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Chapter 810: Soul Jewel!


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Soul Jewel… That must be a secret all cultivators who have the strength of the legendary cultivation layer have?, thought Lin Feng. He was thinking of what Xie Mu had told him.

“Maybe when someone breaks through to the legendary cultivation layer, they don’t even know what it is, either. I’ll ask some people about it,” said Zu Ti. His silhouette was floating around the Sword of Remote Times. He looked grim.

He had thought it would be easy to kill Xie Mu in Lin Feng’s spirit world, but they had both been too naive.

Cultivators with the strength of the legendary cultivation layer were not easy to kill. Such cultivators had many secrets.

“Lin Feng, forget about that for the time being. He said he would come back at least in six months. Maybe then you’ll be stronger than him,” said Zu Ti, trying to cheer Lin Feng up.

Lin Feng had thought he’d get rid of Xie Mu, but in fact, he had just gotten rid of one Xie Mu. He definitely wasn’t happy. Besides, he had killed this incarnation of Xie Mu at a certain price, and now Xie Mu knew about his spirit world.

As soon as Xie Mu returned to life, he’d be cautious and  probably try to invade Lin Feng’s spirit world. If anyone else knew about his spirit world, it’d be extremely inconvenient.

His spirit world was a billion times more valuable than his Primal Chaos Body. It was his most precious treasure in life!

When Lin Feng heard Zu Ti, he shook his head and said, “Master, do you really trust Xie Mu?”

“Eh? What do you mean?” asked Zu Ti, looking at Lin Feng skeptically.

“Master, he said half a year later, it was just to make me confused. Since he has a soul jewel, you think he needs six months?” said Lin Feng grimly. He had a bad feeling.

Zu Ti’s expression suddenly changed as he had thought of something. “Lin Feng, you mean that…?”

“Indeed. If I’m not mistaken, Xie Mu died in my spirit world, but his soul jewel won’t take too long to bring him back to life, at most two or three months. I don’t think six months are required.

“Xie Mu is good at plotting, he would never tell me his secrets. Why would he tell the truth?

“He said that to confuse me. Therefore, in the following months, I have to practice cultivation as much as I can and find a solution for the people I love.”

“Lin Feng, you may be right. I feel stupid,” agreed Zu Ti when he heard Lin Feng.

“Even if I’m right, it’s not very useful. I don’t even know what a soul jewel is,” said Lin Feng worriedly. A soul jewel was a precious treasure only people who had the strength of the legendary cultivation layer had. It was probably extremely powerful.

Xie Mu had such a precious treasure, As long as he had it, Lin Feng couldn’t really kill him. How scary!

“Lin Feng, I need to tell you a secret,” said Zu Ti when he heard Lin Feng was worried. He suddenly looked quite grave and serious.

Lin Feng asked solemnly, “What’s the matter, Master?”

“Lin Feng, do you understand San Zun’s Tao Skill of General Principles now?” Zu Ti asked seriously.

Lin Feng looked at him thoughtfully. He didn’t understand why the old man was asking him about the Tao Skill of General Principles. He shook his head. He hadn’t even thought of the Tao Skill of General Principles for a long time. He hadn’t even finished studying the skills of all the skeletons.

When the old man saw Lin Feng shake his head, he said, “Lin Feng, San Zun wasn’t just a medium-level Supreme God; it’s one of the biggest lies people are told. Nobody knows, but I do.”

“You… Master, don’t tell me that San Zun had the strength of the legendary cultivation layer?” asked Lin Feng. He was soaked in cold sweat.

“Yes, indeed. San Zun had the strength of the legendary cultivation layer. I am not his only weapon, either. I am just one of his first weapons.

“When he broke through to the legendary cultivation layer, he lost his senses, and his strength decreased back to the medium-level Supreme God layer. Then he was severely injured and died.

“But even though he lost his senses and didn’t experience the legendary cultivation level for more than a day, during the time when he still had the strength of the legendary cultivation layer, he created the Tao Skill of General Principles!

“Lin Feng, you need to comprehend the Tao Skill of General Principles as quickly as you can. Maybe you’ll find answers inside it,” said Zu Ti. He wasn’t sure, but he had a feeling, like a sixth sense.

Lin Feng thought about it. Indeed, becoming the leader of the Country of Eternity with the strength of the medium-level Supreme God layer sounded like a joke now that he knew so much.

It was something that had happened a very long time before. The ancient sects used to live in secret. Therefore, San Zun probably had the strength of the legendary cultivation layer back then.

This world seems more and more mysterious to me with time, thought Lin Feng. Things were more complicated in this world than in the Continent of the Gods. Lin Feng had never really understood the world order in Gods Country. He kept learning new things which changed all his perceptions. Was the legendary cultivation level even the final cultivation level?

Lin Feng didn’t know yet, but he kept discovering new things, step by step, slowly.

“Alright, it’s about time to go out,” said Lin Feng. He had things to finish. It didn’t matter whether Xie Mu was dead or not. He didn’t need to worry about the Ancient Demonic Clan for at least a little while.

Zu Ti disappeared back into the Sword of Remote Times. Lin Feng put it back in its sheathe and then his ring. He didn’t want to show the sword to the crowd outside, or some people might recognize him because of it, which could be extremely inconvenient.

Lin Feng left his spirit world and went back to the outside world.


At the same time, in San City, in a certain palace…

A skeleton of dried bones in a pile of the same started shining. There was a blood-red soul jewel inside it. There were marks all around that soul jewel as it began to glitter.

Gradually, an evil Qi filled it. The skeleton started moving. Flesh, muscles, and tendons gradually appeared on it, but they were still blurry.

The flesh was soft and tender. A white face appeared, but there was no hair. It looked quite frightening.

The face looked whiter and whiter, looking more and more terrifying.

The soul jewel then became dazzling, but it was still glittering and crackling with power.

“Lin Feng, wait for me. You dared kill my son and me, we will settle accounts! ARGH! ARGH!” a terrifying and gloomy voice spread in the air. It sounded like the voice of a ghost.


At the top of Huang Dang Mountain, Lin Feng and Xie Mu had already disappeared, so the Great Competition had temporarily stopped. The leader of the Ancient Demonic Clan had disappeared; it was a major issue. All the disciples of the Ancient Demonic Clan were looking for Xie Mu.

Supreme God Xie, Xie Mo, Xie Ao, and the few High Priests were all looking for Xie Mu.

Everybody thought that Xie Mu had just taken Lin Feng away at the beginning. Maybe he had even killed Lin Feng already.

But everybody was wrong. Lin Feng was the one who had taken Xie Mu away… and he had also killed him!

Lin Feng reappeared five hundred li away from Huang Dang Mountain. He got ready to leave because he wasn’t interested in participating in the Competition anyway. He had already killed Xie Dian and Xie Mu. He was done.

Regarding San City, Lin Feng didn’t intend to go back for the time being. He knew that Xie Mu was probably extremely weak at this moment, but San City had become a time bomb. It was extremely troublesome.

Therefore, Lin Feng had to wait for an opportunity. He had to become much stronger, then he’d go back to San City and destroy the Ancient Demonic Clan!

Now, Lin Feng wanted to leave the Lun Bi Empire. He decided to go to the Fa Lan Empire to save Yan Ran Xue.

But Jiang Xuan was still with Jing Wu Hen, so Lin Feng wasn’t complacent. He couldn’t back to Lang Xie City. Lin Feng decided that if possible, he’d put Jiang Xuan in his spirit world. It would be a safe place for his student to cultivate in.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng flew back towards Huang Dang Mountain.


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