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Chapter 814: Prince Ghost vs. Chu Li!


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Prince Demon and Garuḍa joined hands to fight against Prince Ghost and Chu Li, but the situation quickly changed. Garuḍa didn’t join hands with Prince Demon, she joined hands with Chu Li to fight against Prince Demon. They used their full strength to attack Prince Demon and the latter was blown a thousand meters away.

Prince Ghost shouted angrily. He flashed and got ready to save Prince Demon, but he wasn’t as fast as Chu Li. Chu Li appeared in front of Prince Ghost and blocked his way, throwing a punch using his full strength. Prince Demon used his full strength to block the attack, but what could he do against both Chu Li and Garuḍa? Nothing. Prince Demon was smashed away once again.

Phwap, phwap! Prince Demon crashed on the ground in front of Lin Feng. There was an explosion and a huge crater appeared. The crowd moved away from him. They were afraid the contestants would kill them accidentally.

Chu Li didn’t intend to let him off. He flashed again and threw a punch. He wanted to get rid of Prince Demon thoroughly. It was the only way to be sure to finish in the top three!

Prince Demon was wearing a black mask, so nobody could see his expression but one could well imagine that he was extremely nervous. He was severely injured and now Chu Li was about to punch him again.

Chu Li got closer and threw a punch. Qi surged in Prince Demon’s direction. Prince Demon could only watching it coming.

“Brother, he lost, why do you continue harassing him? Give him a break!” said someone behind Prince Demon. A silhouette appeared. That person used his palm to push Chu Li’s fist away. Tthere was an explosion, and all the trees for hundreds of meters around collapsed.

Oh my heavens!

Everybody was dumbstruck. They couldn’t believe it. Who was so strong?

Lin Feng!

Lin Feng was the one in front of Prince Demon! He looked unmoved, but on the inside, he was a bit nervous. His meridians hurt a little. A little bit more strength and Chu Li would have injured him severely. But luckily, nothing serious had happened.

Chu Li was so strong! Lin Feng was startled. He wasn’t any weaker than someone who had a Primal Chaos Body. Luckily, he couldn’t compete with Lin Feng’s Genesis Spiritual Body!

Lin Feng was shaking. Chu Li was astonished, too. His blood was boiling. If he hadn’t used his full strength to protect himself, he would have coughed up blood and lost face.

Lin Feng and Chu Li’s curiosity were mutually aroused. They pretended to not care, however.

“Lin Feng, you’re always sticking your nose in, huh?” shouted Chu Li angrily. But he didn’t continue fighting because one of them would die, and then Chu Li wouldn’t be able to rank first.

They would have other opportunities to meet again It was useless to continue for the time being.

Lin Feng frowned. Chu Li could see there was something wrong. Did Chu Li know him?

Lin Feng was astonished inside, but he didn’t show it. He still looked indifferent. “I just don’t want anyone to die during the Competition,” replied Lin Feng, smiling indifferently.

Chu Li smiled scornfully and said, “What? You just killed Xie Dian, and now you’re saying you don’t want people to die? You mean you can kill people, but I can’t?” said Chu Li glumly. When Lin Feng heard him, he had nothing to say. Chu Li was right!

“Alright, I’m not stopping you; if you want to kill him, kill him then,” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently. He stepped back, no longer blocking for Prince Demon.

Chu Li glared at Lin Feng ferociously. Initially, he really wanted to kill Prince Demon, but now he couldn’t anymore. Prince Ghost was already at Prince Demon’s side and looking at him icily. It was a warning: if you kill Prince Demon, I will kill you! 

Chu Li didn’t want to risk his life for nothing. It wasn’t worth it.

Chu Li, Prince Ghost, and Garuḍa were already in the top three, anyway. They needed to fight now, and decide who the first one would be. If Lin Feng hadn’t stopped Chu Li, Chu Li would have been the champion.

Chu Li hated Lin Feng already, but now he hated him even more. He wished Lin Feng were dead. That way, he could calm down more easily.

“Alright, we have our top three, now is the finals.

“I have three cards, on one of them, there is no name, the one who picks up the card without any name will wait for the two others to fight first, and then he’ll fight against the winner. The one who wins will be the champion, alright?” said Lun Bi Sheng Tian.

Chu Li and Prince Ghost’s expressions shifted. Supreme Gods couldn’t compete with cultivators who had the strength of the legendary cultivation layer.

“Leader, I give up. I am willing to rank third. It’s not that bad,” spoke up Garuḍa, smiling strangely. Lun Bi Sheng Tian was startled.

“You really want to surrender? It’s a rare opportunity, you know. If you win, the Ancient Beast Clan will do their best for you if you win,” said Lun Bi Sheng Tian. He couldn’t believe that Garuḍa wanted to give up.

It was such an important Competition, and she was in the top three already, what a pity…

But Garuḍa didn’t think that way. She knew that even though they were all level three high-level Supreme Gods, she couldn’t compete with the other two, so it was useless to continue. It was better to give up than to suffer a possibly lethal defeat.

The goal of the Ancient Beast Clan was to have someone finish in the top five, it was already great!

Not to mention that the Tai Qing Sect, one of the strongest ancient sects, didn’t even have anyone in the top six… Therefore, the Ancient Beast Clan was satisfied.

Garuḍa looked at Chang Hao. Chang Hao nodded in satisfaction. Garuḍa was in the top three; it was good enough. Giving up was a smart move.

Chu Li and Prince Ghost looked at each other menacingly. They were both extraordinary geniuses. They were both little-known people who had achieved so much already.

Now they were going to fight the last duel. Billions of people were watching them. What a pity that Lin Feng had killed Xie Dian; the crowd wished they could have seen a fight between Xie Dian and Chu Li.

But they also thought it was a pity that Lin Feng and Dao Ling had withdrawn from the Competition. Maybe Garuḍa wouldn’t have been in the top three if they hadn’t withdrawn from the Competition. Lin Feng or Dao Ling would definitely have been in the top three!

But now it was too late, so the crowd focused on the final. Who was going to be the champion?

Prince Ghost vs. Chu Li, both extraordinary geniuses. One of them represented an empire, and the other an ancient clan!

Lin Feng was excited, too. He couldn’t wait to see who the champion would be. He also wanted to see and analyze their fighting styles to get ready. In the future, it would be useful.

Lin Feng had to admit that Chu Li was extremely strong. He wasn’t even sure that Prince Ghost could win against Chu Li. Staying on the side and watching was the best he could do.

Prince Ghost and Chu Li stared at each other for a long time. They looked calm and composed. They both remain focused and wary.

“Lin Feng, who do you think is going to win?” Jeston asked Lin Feng telepathically.

“I don’t know. We’ll see,” said Lin Feng, smiling wryly and shaking his head.

“Hehe. If you had participated, I think you would have won, because you’re extremely violent,” said Jeston, grinning at him. “Oh, by the way, don’t you want to know why I disappeared for two days when you arrived in the imperial city?” asked Jeston suddenly.

Lin Feng had wanted to ask that question for a while already. Where had Jeston gone?

Lin Feng looked at him, waiting for an answer, but Jeston just smiled. What had he been planning?

“I cannot imagine what will happen when they announce who the champion is,” Lin Feng mused.

Jeston smiled and remained silent.

Everything would be clear soon!

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