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Chapter 807: Humiliating Xie Dian!


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Lun Bi Sheng Tian smiled happily. Lin Feng was initially supposed to fight against Prince Demon, and Xie Dian against Prince Ghost, but since Lin Feng had revealed who he was, he had decided to make Lin Feng fight against Xie Dian. He was the manager of the event after all, so he could do whatever he wished.

The Lun Bi Empire didn’t get involved, but it didn’t mean that other people couldn’t. Lun Bi Sheng Tian wanted to use Xie Dian to kill Zhu Xie!

“Alright, you can start,” said Lun Bi Sheng Tian indifferently, sitting back down on his throne. As soon as he sat down, the Qi at the top of Huang Dang Mountain became ice-cold. Everybody could smell blood already.

“Hehe, Zhu Xie, yesterday, I warned you and told you not to come! Today, I’m going to teach you a good lesson,” said Xie Dian, smiling mockingly. He was convinced that even if Zhu Xie could resist two or three attacks, he wouldn’t be able to resist any longer than that against him.

Xie Dian was convinced he would rank first. A tiny random independent cultivator couldn’t do much against him. To him, it was just a joke. Making him fight against an independent cultivator was just a waste of time.

Lin Feng looked at Xie Dian with a calm face, but raging heart. He would be able to take his revenge very soon. Lin Feng was already starting to think of a good way to get rid of Xie Dian. How to kill him? Or should he just cripple his cultivation so that he became a piece of trash?

“Eh? You’re not saying anything? Hehe. Good! Look at this attack!” shouted Xie Dian icily. His Qi started emerging from his body and filling the air around him. Primal chaos strength emerged from the palms of his hands and shot towards Lin Feng .

Everybody was stupefied, especially Garuḍa, Gu Tian Ao, and the other young geniuses. His energies were incredible!

Everybody then looked at Lin Feng with pity. If Zhu Xie didn’t lose too fast, he’d be lucky, they figured, but there was no way he could win!

Good, use your Primal Chaos Body to oppress everybody! Prove you are the strongest young genius!, thought Xie Mu, smiling ferociously and clenching his fists so hard they were bleeding.

He was confident that Xie Dian was the strongest young genius, since he had a Primal Chaos Body. He had done all he could for Xie Dian.

The Ancient Demonic Clan wanted Xie Dian to become the strongest of all geniuses in the whole world. They hoped he alone would become even stronger than all the sects, clans, and empires of the world.

The Ancient Demonic Clan would naturally become the strongest clan in the whole world as well, and Xie Dian would be the ultimate ruler!

Thanks to Xie Dian, their dreams were about to come true!

Xie Dian thought so. Xie Dian also thought so. The Ancient Demonic Clan was willing to give and sacrifice everything for Xie Dian.

That’s why they had given him the Primal Chaos Body, and it was also why Xie Dian thought he was the strongest young genius; he wanted to show everybody that they couldn’t measure up to him!

The duel started. Xie Dian attacked first. His energies were swift and fierce and shot towards Lin Feng’s chest.

Lin Feng looked calm and serene. He stared at Xie Dian’s energy moving towards him, but he didn’t defend. He let Xie Dian’s energies come towards him. The crowd was stupefied; Zhu Xie just raised his arms, wasn’t he going to do anything?

What? Is he insane?, the nervous Jeston thought when he saw that, not believing it. His eyes gleamed furiously.

Jing Wu Hen held Jiang Xuan in his arms firmly. Jiang Xuan was struggling, wanting to throw himself in front of Lin Feng desperately, but Jing Wu Hen kept him in his arms firmly. Even if what Lin Feng was doing seemed insane, he probably had a good reason for doing it. Jing Wu Hen was still soaked in cold sweat though…

That guy won’t commit suicide, right? 

“Does he intend to surrender? Or does he think Xie Dian’s attack won’t kill him?” whispered Dao Ling icily.

