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Chapter 813: The Top Three!


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The Ghost Clan, or more precisely the Ancient Ghost Clan, used to be the ally of the Gu Gu Clan. They used to share everything but women!

But then something had happened tens of thousands of years before. The Ghost Clan had become quite weak and in the end they didn’t have enough level three high-level Supreme Gods. The leader of the Gu Gu Clan, Gu Jin Ze’s father, had made the decision to annex the Ghost Clan.

But he had failed. The leader of the Ghost Clan had understood his plot and the two clans had started fighting, but the Ghost Clan was too weak. They had lost, and then they had been destroyed.

The Ghost Clan had no backup plan, so why was Prince Ghost’s Qi so similar to the Qi of the Ghost Clan?

Everybody was scared of Prince Ghost’s gloomy Qi. They had the impression that they were falling straight to Hell and had no way to free themselves.

Lin Feng’s curiosity was getting more and more aroused. Prince Ghost definitely wasn’t a mere independent cultivator. Independent cultivators couldn’t be so powerful. Lin Feng had never thought of himself as an independent cultivator. He had also relied on other people’s resources and power, but those people weren’t in Gods Country.

“There’s a huge difference between him and Prince Ghost… It’s another person,” said Jing Wu Hen suddenly.

Lin Feng’s expression changed quickly, he looked at Jing Wu Hen and asked, “Wu Hen, what’s going on?”

“His Qi his similar, it’s gloomier. He also has the strength of the level three high-level Supreme God layer, which is amazing.

“Last year, Prince Demon, Prince Ghost and I were in the top three. There wasn’t a huge difference between the three of us. We were all medium-level Supreme Gods.

“This year, Prince Demon and Prince Ghost’s Qi is already incredibly powerful. Both of them are level three high-level Supreme Gods now.

“Therefore, I have the feeling that they have an incredible secret,” said Jing Wu Hen doubtfully. Even though Jing Wu Hen himself had trump cards which he hadn’t used, he was still only a medium-level Supreme God.

Jing Wu Hen knew that breaking through to the high-level Supreme God layer was easy, but because of the Yuan Hall’s secret, he had to rely on himself. He didn’t believe that Prince Ghost could progress so quickly without any help, or without a powerful background.

When Lin Feng heard Jing Wu Hen, he nodded agreement. Prince Ghost couldn’t have become so strong without any help. At that moment, Prince Ghost looked like the god of Hell.

The fight started again. Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen raised their eyes again. Prince Ghost’s Qi was extremely oppressive.

Prince Ghost raised his fists and started throwing punches at Gu Tian Ao’s chest. Gu Tian Ao used his full strength to protect himself, but Prince Ghost’s attack still worked and Gu Tian Ao was blown a thousand meters away.

The fight was already over. Prince Ghost won.

Prince Ghost was in the top six. All the leaders were astonished. They couldn’t believe it. They all thought Prince Ghost was a nobody compared to Gu Tian Ao.

“It seems like Prince Ghost wants to regain the honor and dignity they had back in the days,” said Lun Bi Sheng Tian, sighing sadly. He couldn’t do much about it.

Lun Bi Sheng Tian coughed and then shouted, “Alright, since Lin Feng and Dao Ling gave up, the top six is composed of Garuḍa, Chu Li, Prince Ghost, Prince Demon, Du Wen Ze and Sun Hao. You are in the top six.

“Now, there will be a fight between two groups of three. The members of the group who wins will be in the top three.”

“After that, the one who defeats the two others will be the champion. Alright, draw cards now,” said Lun Bi Sheng Tian. He raised his left hand, and a box containing six cards appeared. He had a strange expression.

Garuḍa drew a card first. Chu Li and Prince Ghost also drew cards, and then the others followed.

“Everybody, look at your cards,” Lun Bi Sheng Tian told the six cultivators quickly.

Garuḍa looked grave and serious as she looked at her card.

The list appeared in Lun Bi Sheng Tian’s hand. He immeditely asked himself who would win the fight.

Lin Feng looked at the names on the list.

