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Chapter 812: The Competition Continues!


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“Great, Prince Lin, the Tai Qing Sect is extremely happy. I will send Chen Guang Yu to pick you up,” said Qing Xin Yue, smiling naturally. They couldn’t wait to see Lin Feng in the Tai Qing Sect.

Lin Feng had no choice but to nod. He then poked Jiang Xuan angrily. Of course, he didn’t use too much strength, he just wanted to make him understand that doing such things wasn’t good.

Jiang Xuan was in pain, but he didn’t shout. He just looked back at Lin Feng cheekily.

“Chen Guang Yu, stay here, you’ll leave with Prince Lin Feng for the sect when we’re done,” said Qing Xin Yue, smiling at Chen Guang Yu.

Chen Guang Yu nodded. Qing Xin Yue was like an aunt to him, Qing Kui was an uncle. He had a lower social status in the sect, but what could he do? Social statuses were extremely serious!

“Since it’s that way, we’re off. Leader Lun Bi, we’re off!” Qing Xin Yue told Lun Bi Sheng Tian. Then she got ready to leave with all the members of the Tai Qing Sect.

Lun Bi Sheng Tian watched them leave, not understanding what was really going on. The Tai Qing Sect disappeared from their field of view.

“Lin Feng gave up, so let’s continue the Competition.” Lun Bi Sheng Tian was happy that Lin Feng had given up because that way, there would be one less competitor for the first position. It would even be beneficial for Chu Li.

“I give up as well,” said Dao Ling, astonishing almost everyone.

Everybody looked at Dao Ling in shock. Dao Ling wanted to give up as well? What was going on? How come some people didn’t care about the first position anymore?

“Dao Ling, you… Are you sure?” asked Lun Bi Sheng Tian. He didn’t know what to think. But Dao Ling had already made up his mind. Since he had given up, nobody could force him to stay.

In Dao Ling’s eyes, the only one who was worth fighting against was Lin Feng. Since Lin Feng had given up, he didn’t feel like continuing the Competition.

Therefore, he gave up. Now even fewer people were competing to finish in the top six!


Even though Lin Feng and Dao Ling weren’t competing anymore, the others continued. The two cultivators didn’t hurry to leave, either. They wanted to see who was going to rank first.

Lin Feng was initially already sure to finish in the top six, but since he had given up, his spot was now empty. Apart from Garuḍa and Chu Li, nobody was in the top six yet.

“Next fight, Gu Tian Ao vs. Prince Ghost,” announced Lun Bi Sheng Tian indifferently. The crowd was excited again. Gu Tian Ao was going to fight against the previous champion of the Competition, that mysterious cultivator Prince Ghost.

Gu Tian Ao walked to the center of the stage, and everybody could clearly see his Qi of a level three high-level Supreme God layer. Many shifted their eyes. If they had to face Gu Tian Ao, they would never be able to win; they would be sure to suffer a crushing defeat.

Prince Ghost was still wearing a black robe, his face was still covered. He seemed quite calm and composed. He also seemed extremely forgettable; there was nothing people could remember about him, nothing special about him.

Gu Tian Ao was a genius from the Gu Gu Clan, and even though he wasn’t the strongest one, Gu Jin Ze had invested lots of efforts in this disciple. Even if he didn’t finish first, he was definitely expected to finish in the top three.

“Gu Tian Ao, you can’t compete with me.”

Nobody had thought Prince Ghost would speak first. He sounded quite glum and provocative.

The whole crowd was surprised. Since when did Prince Ghost brag?

Gu Tian Ao didn’t know much about Prince Ghost. He had heard about him in the past, but he had never seen him. Considering everybody’s expression, he could imagine what kind of person Prince Ghost was.

“We’ll know that only after the fight!” Gu Tian Ao replied icily. Even though he didn’t know much about Prince Ghost, he didn’t intend to give up. He was confident he could do well and qualify for the finals.

Gu Tian Ao was proud and arrogant. Prince Ghost frowned. He hated overconfident people, even though he was arrogant himself.

