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Chapter 808: Why Wouldn’t I Dare Kill Him?


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Xie Mu realized there was something wrong. How come Zhu Xie wasn’t affected by Xie Dian’s attacks? How come he had such a huge advantage against Xie Dian? Nothing had worked against Zhu Xie…

Xie Dian had a Primal Chaos Body, how come it had no effect against Zhu Xie? How come Zhu Xie wasn’t afraid of the Primal Chaos Body?

Thinking about that, Xie Mu ground his teeth. It was a catastrophe! His face paled as he stood up and shouted at Lin Feng, “Who are you?”

Lin Feng looked at Xie Mu and grinned mockingly. Lin Feng reached up and made ready to take his mask off.

At that moment, everybody held their breath, extremely anxious. They all stared at him, even Jing Wu Hen, who already knew Lin Feng’s real identity.

Lin Feng took off his mask and showed his face.

“Lin Feng!”

Xie Mu was dumbstruck, his eyes turning red. He clenched his fists regretting that he hadn’t killed Lin Feng. What a huge mistake!

There was nothing he regretted more than that right now!

“Lin Feng? He’s Lin Feng?” Garuḍa looked at Lin Feng in skeptical curiosity. She had not thought that Zhu Xie would be the famous Lin Feng!

But everybody said that the Ancient Demonic Clan had killed Lin Feng, so how could Zhu Xie be Lin Feng?

Garuḍa looked at Xie Mu’s face. When she saw that Xie Mu looked so furious and astonished, she understood.

“So he’s Lin Feng, my fellow disciple’s…” Dao Ling was dumbstruck as well. He hadn’t thought Zhu Xie would be Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng.” Qing Xin Yue looked at that familiar face. She was moved, but she didn’t show it. She remained calm and seated on her throne.

“Lin Feng, you’re not dead?” Xie Dian was lying in the crater and staring at Lin Feng. He felt humiliated and furious.

He couldn’t understand why the Primal Chaos Body couldn’t pose a threat to Lin Feng. Had he made a mistake when using the Primal Chaos Body?

Xie Dian was desperate. He wished he had the strength of the level three high-level Supreme God layer; he would have definitely been able to kill Lin Feng in one attack.

Lin Feng lowered his eyes and smiled mockingly down at Xie Dian.

“The young genius of the Ancient Demonic Clan? YOU thought you would rank first? Hehe!” Lin Feng laughed at him.

When Xie Dian heard that, his heart twitched. His ambitions were being crushed. He had never felt so humiliated. He had thought Lin Feng had become a piece of trash, and in the end he hadn’t.

“You don’t seem very proud anymore. Show me how proud you looked yesterday, please?” continued Lin Feng icily.

“You stole my Primal Chaos Body? You thought you’d become the ultimate ruler of this world? You thought that the Primal Chaos Body would really become yours if you fused together with it? Hehe, Xie Dian, who put that idea in your head?

“And you Xie Mu, old grouch?” continued Lin Feng, smiling icily and glancing at Xie Mu furiously.

“You old grouch, you stole my primal chaos power and gave it to your ‘young genius’; don’t you feel ashamed?

“You stole my power and kept belittling me. Very good, you’re a great leader for your clan. Hehe! And your young genius…? An ultimate young genius?”

Lin Feng smiled icily, and stomped on Xie Dian’s head again. Xie Dian shrieked in pain. Everybody put their hands on their ears.

“Lin Feng, if you dare kill Xie Dian, I will kill you!” shouted Xie Mu icily.

“What? You think I wouldn’t dare kill him?” Lin Feng mocked him back. He condensed even more Qi in his feet and Xie Mu shouted even more painfully. He had the feeling his head was going to explode.

“Lin… Lin Feng… kill me! Kill me now! Stop humiliating me!” shouted Xie Dian desperately. He was willing to die, but he didn’t want Lin Feng to keep humiliating him. He preferred dying!

“Haha! You don’t want me to continue humiliating you?” Lin Feng smiled resplendently. He had won the fight; he could do whatever he wished now. He had enough time to kill Xie Dian before Xie Mu could intervene!

“Lin Feng, if you have anything to say, say it, but don’t kill people,” spoke up Lun Bi Sheng Tian after taking a deep breath. He knew that everything could change if Lin Feng killed Xie Dian.

He had to intervene to avoid a catastrophe!