First team: Garuḍa, Du Wen Ze, Chu Li!

Second team: Sun Hao, Prince Ghost, Prince Demon!

Both teams were extremely powerful.

Lin Feng had no idea who would win, either. He also asked himself many questions. What was the link between him, Prince Ghost, and the Yin Territory? Why did Chu Li look at him in such a way? Who was Chu Li?

Lin Feng initially intended to leave the Lun Bi Empire, but now he had too many doubts, so he didn’t want to leave to quickly.

“It seems it’s going to be another feast,” Jing Wu Hen murmured when he saw the two teams.

“Lin Feng, you withdrew from the Competition, and you did too Dao Ling, otherwise, Sun Hao and Du Wen Ze wouldn’t be on the list. If you had been in the teams, the fight would have been even fiercer,” said Jeston smiling knowingly.

Lin Feng smiled, but didn’t say anything. He didn’t care about the Competition at all. If it hadn’t been for Xie Dian, he wouldn’t have come at all!

“Take a break first, we’ll continue in the afternoon!” declared Lun Bi Sheng Tian.

It was noon, they would continue in two hours. Lun Bi Sheng Tian had changed his mind; he would allow people to come and watch this time, so he needed time to call them.


Half an hour later, there were billions of people there to watch the finals. The whole mountain was packed with people.

Lin Feng flew up in the air to watch. He smiled when he saw the gigantic crowd. Some people just wanted to talk and laugh, but they didn’t dare because Huang Dang Mountain was a holy place for the Lun Bi Empire. It was an ancient and holy place.

The two hours passed quickly. The atmosphere was solemn. Lin Feng, Jing Wu Hen, and the others chose a nice spot to watch from. Lin Feng was paying attention to Chu Li and Prince Ghost. He wanted to see how strong they could be.

“Start!” shouted Lun Bi Sheng Tian.

The crowd never thought that less than a minute after the beginning of the fight, someone would be blown away. The whole crowd was astonished.

“Sun Hao, the genius from Ao Lai City was blown away in one punch by Chu Li?” said Chen Guang Yu after swallowing. He couldn’t believe it. How incredible! Chu Li was really terrifying!


However, he was still lost in thought when the whole crowd heard another scream. Everybody saw a silhouette fall from the sky and then, bam! A ten-meter crater appeared at the top of Huang Dang Mountain.

Prince Ghost had kicked Du Wen Ze and smashed him far away.

Astonishing! The crowd paled. They imagined what would have happened to them if they had been Du Wen Ze. They would have probably exploded instantly!

“Prince Ghost is so terrifying.”

“Yes. Maybe he’s going to be the champion.”

“I don’t think so. Chu Li is probably going to be the champion. I hope he’ll win!”

“Good luck, Chu Li!”

“Good luck, Chu Li!”

Suddenly, billions of people started shouting and wishing Chu Li good luck.

Chu Li frowned and glanced around, but then quickly focused on the fights again.

Prince Ghost and he stopped fighting, while Garuḍa and Prince Demon continued. They were both level three high-level Supreme Gods.

Chu Li glanced at Prince Demon impatiently. If he eliminated Prince Demon, then he’d be the champion because he would have eliminated two people.

Prince Ghost thought the same. If he eliminated Garuḍa, then he’d be the champion!

The two of them stood up at the same time. Chu Li charged Prince Demon. Prince Demon charged Garuḍa. They both released terrifying Qi. They only had one thing in mind: to rank first!

Garuḍa and Prince Demon’s expressions changed drastically. They hadn’t thought the others would attack them at the last moment!

“Let’s join hands to defeat one of them. We can finish in the top three!” Garuḍa reacted quickly. If she had known the two others would attack, she would have done everything differently. The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind… {Translator’s Note: idiom from Daoist classic Zhuangzi, it means that a short-sighted person is completely ignorant to imminent danger in his pursuit of close gains}

“Alright,” said Prince Demon. He wasn’t stupid. He knew that Garuḍa’s suggestion was the best. If they didn’t join hands, the two others would eliminate them!

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