“Come!” replied Prince Ghost. He disappeared suddenly. The atmosphere became extremely tense. The pure Qi at the top of the mountain seemed to be getting absorbed, becoming thinner and thinner.

Gu Tian Ao frowned, closing his eyes and sensing the energies around him. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and threw a punch. There was an explosion. Prince Ghost reappeared in the sky, but dodged Gu Tian Ao’s attack.

“What a weak attack? You disdain me?” said Prince Ghost, smiling darkly. His eyes reddened.

Lin Feng stared at Prince Ghost. He had the feeling there was something wrong. He hadn’t had such a feeling for a very long time. He couldn’t put words on what he found strange, though.

Prince Ghost then flashed at bullet speed. Even though he was skinny, he didn’t look weak.

Prince Ghost’s Qi was ferocious and powerful. Suddenly, he didn’t look like a person. Gu Tian Ao had the impression he was facing the almighty god of all ghosts.

It was said that the Gu Gu Clan controlled death, but even Gu Tian Ao found Prince Ghost’s Qi scary.

“Don’t mystify things, show me your true face! ARGH!” shouted Gu Tian Ao furiously. He flashed to attack and threw punches aggressively.

Prince Ghost grinned mockingly. Gu Tian Ao was furious, but Prince Ghost didn’t care, especially since he had the advantage so far.

“Gu Tian Ao is doing things too hastily; he’s going to lose because of that,” said Lin Feng, shaking his head. Poor Gu Tian Ao. In terms of strength, Gu Tian Ao wasn’t much weaker than Prince Ghost, but Prince Ghost was emotionally stronger.

Prince Ghost was discreet; nobody knew anything about him, apart from the fact that he hadn’t ranked first during the previous Competition. Being oppressed by someone like that infuriated Gu Tian Ao.

“No way,” replied Chen Guang Yu. He was waiting for Lin Feng, in order to guide him back to the Tai Qing Sect.

Chen Guang Yu didn’t notice that Gu Tian Ao was in a difficult position, slightly oppressed. Besides, he thought that Gu Tian Ao had counterstruck properly.

Gu Tian Ao and Prince Ghost’s exchange was abnormally fierce. This time, neither Gu Tian Ao nor Prince Ghost had the advantage.

“Look, what did I say? Gu Tian Ao isn’t going to lose,” said Chen Guang Yu, smiling at Lin Feng. This time, Lin Feng hadn’t assessed the situation properly.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently, but remained silent and continued watching the fight.

The atmosphere was heavy. Prince Ghost stopped fighting and moved a thousand meters away, then rose up in the air and looked at his opponent grimly. He looked like an evil and demonic spirit.

Lin Feng’s expression suddenly changed when he sensed the Qi. What a familiar Qi! It reminded him of the Qi in the Yin Territory in the Continent of the Gods. It was the exact same Qi, which meant Prince Ghost definitely had something to do with the Yin Territory.

The Yin Territory was also the only passage between the Continent of the Gods and Gods Country. Thinking about that, Lin Feng looked grim.

More and more mysteries…, thought Lin Feng, sighing.

“Prince Ghost, no matter what you do today, I will not let you win,” said Gu Tian Ao icily. He clenched his fists confidently.

Prince Ghost frowned for a moment, then grinned mockingly, saying nonchalantly, “You really think so?”

The atmosphere became even tenser. Prince Ghost sounded quite sinister. Everybody could sense some paranormal presences, as if the world could turn into Hell anytime.

Gu Tian Ao was quite grave, remaining alert. He sensed a dangerous Qi, which made him feel very edgy.

“What… What’s that…?” Gu Jin Ze’s expression changed drastically. He stared at Prince Ghost and the gloomy Qi which suddenly appeared.

“Ghost Clan? It’s the Qi of the Ghost Clan, which has disappeared for tens of thousands of years!” Gu Jin Ze started shaking in astonishment.

How was that possible? The Ghost Clan had descendants?

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