“Master, take a rest. It’s between the Ancient Demonic Clan and me. Don’t get involved please,” Lin Feng replied to Lun Bi Sheng Tian expressionlessly. He knew that Lun Bi Sheng Tian understood what was going on.

Lin Feng called him Master as well, indicating he didn’t want to be enemies with him and the Lun Bi Empire.

“You…” Lun Bi Sheng Tian was angry, but Gu Jin Ze shook his head and prevented Lun Bi Sheng Tian from getting involved.

When Lun Bi Sheng Tian saw Gu Jin Ze’s expression, he sat back down.

“Don’t offend such an incredible genius. He has the potential to become an ultimate cultivator in the world,” Gu Jin Ze said to Lun Bi Sheng Tian. Lun Bi Sheng Tian’s expression hardened. He glanced at Gu Jin Ze and stopped talking.

Xie Mu was even more furious. Lin Feng wasn’t afraid, even though Xie Mu had the strength of the legendary cultivation layer.

No matter what, Lin Feng had to take his revenge on today. Xie Dian and the Ancient Demonic Clan had to pay the price for what they had done.

The price was Xie Dian’s life!

“Old grouch, the champion of the Competition will not be a young genius from the Ancient Demonic Clan, unfortunately. You hoped he would rise and become the ultimate ruler of that world, right? Well, I have only one thing to tell you…

“Dream on!”

Lin Feng sounded ice-cold. He looked down at Xie Dian again. He grinned, raised his left hand, and the Sword of Remote Times appeared.

“Try and dare, Lin Feng!” shouted Xie Mu furiously.

He released Qi in surging waves. Lun Bi Sheng Tian protected everybody who was in the mountain in a timely manner.

Garuḍa and the others were astonished. Everything was happening so fast…

“Why wouldn’t I dare? Look,” said Lin Feng expressionlessly. He chopped down with the Sword of Remote Times in Xie Dian’s direction.

The sound of flesh being hacked through spread in the air. Blood gushed out as Xie Dian’s head rolled away from his body, his eyes still wide open. He didn’t die content. Lin Feng kicked his head, grinned savagely, and kicked the head again.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! YOU WANT TO DIE!!!” shouted Xie Mu. He had the impression his entire world was collapsing. His heart was crushed when he saw Xie Dian’s head rolling on the ground.

Xie Mu wanted to kill Lin Feng and avenge his son, Xie Dian!

“You dared kill my son! I will kill you! ARGH!” shouted Xie Mu furiously. He looked like a demonic beast. He charged Lin Feng while releasing the strength of the legendary cultivation layer.

Lin Feng paled despite himself. He could barely breathe anymore.

When the crowd heard Xie Mu, they were stupefied; Xie Dian was Xie Mu’s son? No wonder he had helped him steal Lin Feng’s Primal Chaos Body!

Even though Lin Feng was surprised, he didn’t think about it too long. He felt the pressure and he could now die anytime!

“Lin Feng, you’re the ultimate ruler of your own world, right? Bring him inside your own world and kill him there,” Zu Ti told Lin Feng telepathically.

Lin Feng suddenly looked extremely happy. Indeed, he was the ultimate ruler of his own world, he could kill anyone inside, the legendary cultivation level didn’t exist in Lin Feng’s spirit world! If he wished it, anyone could be a mere ant!

It was dangerous though, because if a strong cultivator realized it was Lin Feng’s spirit world, they could destroy it and everything inside. It was why Lin Feng didn’t dare do it too often.

But he had no choice, Xie Mu had already gone crazy, and just wanted to kill him. Lin Feng didn’t have time to think too much. He had to take advantage of his spirit world to kill Xie Mu!

Lin Feng stepped backwards quickly, but Xie Mu was faster. In the blink of an eye, he was in front of Lin Feng, and threw a punch.

But at that moment, Lin Feng smiled ferociously. He reached out with his left hand, blue lights exploded around him, and surrounded Xie Mu.

They both disappeared from the top of Huang Dang Mountain!

Everybody was astonished. Where were Lin Feng and Xie Mu?

Lin Feng’s spirit world was gigantic, dozens of millions of li wide.

“Where are we? What am I doing here? Lin Feng, where are you? Lin Feng!” shouted a terrifying voice. All the beasts in Lin Feng’s spirit world were terrified and crouched down.

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