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Chapter 817: Chu Li’s Provocation!


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“Capture him! He dares hit our people in front of everybody!” shouted the leader of the disciples angrily. He hadn’t seen the Great Competition and he didn’t know who had finished in the top twelve. He had too much work to do during the Competition, so he didn’t know Lin Feng. His servants didn’t know about Lin Feng, either.

Lin Feng didn’t want tensions to arise between him and the empire. If he didn’t solve the issue peacefully, he might not be able to leave.

Lin Feng looked at Jeston, and they flashed towards the dozens of disciples. The disciples had thought they’d managed to encircle Lin Feng and capture him, but they were so wrong…

In less than a minute, all the medium-level Supreme Gods were injured. If the two of them hadn’t been merciful, they could have killed them all!

Lin Feng didn’t want to cause real trouble. He didn’t want to be enemies with the Lun Bi Empire.

“Let’s go!” Lin Feng told Jing Wu Hen, Jiang Xuan and Jeston.

At that moment, someone stepped out onto the road. Many people looked at that person in admiration.

“Hehe, Prince Lin Feng, why do you want to leave now?” asked Chu Li. He was still wearing a black mask, and nobody could see his real face.

“Hurry up, come and look; it’s Prince Chu Li, our champion!”

“Wow! Incredible! This time, Lin Feng will shut up!”

“That’s why Lin Feng gave up during the Competition, hehe, because he was too scared of Prince Chu Li! He can’t defeat him!”

“Lin Feng was also scared of Prince Ghost. That’s the second reason why he gave up!” another man agreed, smiling mockingly.

Lin Feng hadn’t thought that people would imagine all sorts of things over why he had withdrawn from the Competition. Afraid of Prince Ghost and Chu Li?

“Let’s wait and see. Prince Chu Li will crush him! Then Lin Feng will be a good boy. Hmph!”

When Lin Feng heard those people, he smiled widely. “It seems that the people of the Lun Bi Empire think I’m afraid of you,” he said icily.

Chu Li shrugged and smiled indifferently. “If you withdrew from the Competition, it’s for a reason, otherwise why would you have given up?”

“I killed Xie Dian, doesn’t that prove everything?” replied Lin Feng grimly.

“You killed Xie Dian, but many people didn’t see it because guests were not allowed during that part of the Competition. However, everybody was there when you withdrew. You can only blame yourself!” jeered Chu Li.

Lin Feng remained silent. Chu Li was provoking him on purpose. He had ranked first, but it wasn’t enough. Now he wanted to humiliate Lin Feng!

“I don’t feel like wasting my time talking to you. We just want to leave the Lun Bi Empire; are you going to stop us?” Lin Feng frowned.

Chu Li smiled icily. “I came over to prevent you from leaving!”

“What if I really want to leave?” retorted Lin Feng icily. His eyes were filled with murder already.

“Try and you’ll see!” said Chu Li, smiling coldly and scratching his mask.

He had ranked first, but he regretted that he hadn’t had had a proper fight against Lin Feng. He really wanted to crush Lin Feng, so he kept provoking him this time. He wanted Lin Feng to lose his mind and attack.

Lin Feng was growing angrier. Chu Li smiled more and more mockingly.

The atmosphere became ice-cold. A deadly Qi filled the air. It seemed like a great fight was on the verge of breaking out.

“Chu Li, the leader told you to be calm and not to vent your anger.” shouted someone at that moment. They sounded worried. They didn’t want Lin Feng and Chu Li to fight. Chu Li turned around and saw the Third Master had arrived. He looked quite serious.

The Third Master walked up to Chu Li and looked at Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, I hope you won’t leave for the time being. If you insist, everybody will think you stole the throne.”

“You think I would want to become your leader? Are you joking? Third Master?” Lin Feng interrupted the old man. Lin Feng’s tone of speech was swift and fierce. The Third Master’s face fell in anger. He clenched his fists, but he knew that he couldn’t attack Lin Feng.

“Since you didn’t steal the throne, then will you dare stay here?” Chu Li challenged him.

