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Chapter 805: Huang Dang Mountain!


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“I’m sorry. I won’t withdraw from the Competition,” answered Lin Feng smiling coldly.

“Oh, and besides, if you think you’re powerful enough to threaten me because you have a Primal Chaos Body, let me tell you one thing; you are very wrong, and you will lose the Competition. Even worse, you will suffer from the disastrous consequences it could have.

“Trying to make people withdraw from the Competition because you have a Primal Chaos Body or even some other trump cards is extremely stupid. You are an ignorant person.

“On top of that, I don’t think you’re all that strong compared to the other geniuses!” stated Lin Feng arrogantly.

Xie Dian’s expression fell angrily. He was furious and clenched his fists hard enough to pop them.

Lin Feng looked back at him expressionlessly and fearlessly. “You want to hit me? Go ahead,” said Lin Feng, smiling mockingly.

He had been getting ready for this for a long time. Killing Xie Dian right now was even better than having to wait for the Competition.

Xie Dian really wanted to attack Lin Feng, but he controlled himself. It wasn’t time for him to show his trump cards. The less he showed the better. Even if everybody knew he had a Primal Chaos Body, they didn’t know what it meant.

“Hehe, since you don’t know how to differentiate good from bad, then I wish you much luck for tomorrow, you’ll need luck if you want to survive,” said Xie Dian icily and arrogantly.

He didn’t know how strong Lin Feng was. If Lin Feng didn’t give up, then it’d be harder for him to become the champion. Lin Feng would be a hindrance, and Xie Dian didn’t want such an opponent.

Xie Dian really wanted Lin Feng to give up the Competition, but his method to make him give up was extremely puerile. Who would agree to withdraw from the Competition if someone asked them like that? Nobody…

Xie Dian left the rooftop. Lin Feng didn’t give him any face. He didn’t care about Xie Dian at all.

Xie Dian, you were lucky today. You left alive, thought Lin Feng angrily. His eyes became bloodshot when he remembered what had happened to him in the Ancient Demonic Clan. He would never forget how they had made him suffer while stealing his Primal Chaos Body!

He hated them, and would never forgive them. Xie Dian had controlled himself a moment before, what a pity! Otherwise, Lin Feng would have killed him…

“Ancient Demonic Clan, Xie Mu, Xie Dian… I will definitely take my revenge! Just wait for me, Xie Mu!” With his bloodshot eyes, Lin Feng looked particularly frightening at that moment.


Early in the morning, Lin Feng left the rooftop and went back inside the inn. He had been sitting there all night, thinking of everything he had to do: Lang Xie City, Fa Lan Empire, Yan Ran Xue…

Lin Feng was a bit lost. What would he do after killing Xie Dian during the Competition? He wanted to go and save Yan Ran Xue, but at the same time, he didn’t want to because he was disappointed in her.

Yan Ran Xue had broken Lin Feng’s heart many times. Had she used him? Or had she loved him?

“Lin Feng, are you not getting ready for the Competition?” asked Jing Wu Hen when he saw Lin Feng looked relaxed and lost in thought.

“Wu Hen, I don’t care about that Competition. You probably know what my goal is,” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently.

Jing Wu Hen nodding. Naturally he knew that Lin Feng wanted to take his revenge, but still he had to get ready for the Competition. If he were eliminated too soon then he might not have the opportunity to fight against Xie Dian.

“Alright, I will do my best. Don’t worry,” said Lin Feng, patting Jing Wu Hen’s shoulder and leaving the room.

Jeston came over and looked at Lin Feng strangely.

“What’s the matter?” Jeston asked Jing Wu Hen.

Jing Wu Hen smiled wryly and shook his head. He didn’t know, either.

Very quickly, Lin Feng came out with Jiang Xuan, but that wasn’t the most surprising thing. That was his outfit.

“Lin Feng, you… what…?” Jeston’s pursed his lips. Lin Feng was wearing a demon mask and a black robe. Did he intend to go to Huang Dang Mountain like that? The Third Master would recognize him directly! Lin Feng had killed Lun Bi Ba, so he would be in trouble!

“Lin Feng, you’re going to bring about your own destruction!” said Jing Wu Hen. He also knew Lin Feng had killed Lun Bi Ba, so he was worried.

Lin Feng looked at them and laughed. “You think the Lun Bi Empire will punish me?”

“Definitely. You killed their Young Master. It’s not insignificant,” said Jing Wu Hen resolutely.

“Hehe, little boy, explain,” Lin Feng told Jiang Xuan.

Jiang Xuan glanced at Lin Feng, then he looked at Jing Wu Hen and Jeston and shook his head, “You guys are wrong. The Lun Bi Empire will not punish my teacher.”

