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Chapter 809: Inside his Spirit World, He has no Rivals!


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“Xie Mu, I am here,” replied Lin Feng, laughing icily. A silhouette appeared in the sky of Lin Feng’s spirit world. His hair was fluttering in the wind. He was extremely pale, but he looked vigorous.

When Xie Mu saw Lin Feng, his eyes got even redder. He shouted furiously and charged, releasing the strength of the legendary cultivation layer. Even in Lin Feng’s spirit world, it was impressive.

Lin Feng was the ultimate ruler of his own world, but an extremely strong cultivator could still pose a threat to him. Lin Feng needed to oppress Xie Mu’s strength now!

“Strength oppression!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Golden lights appeared and waves surged throughout his spirit world. Xie Mu suddenly looked afraid, realizing he had just lost thirty percent of his strength!

He now only had half of the strength of the legendary cultivation layer. Xie Mu wasn’t stupid; he was even extremely smart. He knew that this world was extremely complex.

“Hmph! You oppressed my strength, so what? I am infinitely stronger than you, you can’t do much against me! It’s a futile effort. Good, good, I needed a world of my own, I’ll take yours and invade it! Look!” said Xie Mu icily. His eyes gleamed harshly

Lin Feng’s expression shifted, but he wasn’t worried. Even if Xie Mu stole his world, then what? The people here had no spirits, so how would Xie Mu manage a spirit world?

“Well, we’ll see!” said Lin Feng, smiling grimly. He threw a punch with all his strength. Lin Feng was a god in his world.

“You think I’m scared of you?” sneered Xie Mu. Even if his strength was oppressed, he had the strength of the legendary cultivation layer, and Lin Feng was just a tiny little Supreme God. This punk thought he could kill him? Was he dreaming?

Xie Mu shouted furiously, lights flashed. Lin Feng felt pressured, but he remained fearless. He made some hand seals; imperial imprints appeared and turned into golden fists.

Boom, boom, boom! A terrifying strength surged out and collided with Xie Mu’s strength. Lin Feng threw a kick at Xie Mu, his energies looked like meteorites.

Xie Mu hissed and took half a step backwards. He clenched his fists and a protective layer appeared, containing a blood-red protection Qi.

Lin Feng shouted furiously and kicked the protection layer. Their energies flared, and both of them were blown away at the same time. Lin Feng coughed, but stood steadfastly.

But Xie Mu wasn’t that lucky. He was pushed back a hundred steps, dumbstruck.

How was this possible? His opponent was just a tiny little high-level Supreme God, while he was an incredible supreme cultivator. He was a legend, he had the strength of the legendary cultivation layer. How could he be scared of Lin Feng?

Xie Mu couldn’t believe what was happening. He shouted like an evil dragon and charged Lin Feng.

Lin Feng reacted quickly and threw a punch; an incredible strength emerged from his fist. It almost felt as if his spirit world were going to collapse. He was the ultimate god of this world and he could thus feel everything very distinctly.

It felt good!

Who would think that a Supreme God could fight against the leader of the Ancient Demonic Clan and would, on top of that, manage to oppress him? It was just incredible!

“Xie Mu, give up. It’s my world here. I can oppress you as I wish; no matter what you do, you can’t be as strong as me in here. You will never defeat me. Even worse, I will kill you,” declared Lin Feng icily.

Xie Mu was even more furious when he saw Lin Feng’s expression.

“Cut the bullshit! I haven’t reached that stage where you can bully me as you wish! Lin Feng, you are a piece of trash who has lost his Primal Chaos Body, you think you’re extremely strong? Look at this attack!” shouted Xie Mu furiously. He was so angry that he started releasing as much energy as he could before he charged. A terrifying and explosive strength came with him, smelling like blood.

Lin Feng felt disgusted.  “You’ll see how strong I am,” he grinned. Then he flicked his left hand, and the Sword of Remote Times appeared.

“Sword of Remote Times, today, we’ll join hands to fight,” said Lin Feng, laughing happily. He felt extremely confident. His confidence was perfectly justified, because he was strong enough. Being in his spirit world made him feel much safer.

“A weapon? You think you’re the only one who has a weapon?” spat Xie Mu when he saw the Sword of Remote Times. He grinned mockingly and also took out a weapon. It was a skull, or more precisely, it was a two-meter-long staff with a shiny white skull on top. The skull had a precious stone on top. It looked like a staff used in dark magic.

But it was just a weapon, a weapon Xie Mu had used for tens of thousands of years. It was called the Soul Skull Staff.

“I’ll let you taste my Soul Skull Staff. ARGH!” shouted Xie Mu, preparing his staff. He charged Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked indifferent and relaxed. The Sword of Remote Times flew away from Lin Feng’s hands like a bullet. Xie Mu only saw a golden beam of light.

