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Chapter 803: Dao Ling’s Victory!


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“I know you have a Light Body, one of the three most powerful body types. However, you probably never thought that the opposite body type of your Light Body existed, right? It’s precisely my Darkness Body,” said Dao Ling. Then he reached up and slowly took his plaited bamboo hat off.

“Eh…? What…?” Jeston couldn’t believe it. He shook from head to toe violently. Words didn’t come out. Even though he was from Earth, he had some strange memories.

There was a name in Jeston’s brain, and he couldn’t get rid of the extra memories. They were deeply engraved in his mind.

The possessor of a Darkness Body, Li Qiang!

Li Qiang used to be one of Jeston’s great friends. They were childhood friends and had grown up together. Coincidentally, they had antagonistic body types.

But one day, Li Qiang had disappeared. Jeston had looked for him for many years in vain, until now..

But Li Qiang wasn’t here. The person in front of him was called Dao Ling.

Li Qiang didn’t look familiar. Jeston didn’t know him. However, why did Dao Ling have a Darkness Body?

Jeston didn’t understand, but he didn’t want to understand either. So many years had passed, he had changed a lot.

Even if that person had a Darkness Body, they were enemies, even natural enemies due to their different body types.

“Dao Ling, I don’t care whether you are Li Qiang or not, I don’t intend to lose today. The Light Body isn’t less powerful than the Darkness Body,” said Jeston glumly. He thrust a palm at Dao Ling. A terrifying strength rolled towards Dao Ling extremely quickly.

Dao Ling also thrust out a palm. Thanks to his Darkness Body, Dao Ling was extremely strong, and his body was extremely resistant. Jeston’s strength reached him but it didn’t have any effect.

Dao Ling then flashed towards Jeston extremely quickly. He was now starting to use his real strength. He didn’t want to give Jeston any opportunity to win.

Dao Ling used a Tao skill. However, he could see that Jeston had changed a lot. He didn’t have the same flaws as back in the days, and even worse, he even seemed flawless now.

“We’ll see how long you can resist. You’re pathetic!” said Dao Ling ferociously. Nobody had ever heard of his Darkness Body. He had never even shown it directly like this, so many people even thought, by mistake, that he had a Light Body.

So now, he was announcing to the whole world that he had a Darkness Body. It was also a way to announce to the world that there weren’t only three special body types, but four, and that the Darkness Body wasn’t less powerful than the Light Body!

“Considering your strength, I don’t think you’ll be qualified. Piss off now!” shouted Dao Ling stridently, releasing terrifying energies at the same time.

Jeston felt great pressure. He ground his teeth and clenched his fists. He had the impression he was going to faint. Even though he had the strength of the high-level Supreme God layer, he was just a level one high-level Supreme God, whereas his opponent was a level three high-level Supreme God.

It was a huge difference. Jeston couldn’t win, not all that strange since he was particularly good at plotting, not fighting!

Jeston was probably going to lose. Lin Feng looked at him gravely, worried. He really hoped that nothing bad would happen to Jeston.

Jeston wouldn’t be qualified this way. Lin Feng knew that Jeston wanted to become famous during the Competition. It had always been his goal. Lin Feng couldn’t let Jeston miss this opportunity.

“Jeston, don’t forget that your Light Body is not your only asset. You have light Dao. If you can fuse your light Dao strength together with Tao skills, you may be able to win,” Lin Feng said to Jeston telepathically.

Jeston suddenly looked happy, as if he had obtained the key to solving his problem. In terms of body type, his Light Body couldn’t affect his opponent’s Darkness Body.

But he also understood light Dao strength. If he fused it together with a Tao skill, then his attack would be explosive. His attack might even be as powerful as some of the greatest Tao skills in the world.

Thinking about that, Jeston focused again, releasing light Dao strength. Dazzling golden lights appeared around him and became more and more dazzling. His light Dao illuminated the whole crowd warmly.

But at the same time, they had the impression that their pure Qi was being taken away from them. Everybody’s expression changed drastically.

“What… What’s going on?” Lun Bi Sheng Tian was startled. He stared at Jeston. The two fighters’ battle was already fierce and explosive. Nobody was relaxed. This fight was getting dangerous.

Jeston frowned, and everybody’s pure Qi started moving towards him. He was absorbing it!

“Now!” Jeston looked overjoyed. The pure Qi and the light Dao fused together, he fused it together with a Tao skill, and a golden hurricane appeared on the stage.

The purple battle stage shook violently, as if it were going to collapse. The three great high-level Supreme Gods joined hands to consolidate the protection barrier of the battle stage. Everybody winced. Some people could barely breathe anymore.

If the protective shield of the battle stage collapsed, it would be a catastrophe. Everybody could imagine what would happen. Jeston’s terrifying golden hurricane would crush them all!

“Everybody, move away!” shouted someone suddenly. Everybody did their best to retreat.

“Now!” Jeston was already in a trance, as if the world around him didn’t exist anymore. He didn’t pay any attention to the hundreds of thousands of people around the stage.

“I don’t know whether you are Dao Ling or Li Qiang, but I will not let you have it your own way! Look at this attack!” shouted Jeston furiously. He raised his hands and thrust out. Two golden threads of energies emerged from his palms, looking like gigantic dragons, which charged Dao Ling.

Dao Ling remained steady. When he saw those two gigantic dragons charge him, he understood that they could easily crush him if he made a single mistake.

He had no choice but to admit that Jeston was extremely strong, and not just because he had a Light Body.


Dao Ling grinned mockingly. “Not bad, but not enough, Jeston!” shouted Dao Ling resolutely. His eyes were blood-red. They looked terrifying, like the eyes of someone who had been strangled to death.

It was like the world was collapsing. The observers all felt nauseous and dizzy.

Blood-red lights surrounded the whole stage. They started absorbing the golden strength Jeston had released with such difficulty. After absorbing Jeston’s strength, Dao Ling’s Qi became even swifter and fiercer.

“Oh no.” Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically when he saw the terrifying blood-red lights. He had the feeling there was something wrong, but he couldn’t do anything to help anymore.

Jeston was dumbstruck. How had Dao Ling suddenly become so strong? He had no time to think as he was suddenly blown away by the blood-red strength. He crashed against the balustrade, which broke apart. Jeston fell to the ground, along with some pieces of the balustrade.

Jeston had done his best, but he had still lost. Dao Ling was qualified!

Everybody remained silent, their eyes wide open. They couldn’t believe it. Jeston was extremely strong, and most people wouldn’t dare fight against him, but Dao Ling was even stronger. He made everybody feel desperate. That battle had been amazing!

But the battle was over; one of them had won and one of them had lost, so one of them was stronger than the other.

“Dao Ling is qualified for the next round!” shouted Lun Bi Sheng Tian.

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          hey jeston said that li qiang is dao ling which is his childhood friend

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      Well it’s not Hu Ba since Jeston and Dao Ling knew each other or rather are friends before.. while Hu Ba was born on Lin Feng spirit world

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    remember HU BA is being controlled by someone else and in there body

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    So Jeston doesn’t recognise him, although previous chapter it was explained he looked like Lin Feng. Also nobody else finds his face familiar? Author must be confused but well..

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    Is it really Hu Ba?!

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