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Chapter 816: Two Champions!


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Chu Li and Prince Ghost continued fighting in close combat. They were both extremely resistant. They kept colliding and being pushed away.

After that, Chu Li and Prince Ghost didn’t find any proper opportunity to win, so thirty minutes passed quickly.

Chu Li was nervous. He didn’t want Prince Ghost to win and rank first. He didn’t want to share the first position, either. He needed to be the strongest one, the only champion. How annoying would it be to rank first because of a draw?

“Prince Ghost, we can’t be champions together; we need to find a solution so that one of us ranks first!” Chu Li said to Prince Ghost, staring at Prince Ghost anxiously. He really wanted to rank first alone!

Prince Ghost knew what Chu Li was thinking. Didn’t he think the same way?

“Alright, let’s do one final attack and see who wins it,” said Prince Ghost resolutely. Chu Li looked happy, but nobody could see he was smiling under his mask.

The atmosphere grew solemn, tense, and silent. Nobody dared say anything. They were all waiting for them to make their last attacks. They were probably going to be astounding.

Lun Bi Sheng Tian, Chang Hao, and Gu Jin Ze, three cultivators who had the strength of the legendary cultivation layer, protected an area of a hundred li around the fighters so that the guests wouldn’t be injured. Their attacks were probably going to be incredibly powerful. Lun Bi Sheng Tian was actually more worried that Huang Dang Mountain would be destroyed.

A golden protective layer appeared all around the fighting area. Everybody was a hundred li away, whether on the ground or in the sky.

Lin Feng and Jiang Xuan were behind Jing Wu Hen and Chen Guang Yu. Jeston had disappeared again.

The two fighters looked at each other resolutely. Their attacks were probably going to be earthshaking. Everybody was excited, and couldn’t wait to see what attacks the two fighters were going to use.

But so far, they remained cold and detached. They both stretched out their hands slowly. They finally moved between eyeblinks, and collided. Their fists met, energies rolled out, and dispersed.

Many people looked at them skeptically, because they were both shaking from head to toe, as if they were about to die.

Suddenly, Chu Li coughed and blood spilled out of his mask. Prince Ghost wasn’t having a good time either, he was bleeding as well and felt extremely weak.

A draw. It was a draw!

Precisely at that moment, they had no time left; thirty minutes had passed. They had no choice but to face the truth. It was the first time there were two champions in the history of the Competition, but it also meant that people were getting stronger and stronger!

“Their last attacks seemed so basic and yet they are both injured, I don’t understand?” said Chen Guang Yu. He didn’t understand what the two fighters had done, but their Qi was extremely weak now.

“No. They relied on pure Qi and their attack was similar to a self-explosion. They did that so that their energies could pierce through each other’s skin and veins. That’s why their attacks looked so ordinary. Right now, their veins are probably in bad shape. If their energies had exploded outside and not in their respective systems, the whole area would have been razed,” explained Jing Wu Hen. He had clearly seen how terrifying the last attacks were.

Chen Guang Yu’s expression changed swiftly. He couldn’t believe it. How insane!

Chen Guang Yu looked at Lin Feng. Apart from Chu Li and Prince Ghost, Lin Feng was probably the only one who was insane enough to do such things.

Lin Feng looked indifferent, but on the inside, he was amazed. These people were really terrifying. Neither of them was willing to give up.

Monsters! They were monsters!

I really wonder who you are and if we know each other, Lin Feng thought suddenly. At that moment, the two fighters were extremely weak. Lin Feng really wished he could attack them, and reveal their real faces.

But he controlled himself. He knew that even if he knew who those people were, he wouldn’t be able to do anything, even if they were enemies.

He would have the opportunity to find out the truth. He needed a plan first, anyway, so he controlled himself.

“Alright, I announce that Prince Ghost and Chu Li are both champions!” announced Lun Bi Sheng Tian. Finally, someone from the Lun Bi Empire was the champion, even though he wasn’t from the imperial family. It didn’t matter; it was wonderful for the Lun Bi Empire regardless.

Many independent cultivators were happy that Prince Ghost was the champion as well. Because of that, many independent cultivators were now thinking of participating in the next Competition.

They wanted to be champions as well!

But those people’s ways of thinking were way too simplistic. Nobody knew Prince Ghost’s real identity. Gu Jin Ze even thought that Prince Ghost might be from the Ghost Clan. If that was true, then he wasn’t an independent cultivator.

If Lin Feng had participated until the end and won the Great Competition, he would have been considered a symbol for independent cultivators, because he was really one in Gods Country. He really had no background here.


That night, the atmosphere was fresh and cool. The city was bustling with activity. Many people talked about Chu Li. He became famous after the Great Competition, and brought great honor for all the empires.

Small influential groups admired the imperial family even more. Many people hoped they could join the imperial family. Thanks to Chu Li, the Lun Bi Empire had become much stronger in just one day. From now on, the Lun Bi Empire would be able to compete with the Fa Lan Empire from the east.

Prince Ghost left that night. He remained discreet as usual, even though he had ranked first at the Competition twice in a row.

Lun Bi Sheng Tian wanted to prevent him from leaving the Lun Bi Empire, but it was too late.

“Let’s wait for Jeston and then we’ll leave,” said Lin Feng. They were in the inn, but Jeston had disappeared again. Who knew what he was doing?

Lin Feng had no choice, but to wait for him before leaving the Lun Bi Empire.


Late at night, the atmosphere in the Lun Bi Empire calmed down. Many people couldn’t sleep. They were still thinking of the amazing Competition.

It was very cold, and there were no stars in the sky. The air was a bit gloomy. Luckily, there were torches everywhere in the imperial city, but still it wasn’t enough to make people feel warm.

Then, some news spread and the atmosphere of the Lun Bi Empire chilled even further.

Lun Bi Sheng Tian’s throne had disappeared! Lun Bi Sheng Tian was naturally furious. To the people of the Lun Bi Empire, the imperial throne was a symbol of luck and prosperity.


By the time Lin Feng heard about that, it was already almost morning. Jeston had also come back. He seemed exhausted.

Lin Feng believed that the throne’s disappearance had something to do with Jeston. Jeston had already told him that something would happen to the Lun Bi Empire.

“Let’s go,” said Lin Feng calmly. He didn’t ask Jeston about the throne. Jeston nodded and they made ready to leave.

But when Lin Feng arrived outside, there were many disciples from the Lun Bi Empire, dozens of them. They were all medium-level Supreme Gods.

“Our leader ordered us not to let foreigners who witnessed the Great Competition leave!” cried out a disciple, not giving Lin Feng any face.

Lin Feng glared at him angrily. “I can do whatever I wish with my legs. Why would the Lun Bi Empire decide where I can go or not?! Piss off!” he shouted, throwing a kick. The disciple was smashed back and crashed against two other disciples.

The atmosphere on the main street turned explosive. Many people looked in their direction. Who was hitting disciples of the imperial family?

When people saw it was Lin Feng, they remained silent.

That cruel and ferocious man again!

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