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Chapter 811: Qing Xin Yue’s Invitation!


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When Lin Feng arrived at the top of Huang Dang Mountain, he wore a black robe and a plaited bamboo hat to hide his identity.

Lin Feng inspected the area and looked for Jing Wu Hen and Jeston. Finally, he found them in a corner. Jeston was next to them, but the two men looked worried. Lin Feng understood why.

The atmosphere at the top of Huang Dang Mountain was explosive. Lin Feng knew that it was because of him.

The three High Priests of the Ancient Demonic Clan had threatened Lun Bi Sheng Tian. They told him that if he didn’t find Xie Mu and punish Lin Feng, then the Ancient Demonic Clan wouldn’t leave the matter at that. In addition, the Competition wouldn’t continue.

Lin Feng slowly walked over to Jing Wu Hen. Jing Wu Hen and Jeston looked quite grave. They were distracted, so when Lin Feng arrived next to them, they didn’t notice him.

Lin Feng tried to hide because all the leaders were around. However, precisely as he was trying to hide, Lin Feng realized he was in trouble because many elders had noticed him. He was wearing the same plaited bamboo hat he had worn before…

“It’s him! It’s Lin Feng! He’s there!” shouted someone suddenly. The whole crowd was surprised.

In the blink of an eye, everybody turned to look at Lin Feng. Jeston and Jing Wu Hen turned around, looking happy. Lin Feng was only ten meters away from them.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He had been careless. He should have changed his clothes completely.

“Lin Feng, it’s you! Where’s the leader of our clan??” shouted Supreme God Xie furiously.

The other elders all looked at Lin Feng as if he were their worst enemy.

“Lin Feng, hand our leader over, otherwise, things won’t be easy for you. A debt of blood must be paid in blood.”

“Lin Feng, hurry up and release our leader, otherwise…”

“Lin Feng…”

Suddenly, all the members of the Ancient Demonic Clan started threatening Lin Feng. The atmosphere was extremely tense.

Lin Feng was unmoved. The members of the other sects and clans grinned mockingly.

“Come on, hehe, the leader of the Ancient Demonic Clan is a cultivator who has the strength of the legendary cultivation layer, and you think that Lin Feng could capture him? Interesting!” Jeston mocked when he heard Supreme God Xie and the other members of the Ancient Demonic Clan.

“Haha! Indeed. Lin Feng is just a Supreme God, how could he pose a threat to your leader? Go take a shower and then go to bed. Don’t stay here and lose face,” added Chen Guang Yu.

More and more people laughed mockingly. The members of the Ancient Demonic Clan all turned red. They were even angrier now.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” shouted Supreme God Xie furiously. Everybody stopped talking and laughing.

“Lin Feng, how come you came back? Where is our leader?” demanded Supreme God Xie, looking at Lin Feng furiously.

Lin Feng looked back at Supreme God Xie mockingly. He shrugged and said indifferently, “Why are you asking? Why would I know where he is?”

“Aren’t you going to tell the truth?” asked Supreme God Xie grimly.

“The truth? Your leader has the strength of the legendary cultivation layer, so if anything happened to him, why would you come and ask me?”

“But you disappeared together, who else could we ask?”

“Together? How could I know? Where did you see your leader and me together?” asked Lin Feng, pretending he didn’t know anything.

Supreme God Xie wanted to contradict Lin Feng, but he didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t be sure that Lin Feng had done anything to their leader. Everybody was right, after all; Lin Feng wasn’t strong enough to do anything to their leader.

But he was sure that Lin Feng was plotting at the same time. Therefore, he was extremely worried, and still nobody knew what had happened to their leader.

Lin Feng was back without Xie Mu. The other leaders were surprised as well, but nobody dared imagine that Lin Feng had killed Xie Mu.

“Hmph! Lin Feng, hopefully for you, we won’t find any proof that you killed him… otherwise, you will be in trouble!” promised Supreme God Xie icily.

