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Chapter 815: The Final!


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“Chu Li and Prince Ghost’s duel will definitely remain an important event in history. We have to watch carefully.”

“It will probably be one of the fiercest fights in history. If we could learn some things from this fight, that would be nice. It would be beneficial for us. It would be a wonderful opportunity.”

“I really wonder who’s going to be the champion.”

“So do I.”

Everybody in the crowd was whispering. The atmosphere was solemn. Prince Ghost and Chu Li didn’t look happy, but more and more people talked about them.

Prince Ghost had won the previous Competition, and this year, he was much, much stronger than the previous year. Many people thought that he had a sixty percent chance of ranking first again, even if Chu Li was extremely strong.

Apart from that, some people also thought that if Lin Feng had participated, he would have won, but not many.

“Silence!” shouted Lun Bi Sheng Tian, standing in the sky. Golden lights surrounded his body. The red sun seemed like it was just above his head.

Lun Bi Sheng Tian had the strength of the legendary cultivation layer, he looked like an ultimate god. Everybody shivered when they looked at him, including Lin Feng and the others.

Lin Feng considered himself lucky. If he hadn’t killed Xie Mu in his spirit world, Lun Bi Sheng Tian might have killed him, and he wouldn’t have been able to do anything to protect himself. Even five extremely strong high-level Supreme Gods wouldn’t have been able to do anything against the man.

When Lun Bi Sheng Tian shouted, everybody stopped talking. They didn’t want to, but they had no choice.

Prince Ghost and Chu Li were already standing on the stage, a hundred meters up in the air. The top of the mountain was so wide that it was a perfect place for this kind of Competition.

Everybody raised their head and watched the two cultivators excitedly.

Lin Feng raised his head as well and watched the two fighters. How strong were they really? Nobody could compete with those two people, apart from Lin Feng and Dao Ling among the young geniuses.

Chen Guang Yu is right. The young geniuses in this world are enigmatic. People like Xie Ling aren’t geniuses, thought Lin Feng. This world wasn’t that simple to understand. Lin Feng’s way of thinking had been too simplistic. There were many mysteries in the world he hadn’t found out about yet.

It was a long and arduous journey.

“The fight can start. You have thirty minutes. If within thirty minutes, nobody is considered the champion, you’ll both rank first!” shouted Lun Bi Sheng Tian.

Chu Li and Prince Ghost stared at each other but didn’t immediately start the fight. It was difficult to know what they were thinking, because they were both wearing masks, so nobody could see their expressions. The crowd could only see their eyes, which looked ice-cold.

“What are they doing? Aren’t they fighting?” asked Chen Guang Yu, glancing at Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen.

Jing Wu Hen remained silent. He was staring at Prince Ghost.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently, “They’re communicating silently, nobody knows what they’re saying, but they’re probably trying to discourage one another. They’re trying to make the other give up.

“But it won’t work. They’re both too determined!”


Time passed slowly. Chu Li finally made the first move. He reached out, and red light emerged from the palms of his hands. Those lights seemed like they came straight from Hell, wicked and bloody.

Prince Ghost grinned scornfully. He also reached out, and a shiny white skeleton emerged from his hand. The wind was soughing. His Qi made the whole crowd feel desperate, like they were suffocating.

The two people flashed at the same time, half a meter separating them. A gigantic blood-red hand thrust towards Prince Ghost’s chest, a shiny white skeleton moved towards Chu Li’s shoulder.



The crowd heard a terrifying sound, and blood splashed. Then the crowd heard crackling sounds; Chu Li’s blood-red hand was in Prince Ghost’s chest. He tore away a piece of flesh, and Prince Ghost’s ribs appeared.

Chu Li wasn’t having a good time, either. His shoulder was ripped apart, his bones sticking out. Both wounds looked terrifying.

The two men shouted furiously and threw punches again. Their fists collided and they were both blown backwards. They both stopped in midair. Neither had the advantage.

Chu Li touched the bones sticking out of his shoulder, which cracked again. A potent Qi emerged and suddenly, his shoulder was healed.

Prince Ghost’s chest blurred and a black fog appeared. Prince Ghost released strength and new fresh skin appeared on his chest.

The two men had incredible healing abilities. Many people were dumbstruck. What a huge advantage in a fight! But since they could heal so quickly, would anyone manage to win?

Lin Feng was astonished. He wasn’t the only one who had healing abilities… and these two people were much faster than him.

“Be careful in the future, Lin Feng. Those people are extremely strong,” Jing Wu Hen whispered after a short while.

Lin Feng nodded. Even if Jing Wu Hen hadn’t warned him, Lin Feng would have been careful. He knew those people were real geniuses.

Chu Li and Prince Ghost’s fight continued. It was cruel and fierce.

Chu Li flashed and released ever more strength. A blood-red trail of light appeared behind him. His eyes were also bloodshot.

Prince Ghost wasn’t slow, either. His hands turned into bones, as did his legs. It was horrific. He looked like a skeleton, except that he had a torso and a head.

“No matter what you do, I, Chu Li, will become the champion!” shouted Chu Li furiously. He didn’t underestimate or despise Prince Ghost. He was just trying to discourage his opponent.

Prince Ghost grinned, but nobody saw that his entire body had turned into bones, and that his death Qi was becoming lethal.

The two fighters collided, blood-red energies and the skeleton collided.

The fight was explosive. Lin Feng swallowed. Who was going to win in the end?

Boom boom!…

Phwap, Phwap!…

The crowd heard two different sounds. A blood-red silhouette was pushed back. The skeleton was blown away, but very quickly, the skeleton struck out and grabbed Chu Li’s chest with his five claw-like fingers.

Slash! The crowd heard a terrifying sound. Chu Li sensed an incredible pain. The skeleton’s hand had pierced through his skin and reached his heart. If he hadn’t used energies to protect himself, his heart would have been pierced.

“You want to die!”

Chu Li initially had the advantage. He hadn’t thought Prince Ghost would be so good at plotting. He was furious, and attacked Prince Ghost again.

The fight was extremely fierce!

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