His expression changed drastically. He had no time to attack, he realized, so he had no choice but to dodge the surprise attack. Xie Mu flashed aside. The Sword of Remote Times passed right next to his nose. He touched his nose and saw blood on his fingertip.

His nose had nearly been cut off by the Sword of Remote Times. Xie Mu was soaked in cold sweat. If he hadn’t moved in a timely manner, he might have been killed!

Lin Feng didn’t give Xie Mu time to stand back up. He took advantage of that opportunity to flash ahead with all his strength. He stretched out his hand, and the Sword of Remote Times came back into his grasp.

His robe and hair fluttered in the wind. Lin Feng looked at Xie Mu pitiably to make fun of him.

“See you, leader of the Ancient Demonic Clan, Master Xie Mu!” Lin Feng sneered, smiling icily. Then He cut down with the Sword of Remote Times.

Slash! Blood splashed. Lin Feng dodged the spray. He didn’t want to get dirtied by Xie Mu’s blood.

The Sword of Remote Times was buried deep in Xie Mu’s chest. Xie Mu’s eyes were wide open, frozen in disbelief, fear, and hate.

He struggled to stand up, but he had no strength anymore. Then Lin Feng stomped down on his face, furthering his humiliation.

Lin Feng smiled mockingly, “Master Xie Mu, how does it feel to be stepped upon?”

“You… You… (Cough, cough)…” shouted Xie Mu in empty fury; he had no strength to strike back.

“I what? I feel very good, I’m fine,” grinned Lin Feng.

A month ago, Xie Mu had stolen his Primal Chaos Body; this little man hadn’t thought such a thing could ever happen back to him.

The one Xie Mu used to despise was now standing on his face. Lin Feng sighed; things changed so quickly in life sometimes.

“Haha! Hahaha! Lin… Lin Feng, you think you succeeded?”

Suddenly, Xie Mu looked at Lin Feng wickedly and burst into laughter. He looked crazy. His face was distorted with fury.

Lin Feng just looked down at him icily. “What? You think you’re going to survive?” he replied, grinning scornfully. He condensed more Qi in his feet. Xie Mu coughed a few times. Each time he coughed, more blood splashed out, and his face grew paler.

“You… (Cough, cough)… Don’t be too proud. Haha, the Ancient Demonic Clan hasn’t collapsed. There are many people like Xie Dian and me in the Ancient Demonic Clan, and they will show up.

“Besides, you really think you can kill me? Haha, you’re way too naïve! Your spirit world is nice, but the strength of the legendary cultivation layer is still the strength of the legendary cultivation layer!

“You don’t understand anything about the strength of the legendary cultivation layer. I’ll tell you one thing… people who have the strength of the legendary cultivation layer don’t die that easily! You’re just an ignorant kid. You think your heart is the most important thing in your body? Haha! You’re so wrong!

“As long as my soul jewel isn’t broken, you can do whatever you want! In less than six months, I’ll come back to life with a new body. Even if you manage to kill me once in your spirit world, do you think I will let that happen a second time?

“Haha! Lin Feng, wait and you’ll see! I’ll be back in the Country of Eternity soon, and I’ll kill all the people you care about. Haha!” shouted Xie Mu furiously, and he began to laugh madly as his face paled and his body started swelling.

When Lin Feng saw that, he was instantly alarmed. “Oh no!”

Xie Mu was going to explode!

Lin Feng flashed away hastily, as fast as he could, but the explosion was even faster.

A gigantic light ball appeared, even more scorching than the sun.

Lin Feng clenched his fists and ground his teeth. He wasn’t happy that he had won at all.

Because his own spirit world was devastated, a land of ruins and desolation. No grass, no flower or tree would grow again for at least a hundred years.

“Xie Mu, you dared do that? You said six months? I’ll be waiting for you and I’ll kill you!” said Lin Feng, clenching his fists. He managed to calm down only after a very long time.

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    Ah thanks

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    wooohoooo..i’ve been so happy to know that xie dian die so badly…and you xie mu,6 month hah??he’ll become more powerfull that legendary cultivator can’t push over him..hahaha

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    I am actually disappointed in Xie Mu’s battle. We saw no unique skills besides a blood shield and relying on ‘legendary’ strength. Even the skull sceptor didnt even have an ability. I would have liked to have seen some skills above Tao level. the battle was bland.

    • Kurushika September 24, 2019 at 9:02 pm - Reply

      xie mu can’t use the dao in ling fengs spirit world so he can only use his own bodies power, which is his legendary cultivation layer i guess.

      atleast it used to be like this when ling feng was unable to use the outside worlds powers and could only use the power from his spirit world.

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    Is ansastor kong is from ancient human clan which is the leader of other ancient clan

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