He left Huang Dang Mountain with the other members of the Ancient Demonic Clan. They had nobody left to participate in the Competition. Their only young genius had been killed by Lin Feng, and their leader had disappeared.

The Ancient Demonic Clan had nothing to do there anymore. They were in a difficult position, as the other sects and clans were ready to make trouble. They were wondering whether they should destroy the Ancient Demonic Clan thoroughly or not. Many excluded that idea promptly, as the Ancient Demonic Clan was famous and maybe they were just plotting in the end.

The members of the Ancient Demonic Clan left and the atmosphere calmed down, but nobody said anything.

“Let’s go now,” Lin Feng said to Jing Wu Hen, Jeston, and Jiang Xuan.

“Stop, Lin Feng! The Great Competition is not over yet! Where do you think you’re going?” shouted Dao Ling icily.

“Dao Ling? What do you want now?” Lin Feng asked, frowning in irritation.

Dao Ling had mixed feelings. He hadn’t thought that Lin Feng was Zhu Xie. They should agree to forget previous disagreements and be on good terms again.

But Dao Ling wasn’t happy; he wanted to challenge Lin Feng first, to see who was stronger!

“Lin Feng, let’s fight, and then forget everything,” offered Dao Ling seriously.

Lin Feng frowned, uninterested. Dao Ling just didn’t want to give up, Lin Feng knew.

“We are neither enemies nor friends; regarding a fight, no need. Save your energy for the Competition,” said Lin Feng, refusing Dao Ling’s request. He wasn’t afraid of Dao Ling, he just didn’t think fighting against him was necessary. Lin Feng just considered him as a stranger. Why would they need to fight? Lin Feng didn’t feel like fighting against him!

When Dao Ling heard Lin Feng’s answer, he didn’t insist but he clenched his fists. He was convinced that Lin Feng and he would meet soon again and then they would fight. Lin Feng wouldn’t refuse at that moment.

“Lin Feng, I’ll wait for you. You will come to my sect!” predicted Dao Ling, grinning sincerely.

Lin Feng turned around and got ready to leave.

“Prince Lin, slowly please,” a woman asked kindly. Listening to her voice made everybody feel better.

Lin Feng stopped and looked at Qing Xin Yue.

“Leader, what do you want?” said Lin Feng, trying not to look at Qing Xin Yue in the eyes. She looked too seductive, and he didn’t dare look at her straight in the eyes, especially since she reminded him of Yao Yu Yan.

“Prince Lin, the Tai Qing Sect would like to invite you over. Do you accept?” asked Qing Xin Yue excitedly. Her eyes twinkled happily. It was rare to see her like that.

Chen Guang Yu was dumbstruck. What did Qing Xin Yue want? Why did she suddenly want to invite Lin Feng?

The three envoys looked at Lin Feng cheerfully. Lin Feng was strong, they had all seen it, and inviting a young genius like Lin Feng was a very good idea. They were happy that Qing Xin Yue had done so. Their new leader was a good one!

Lin Feng wanted to refuse, but the words didn’t come out.

“Teacher, teacher,” said Jiang Xuan. Lin Feng didn’t come back to his senses. Jiang Xuan smiled and nodded. “Sister, my teacher usually remains silent in two sorts of situations,” said Jiang Xuan smiled.

Qing Xin Yue smiled and stroked Jiang Xuan’s head, asking cheerfully, “What kind of situation?”

“Sister, my teacher usually doesn’t reply when he doesn’t feel like it because he hates someone, but you are so beautiful and my teacher is such a pervert, he definitely likes you.

“So, if he remains silent, it’s because he agrees,” said Jiang Xuan, laughing up his sleeves.

Lin Feng reacted at that moment, but it was already too late. The boy had already accepted for him, and Qing Xin Yue already seemed so happy.

Lin Feng wanted to refuse, but it was too late and could only look at Jiang Xuan angrily. Jiang Xuan just stuck out his tongue.

Lin Feng felt helpless!


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