The atmosphere became extremely heavy as Xie Dian’s energies reached Lin Feng.

All the leaders put their hands on their eyes, they didn’t dare look. Only Qing Xin Yue seemed indifferent.

Xie Dian shouted in anger. His opponent didn’t even bother to defend against his attack! What a humiliation! Did the fool think he was a weakling? Xie Dian couldn’t let anyone make fun of him! He released even more primal chaos strength.

However, the horrible bloody scene the crowd had expected didn’t happen. Lin Feng didn’t shout, and he wasn’t injured. Xie Dian’s hands just crashed against his chest, but that’s all. When looking at them, one just had the impression Xie Dian had his hands on Lin Feng’s chest and nothing else.

“What? How’s that possible?” Garuḍa was astonished. She couldn’t believe it.

The terrifying primal chaos strength didn’t injure Lin Feng? Lin Feng didn’t react? He just looked at Xie Dian aloofly?

“Impossible! Impossible! How’s this possible? How come he’s safe and sound?” Xie Dian stared at Lin Feng. He was dumbstruck. He had used all his strength. How come Zhu Xie was fine?

But it was Lin Feng’s Primal Chaos Body. When Lin Feng still had the Primal Chaos Body, he used to have an explosive strength. He had even become famous.

Xie Dian shouted furiously and threw three more punches. Huang Dang Mountain shook violently. It was a hundred thousand meters high, and since everybody was at the top, they could feel that the mountain was shaking even more.

Boom, boom, boom! There were three explosions. The protective layer around the battle stage weakened. Blue lights exploded, and the barrier collapsed. The crowd at the foot of the mountain felt the pressure coming down.

Jiang Xuan didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Even though he only had the strength of the first Godly Emperor layer, something was happening, as if there were a connection between the primal chaos strength and himself.

After the three punches, Lin Feng still looked indifferent. He wasn’t injured at all.

Xie Dian was dumbstruck. His mouth was wide open as he took a few steps backwards, staring at Lin Feng. He had never experienced such a thing before. He had used primal chaos strength, how was this possible?

But Lin Feng didn’t seem to be affected. Nobody understood what was going on.

Time passed slowly. Lin Feng was still breathing normally and calmly, looking at Xie Dian.

Xie Dian had the impression he was going to collapse, he felt so humiliated.

“I don’t believe it! What the hell! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Xie Dian couldn’t stand it anymore, and broke into a desperate, frantic rage. He clenched his fists and punched Lin Feng in the chest several times in a row. Those punches should kill him!

But nothing happened. Lin Feng still stood there calmly. He wasn’t pushed back, nothing. On top of that, he even opened his arms and let Xie Dian punch him. He was telling Xie Dian, keep punching me, I enjoy it!

After ten minutes, the crowd was even more dumbstruck. Nobody knew how many times Xie Dian had punched Lin Feng, but he had used a great deal of primal chaos strength.

When Lin Feng saw that Xie Dian didn’t have much primal chaos strength left, he knew it was his turn now.


Everybody stared as Lin Feng kicked Xie Dian. Xie Dian was smashed thousands of meters away, crashing to the ground. Lin Feng reappeared in front of him and punched him.

Bam! Xie Dian was hurled away, crashing to the ground again.

Lin Feng flashed and threw another kick. Xie Dian screamed in pain, blood spraying out of his mouth. Lin Feng reappeared above him, and landed on Xie Dian’s head, stomped his feet on Xie Dian’s skull.

Xie Dian had the impression he was going to explode. He also felt empty, as if he had no primal chaos strength left anymore.

Boom boom!…

Energies sparkled under Lin Feng’s feet while he was kicking Xie Dian’s head extremely quickly, driving Xie Dian into the ground. A crater appeared and grew wider and wider as Lin Feng stomped Xie Dian in the head.

The atmosphere was eerily silent.

Xie Mu was panicking. Xie Dian, a perfect genius, was being treated like a dog by Zhu Xie… What was going on…?

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