“Oh, why not?” asked Jeston. His curiosity was aroused.

“Because they know that their Young Master was weak. If my teacher had worn these clothes yesterday, then they would have killed him… but today is different!

“Don’t forget that he showed how strong he was. They’re not stupid. They don’t want to kill a young genius. That’s what I think,” Jiang Xuan smiled. He seemed quite proud of himself.

Lin Feng nodding. The boy was right. The reason why he hadn’t worn those clothes before was because he hadn’t proven how strong he was yet. Now they knew how strong he was, so they wouldn’t dare kill him!

When Jing Wu Hen heard Jiang Xuan, he was stupefied. He hadn’t understood that before. Jiang Xuan was just over ten years old and he did. Jing Wu Hen looked at the boy with new eyes and increased respect.

Jing Wu Hen admired Lin Feng. On top of that, he had found a great student. Jiang Xuan would definitely become an extremely strong cultivator within ten to a hundred years!

Lin Feng knew how to invest in human capital, Jing Wu Hen wasn’t so experienced.

Jeston remained silent. He had thought of that, but he was surprised that the little boy understood such things.

When the teacher is strong, the student cannot be a weakling!

“Anyway, let’s go; otherwise, we’ll miss the beginning,” Jeston said. Lin Feng nodded and led the way.


Huang Dang Mountain was only a few hundreds of li away from the imperial city, but it was boundless, and the pure Qi there was incredible, forming a fog which floated all around it. From the foot of the mountain, one couldn’t see the top.

It reminded Lin Feng of Long Yun Peak, Lei Gang’s territory.

Thinking about Lei Gang, Lin Feng couldn’t help but think of the ten geniuses of the Continent of the Gods. Maybe they were in Gods Country already? He didn’t know…

What about Lei Gang? He used to be a low-level Supreme God, how strong had he become now? He was probably at least a medium-level Supreme God…

“We’re almost there,” said Lin Feng. He flew towards the hundred-thousand-meter-high mountain.

There were people around the foot of the mountain who wanted to watch, but from there they couldn’t see anything. They were still angry that they weren’t allowed to watch, but they stayed a bit far back from the foot of the mountain.

Lin Feng ignored those people and flew straight to the foot of the mountain. Apart from the young geniuses of the different empires, everybody was already at the top.

“Let’s go to the top,” said Lin Feng. Hee flew to the top with Jiang Xuan in his arms. Jing Wu Hen and Jeston followed him closely.

When they arrived at the top, Lin Feng realized the Competition had already started. At that moment, Garuḍa and Qing Xi from the Tai Qing Sect were fighting.

Lin Feng looked around indifferently. He saw Qing Xin Yue in her white skirt, the three envoys behind her. Chen Guang Yu and Qing Kui were on her left and right.

Lei Jin Gang, the leader of the Lei Sect, and Yuan Tian, the leader of the Yuan Hall, were seated on her side as well.

Opposite her were Gu Jin Ze from the Gu Gu Clan, Chang Hao from the Ancient Beast Clan, and Xuan Tie Chen from the Ancient Xuan Clan.

Lun Bi Sheng Tian wasn’t seated. He was personally managing the Competition this time.

No matter who the champion would be this time, everybody would respect the finalists!

The result of Qing Xi and Garuḍa’s battle wasn’t a surprise. Garuḍa was a level three high-level Supreme God while Qing Xi was a level two high-level Supreme God. She lost, as was absolutely logical.

Qing Xi lost and so didn’t finish in the top six. Among the ancient sects and clans, Qing Xi was the first one who was eliminated.

Qing Xin Yue still looked indifferent. She didn’t look worried or nervous, as if she had anticipated that result already.

Garuḍa was now sure to finish in the top six.

When Lin Feng showed up, everybody looked at him.

He was wearing a black robe and a demon mask. The Third Master and Lun Bi Sheng Tian all looked at him angrily.

However, when they saw the talisman in his hand, they controlled themselves.

Zhu Xie was the one who had killed Lun Bi Ba!

But what could the Lun Bi Empire do? Could they offend an extraordinary genius because of an insignificant young master?

That was neither realistic nor wise!

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  1. Alex September 24, 2019 at 2:19 am - Reply

    But what could the Lun Bi Empire do? Could they offend an extraordinary genius because of an insignificant young master?

    But but but this independent cultivator have no background. Isn’t background support is the most important factor? Kill this independent cultivator, there’s nobody to take revenge on behalf. Why are these big background so idiotic and cowardly? You don’t kill when you can only to regret it when you can’t.

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