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Chapter 804: Warning?


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Jeston had lost. Lin Feng left the stage and the imperial city with Jeston. Jing Wu Hen also disappeared from the imperial city with Jiang Xuan.


Back in the inn, Jeston was seated on a bed. He looked glum, exhausted and sad. He had lost? How was that possible? On top of that, he had lost against his “old friend”, Li Qiang!

Initially, everybody thought there were only three kinds of special body types, but Dao Ling had a Darkness Body. Jeston was convinced that Dao Ling was Li Qiang, but he didn’t understand why his face and Qi had changed.

What had happened to him? What had he gone through?

Jeston didn’t know…

Things calmed down as Lin Feng remained silent, and Jing Wu Hen too. Jiang Xuan glanced at Jeston now and then.

Lin Feng didn’t continue watching the Competition. The battles which followed Jeston and Dao Ling’s battle were even fiercer. The fighters were young geniuses of the different ancient sects and clans, after all!

Gu Tian Ao fought against Yue Wu Que, who was a genius from the Yue Guang Empire. Gu Tian Ao won.

Xie Dian fought against a genius from an empire and crushed him violently. In the end, he laughed at him. His opponent was extremely depressed and humiliated.

The battles were more and more incredible. There was a genius from the Lun Bi Empire, his name was Chu Li. At the beginning, he hadn’t shown how strong he really was, because of an agreement they had with the ancient sect.

Now he was in the top twelve of the Competition, and he had the strength of the level three high-level Supreme God!

When the Third Master announced that Chu Li was qualified and was in the top twelve, he smiled happily. Not many people knew that Chu Li was a genius the three great high-level Supreme Gods had raised personally.

Chu Li was wearing a red robe, and a mask so that people couldn’t see what he really looked like. Considering his silhouette, the crowd was convinced he was a handsome young man.

The crowd wasn’t surprised by the top twelve. The first one who had been qualified was Garuḍa. Then were Xie Dian and Dao Ling, whose strengths were enigmatic and unfathomable.

The fourth one was Prince Ghost, the fifth one was Zhu Xie, who was actually Lin Feng. Prince Ghost was a symbol for the independent cultivators of the previous Competition, while Lin Feng was a symbol for the new independent cultivators.

Chu Li was a young genius of the Lun Bi Empire. He was extremely strong. Fa Lan Empire was also qualified. Many people were excited and wanted to be as strong as all those geniuses.

Gu Tian Ao from the Gu Gu Clan, Qing Xi from the Tai Qing Sect, and Prince Demon were in the top ten. There were Sun Hao from Ao Lai City, and Du Wen Ze from Tian Dong City.

That was the top twelve of the new Great Competition of the Empires, Clans, and Sects. The participants were the strongest geniuses of the Country of Eternity. Some of the strongest young geniuses were not there, but the participants represented a big part of them.

“Tomorrow morning, the top twelve participants will continue at Huang Dang Mountain.”

Huang Dang Mountain was the biggest mountain of the Lun Bi Empire at a hundred thousand meters tall. It was one of the holy places of the Lun Bi Empire. In ordinary times, nobody could go there but the imperial family.

It demonstrated how much the Lun Bi Empire cared about the Great Competition.

Many people were disappointed, because apart from the leaders, envoys and their assistants, nobody else would be able to go there. No other observers were allowed.

Many people were furious, but what could they do? Who would dare offend those extremely strong people?


Lin Feng was in the inn, and also heard about the news. Lin Feng wasn’t excited at all, since he didn’t care about the Competition. Even if he ranked first, so what? What would happen?

He had been practicing for such a long time, so he knew what those Competitions were for. Some people admired champions, some others were jealous and envious. Lin Feng hated envious and jealous people, but such people were numerous in the world.

Those people were vile and weak. That’s why they were jealous that they couldn’t be champions themselves.

Lin Feng didn’t care about those people at all. He had dealt with such people more than enough in his life.

But since Xie Dian had continued, Lin Feng had to continue. He had to fight against Xie Dian. He’d either be sorry, or he’d succeed!

Lin Feng had to take back what had been stolen from him. It was also a way of showing the world, including the other ancient sects and clans, that bullying him wasn’t the best decision!

That night, Lin Feng felt like he hadn’t done anything productive. Time passed too quickly.

Lin Feng was seated on the rooftop of the inn, watching the stars. There were lights everywhere in the Lun Bi Empire.

“The Lun Bi Empire is beautiful at night,” Lin Feng sighed.

“Maybe, but tomorrow you won’t be alive to enjoy it anymore,” an icy voice replied at that moment. It was filled with deadly intentions.

Lin Feng had sensed someone’s presence, but he hadn’t taken the initiative to ask first. He had been waiting for the person to take the initiative to speak up.

When Lin Feng heard the voice, he turned around and saw a man in black clothes: Dao Ling!

Lin Feng looked at him indifferently and said, “You and I are neither friends nor enemies.”

“But you are Jeston’s friend, so I will kill you and him,” said Dao Ling gravely. Lin Feng was a bit surprised.

“It seems like you know more than I thought,” said Lin Feng with a smile that was not a smile. Dao Ling was threatening him, but it was useless. Lin Feng didn’t feel worried at all.

Dao Ling frowned. He didn’t understand why Lin Feng looked so calm. Lin Feng usually wasn’t like that. He was more impulsive, and Dao Ling knew that.

Dao Ling looked at Lin Feng skeptically. Lin Feng smiled icily. He wasn’t stupid, he knew why Dao Ling had come.  Maybe this Dao Ling really considered him dead already…

“We’ll see tomorrow. Talking today is useless,” said Lin Feng in a bored voice.

Dao Ling remained silent for a few seconds and then nodded. He was convinced he could kill Lin Feng easily, so talking was useless.

Dao Ling left. Lin Feng looked after him and grinned. He hated people like that, who were extremely confident, as if they were the best in the world.

Dao Ling and Xie Dian were similar. They had a gigantic ego, and they overestimated themselves. They didn’t care about what other people thought.

“What? Could it be that all the contestants of the top twelve like to spy on other people?” After Dao Ling disappeared, Lin Feng frowned and threw a punch behind him.

Boom, boom!... There were two explosions. The whole inn shook as if it were going to collapse.

Lin Feng stared at the person who’d been standing behind him icily. Xie Dian looked back at him expressionlessly and silently.

Lin Feng didn’t show any anger.

Xie Dian stared at him for a long time and then he said, “I hope you won’t lose tomorrow during the Great Competition,” said Xie Dian.

Lin Feng was surprised. What did Xie Dian mean? Did he want him to withdraw from the Competition?

“Are you joking?” asked Lin Feng coolly.

Xie Dian smiled icily and said disdainfully, “I just want to tell you that with your strength, you won’t manage to finish in the top three. You should withdraw from the Competition. Don’t continue wasting your time.

“I know you don’t feel like it, but I have a good way to make you surrender, Zhu Xie, so, you better take the initiative to withdraw from the Competition yourself.

“It’s just a suggestion. Think about it carefully,” Xie Dian said scornfully.

It was exactly the same thing he had told all the other independent cultivators and cultivators from the empires of the continent. He told them not to waste their time, but it was also to make things faster for him.

Lin Feng was puzzled, but not scared. Xie Dian was an interesting person.

He dared come here and warn him!  Warn him?!

Really interesting!

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