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Chapter 802: Jeston’s Mood!


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“Leader, you…?”

Chen Guang Yu wasn’t the only one who was astonished. The three envoys behind her were also dumbstruck. They looked at Qing Xin Yue skeptically, but Qing Xin Yue looked indifferent.

“Masters, we give up. I hope you don’t mind?” said Qing Xin Yue, smiling at the three envoys. She sounded completely indifferent.

The three envoys glanced at each other. Even though they didn’t understand, their teacher had already told them that no matter what, they had to listen to their leader’s orders. If anyone didn’t listen to her orders in the sect, then they would be killed!

“No problem. We listen to your orders, leader,” said the three envoys, lowering their heads.

Qing Xin Yue smiled resplendently and looked back at Lin Feng. “Your Excellency, please continue fighting. The Tai Qing Sect surrenders this battle.”

“I yield,” agreed Chen Guang Yu finally. He decided to surrender to let Zhu Xie continue. Even though he was sad and didn’t understand what was going on, Lin Feng didn’t need to withdraw from the Competition!

“Next round. Qing Xi versus Ri Xing.”

The other young genius of the Tai Qing Sect, Qing Xi, fought against Ri Xing, a young genius from the Ri Guang Empire. After a few dozen attacks, she won against Ri Xing.

One more young genius from an empire was eliminated that way. It was a catastrophe for the empires.

“Next battle, Prince Ghost versus Yue Wu Shang.”

Prince Ghost, the former champion of the Competition, was finally going to fight against a young genius of the Yue Guang Empire, Yue Wu Shang.

Yue Wu Shang was a level two high-level Supreme God, one of the strongest young geniuses of all the empires. If Yue Wu Shang lost, then all the other leaders could give up, because their young geniuses couldn’t measure up to Yue Wu Shang at all.

Prince Ghost was wearing a black robe, his face covered by a veil. He had two twinkling golden necklaces hanging around his neck.

It was the first time Lin Feng had seen Prince Ghost. Lin Feng was surprised, because Prince Ghost already had the strength of the level three high-level Supreme God layer.

it meant that Prince Ghost was even stronger than Xie Dian and the others!

Lin Feng couldn’t help but look at Prince Ghost with admiration. He was still a medium-level Supreme God during the previous Great Competition. It was extremely complicated to break through from the medium-level Supreme God layer to the high-level Supreme God layer in one year, but Prince Ghost had done it!

Some people needed dozens, if not hundreds, of years to break through to the high-level Supreme God layer. Prince Ghost had done it in one year, and on top of that to the level three high-level Supreme God layer!

Lin Feng had rarely felt so much admiration for someone in his life!

Prince Ghost and Yue Wu Shang’s battle started. Prince Ghost flashed and spun in the air. Ghosts appeared all around him and wailed mournfully. The ghosts seemed like they wanted to devour Yue Wu Shang alive. Because Yue Wu Shang was surrounded by ghosts, it was difficult for him to move.

Yue Wu Shang was oppressed. His pure Qi was being constricted by Prince Ghost. Prince Ghost looked completely blasé. Yue Wu Shang wondered whether those ghosts had really been created by Prince Ghost or not.

Yue Wu Shang began to panic. At that moment, Prince Ghost flashed and condensed strength in his feet. A footprint appeared on the purple ground of the battle stage.

Yue Wu Shang didn’t dare block Prince Ghost’s strength directly. He had the impression that Prince Ghost could use even more strength if he wanted to.

Lin Feng had been watching the battle since the very beginning. Even though Prince Ghost’s fighting style seemed simple, it was actually explosive and extremely efficient.

Even as Lin Feng was thinking, Yue Wu Shang staggered, and Prince Ghost punched him. Yue Wu Shang was smashed away and crashed against the balustrade. Luckily, Yue Wu Shang managed to keep his balance and stay on his feet. Otherwise, it could have been much worse.

The fight started and finished in little time. Prince Ghost had finished it very quickly. Yue Wu Shang was angry, but had been eliminated.

One more independent cultivator was qualified… and among those who had been qualified, apart from Fa Heng, all the others were young geniuses from ancient sects and clans!

“Next battle, Jeston vs. Dao Ling,” said the Third Master at that moment, interrupting many people who were lost in thought.

Dao Ling?

When Lin Feng heard that, he was surprised. Who was Dao Ling?

It was him?

Lin Feng looked around and finally saw the man in black clothes with the plaited bamboo hat. The man walked to the center of the stage. He finally understood that the man was called Dao Ling.

“Dao Ling?”

Xie Dian initially had his eyes closed, but when he heard Dao Ling’s name, he opened his eyes, and his expression shifted. He finally looked surprised, even though his expression hadn’t changed since the beginning of the Competition. Could it be that Dao Ling?

Xie Dian wasn’t the only one who seemed surprised. Garuḍa, Gu Tian Ao, and all the other young geniuses of the other ancient sects and clans were surprised. They all thought the same thing, and many of them looked glum. This Competition was interesting!

Many people looked at Dao Ling. Lin Feng looked at Jeston. Jeston had a Light Body. Ordinary geniuses couldn’t compete with him.

However, this time, Jeston’s opponent was Dao Ling. Dao Ling was extremely strong. Lin Feng was worried; would Jeston manage to defeat him?

“Let’s start,” said Jeston indifferently, not wasting time.

The two men started fighting.

Jeston flashed in the air and threw a punch at Dao Ling’s chest. His strength could destroy an entire mountain, but it was useless against Dao Ling. Dao Ling didn’t even feel any pain.

Jeston’s expression shifted, but he didn’t panic. Jeston hastily opened his hands and thrust out, golden strength emerging from the palms of his hands. His Light strength flooded down. The crowd was astonished when they saw those photons, which looked like grains of sand.

Then what looked like a rainbow appeared in the sky. When the light strength appeared, everybody suddenly felt vigorous. Those who felt exhausted didn’t feel tired anymore.

The leaders of the different sects and clans sat down. They could sense an endless source of energy, surprising them.

“Light? He has a Light Body?” Lun Bi Sheng Tian looked at the Light strength as if it were the most valuable treasure in the whole world.

“It’s really a Light Body.” Chang Hao, the leader of the Ancient Beast Clan, was astonished. His mouth was wide open. It was the first time he saw someone had a legendary Light Body.

The three legendary body types were priceless. Lin Feng had possessed a Primal Chaos Body, now Xie Dian had it. Many people wished they had a special body type.

However, the Light Body type was one of the most amazing ones. Nobody would forget Jeston after the Great Competition.

Dao Ling was wearing a plaited bamboo hat, so nobody could see his expression. But they could see that he remained alert and didn’t underestimate Jeston.

It was the first time he had seen a Light Body as well. However, he didn’t intend to surrender only because his opponent had a Light Body.

Hehe. That would be ridiculous. Thinking about it, Dao Ling grinned sinisterly. If people could see his face, they would be surprised, because he really looked like Lin Feng.

“My body type isn’t less powerful than your Light Body,” said Dao Ling hoarsely.

Jeston frowned. He could sense a terrifying Qi emerge from Dao Ling’s body. Jeston also remained extremely alert.

What’s that?, thought Jeston when he saw that terrifying strength. He seemed worried.

Everybody was stupefied. A black strength had emerged from Dao Ling and was taking up more and more space.

“A Darkness Body? How’s that possible? Impossible!” Jeston’s face fell. He paled and shook from head to toe, looking miserable.

Lin Feng had never seen Jeston like that. How come he reacted that way in front of the dark strength?

“A Darkness Body? Is it the opposite of a Light Body?” murmured Lin Feng.

The atmosphere suddenly became ice-cold…

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