would he surrender?”

“Chen Guang Yu should surrender! Why did Zhu Xie surrender? What a joke!”

A joke? Not at all. Lin Feng wasn’t joking. He meant it.

Chen Guang Yu was dumbstruck. He hadn’t thought Zhu Xie would yield. Chen Guang Yu didn’t understand. Zhu Xie wasn’t stupid, why would he give up?

There was only one explanation.  Zhu Xie knew him, or knew about him!

Thinking about that, Chen Guang Yu thought of Lin Feng, but he quickly excluded that possibility because Lin Feng had been killed by the Ancient Demonic Clan. How could he have come back to life?

“We surrender,” replied someone else in a sweet and gentle voice.

Everybody looked in the direction the voice came from… from Qing Xin Yue.

“Uh… Miss…?” Chen Guang Yu was astonished. He didn’t understand what she meant. Why did she say that? Why did she announce that they had surrendered?

The atmosphere became heavy again.

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