“I can leave if I want to. I’m a free man. You want to hinder my freedom now?” retorted Lin Feng. Chu Li and Lin Feng stared at each other, eyeball to eyeball.

“Lin Feng, you better respect my teacher!” shouted Chu Li, clenching his fists. His eyes were filled with killing intent.

It really seemed like a big fight was on the verge of breaking out.

“So what? He’s your teacher, not mine! You respect him, fine, I don’t need to!” rebutted Lin Feng angrily. If Chu Li was furious, then he could attack if he wanted to. He hadn’t withdrawn from the Competition because he was scared of Chu Li, that was just gossip!

“It seems like you really want to fight against me, huh?” said Chu Li, smiling coldly.

“Isn’t that what you want?” returned Lin Feng, also smiling icily. Swift and fierce energies emerged from him.

“Since it’s that way, let’s stop talking shit! Look at this attack!” shouted Chu Li furiously. He flashed and charged. He didn’t care about what the Third Master had said. In the blink of an eye, many people gathered on the big street to watch. They wanted to see how amazing Chu Li was, and how he intended to teach Lin Feng a good lesson.

“Prince Chu Li, crush him! Show him what true strength is!” shouted a strong cultivator from the Lun Bi Empire, laughing ferociously, as if crushing Lin Feng would be extremely beneficial for him.

Jing Wu Hen glanced at the man and grunted icily. He released a harsh Qi upon the man. The man groaned with pain and coughed blood, then paled and collapsed. Jing Wu Hen smiled and shouted, “Piece of trash!”

The man couldn’t contradict him. Even though Jing Wu Hen hadn’t finished in the top twelve, he was still stronger than that low-level Supreme God, and he was still Jing Wu Hen!


Lin Feng was unimpressed. He threw an aggressive and explosive punch, then flashed through the air and collided against Chu Li. They looked like stars in the sky. The crowd was stupefied.

Boom, boom! Many people heard two explosions. They saw a blood-red energy and a golden energy in the sky. Neither knew who had the advantage, because they couldn’t see much.

Lin Feng threw another punch. It was much more powerful than a punch containing primal chaos strength. The strength came from his spirit world, his Genesis Spiritual Body. As long as he had his spirit world, then he would always have his genesis spiritual strength!

Regarding the Primal Chaos Body Xie Dian had stolen from him, Lin Feng had already taken it back, but he didn’t intend to use it. He intended to prepare it for Jiang Xuan. Jiang Xuan just needed to become strong enough, and then Lin Feng would help him absorb it.

Chu Li raised his left hand and blood-red lights appeared. It looked like a hand from Hell; horrifying, but Lin Feng wasn’t scared. He immediately threw a punch.

Bam! A terrifying energy ball appeared between Lin Feng and Chu Li. All the buildings within a thousand meters collapsed.

The Third Master was astonished when he saw that. Who would have ranked first if Lin Feng had been in the top three, instead of Garuḍa? Who knew?

The Third Master didn’t know much about Lin Feng, but he knew that Lin Feng was extremely strong, and he could definitely compete with Chu Li!

“So many years have passed and you’re still extremely strong… but I, Chu Li, will show you what a true young genius is! ARRH!” shouted Chu Li icily. He flashed back a thousand meters and stopped in midair. An evil and demonic blood-red Qi appeared all around him.

The sky turned blood-red. Chu Li used that blood red energy to wash his hands. Then he released a deadly Qi through both hands. His hands looked like the hands of a demon.

Lin Feng didn’t pay any attention to him. He knew that he was right now; Chu Li knew him, and they were old enemies.

Chu Li… Chu Li… Lin Feng already had an answer, but he couldn’t believe it.

“You and I really are old friends, Chu Li,” said Lin Feng calmly. His Qi rotated around him, ice-cold.

“Lin Feng, let’s make a bet!” said Chu Li, smiling in cold humor. He wasn’t in a rush, so he didn’t attack hastily.

“A bet?” Lin Feng frowned.

“If I win, next time you bump into me, make a detour and don’t stand in my way. If I lose, I’ll take off my mask and I’ll show you who I am! What do you think?”


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