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Chapter 819: Chu Li? Chu Chun Qiu?


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Lin Feng and Chu Li collided again. They both looked like demonic beasts. The ground kept shaking each time they collided. Lin Feng threw another punch. Chu Li did the same. Their fists collided again and again, energies roiled around them. Lin Feng used his full strength to dodge. Chu Li put his palms on the ground and was pushed backwards. He slid a little and stopped.

They stared at each other and their eyes sparkled. They clenched their fists again. They were both extremely focused, and looked crazy.

Such people didn’t care; they used as much pure Qi as they could, they took risks, they could get injured. Offending such a person was a huge mistake, as they could quickly become someone’s worst nightmare.

Lin Feng threw another aggressive punch. Chu Li released blood-red strength again. When the blood-red strength collided with Lin Feng’s fist, the blood-red strength disappeared. Lin Feng was astonished, because there was a blood-red hand mark on his chest. He couldn’t understand how it had gone through.

Lin Feng moved back as quickly as he could, but more blood-red hands moved towards him. There was only half a meter between him and Chu Li.

“Sword of Remote Times!” shouted Lin Feng. He unsheathed his sword. The Sword of Remote Times flew away and pierced through the blood-red hand imprints, which then dispersed.

The Sword of Remote Times was extremely quick. It cut straight towards Chu Li’s chest. Chu Li’s expression changed quickly. He threw lots of punches one after the other, but they didn’t stop the Sword of Remote Times, which was showing a deadly energy.

Chu Li paled. He had already used so much strength, so he couldn’t fight as fiercely anymore, but he couldn’t lose, he didn’t want to lose! If he gave up, then it would come down to admitting that Lin Feng was stronger… again!

Lin Feng thought the same. Chu Li had resisted for a while already.

“Pure Thunder Spear!” shouted Chu Li suddenly, taking out a weapon. He didn’t have enough strength left to fight bare-handed against Lin Feng and the Sword of Remote Times.

There was an explosion. The crowd saw a dark blue light surrounded by lightning. A spear which looked like a lightning had appeared in his hand.

The Pure Thunder Spear was also extremely fast. It instantly pushed the Sword of Remote Times back. Lin Feng grabbed the Sword of Remote Times and held it firm, smiling easily. He didn’t mind. He was willing to continue fighting!

Chu Li took a deep breath. His heart was pounding. He had less and less pure Qi. His Qi was extremely weak. If he fought against Prince Ghost now, he would lose in less than fifty attacks.

Everybody looked at Lin Feng in admiration. No matter what, after that fight, everybody would remember Lin Feng as someone extremely strong. Nobody would ever say that Lin Feng was a coward because he had given up during the Competition again. Lin Feng wasn’t a coward; he could compete with the champion of the Great Competition.

Time passed slowly. Lin Feng was still using his Sword of Remote Times, Chu Li was still using his Pure Thunder Spear.

The two fighters glanced at each other indifferently. Chu Li pointed at Lin Feng, daring him to continue attacking.

Lin Feng smiled icily and shook his head at Chu Li. If Chu Li wanted to fight still, he could come first!

“They probably don’t have Qi anymore,” whispered Jing Wu Hen. He admired Lin Feng for what he had just done. Even though neither of them had won, Lin Feng had still offered them a wonderful show.

Chu Li was a great opponent for Lin Feng. Lin Feng needed challenges. Prince Ghost would also be a great opponent for Lin Feng.

Jing Wu Hen thought of himself, and decided that he would go back to Ze Country. He would change his identity, then he would go find Lin Feng and provoke him again. Then they would have a fierce and incredible fight.

But he wasn’t the protagonist today, Lin Feng and Chu Li were!

“It seems like you have no Qi left,” said Chu Li, smiling grimly.

Lin Feng glanced at him, then flashed in front of Chu Li again. He threw a punch and smiled mockingly, releasing a powerful Qi again.

Many people stared with their eyes wide open. How was this possible? He still had Qi left to fight? And surprisingly, his Qi was extremely powerful!

Jing Wu Hen was astonished as well! He could see that Lin Feng was exhausted just before, but now it was like he had recovered.

Chu Li was startled. He stepped back, but Lin Feng was extremely quick, landing in front of him in the blink of an eye again and throwing another punch. Chu Li shouted and was smashed back, crashing on the road.

There was an explosion. A hundred-meter crater appeared on the road. Lin Feng flashed and appeared above the crater, looking down at Chu Li mockingly.

“Who told you I had no Qi left?” Lin Feng taunted him. Lin Feng felt extremely powerful, as if he had an endless amount of Qi.

As long as his spirit world wasn’t destroyed, it was like had access to an unlimited amount of Qi. It was actually enough to confuse Chu Li, but it wasn’t real.

It was a mixture of Qi and mental manipulation. Lin Feng confused Chu Li when the latter had expected it the least.

“You haven’t used your full strength yet?” Chu Li slowly stood up and walked out of the crater. He patted the dust off his clothes. He looked pale, but nothing worse. His Qi also started regaining strength, quickly returning to normal.

Lin Feng frowned and looked at Chu Li. He also didn’t look weak anymore.

“It seems like you also have secrets,” observed Lin Feng coolly. If he were able to crush Chu Li in one punch, then it wouldn’t have been his “old friend”.

“Nobody shows all their trump cards to enemies. We both know that,” Chu Li hmphed.

“So, should we continue fighting?” asked Lin Feng impassively. If Chu Li agreed, Lin Feng didn’t mind continuing the fight.

However, Chu Li shook his head and said casually, “No need. It’s useless for both of us. You win.”

“Alright, so can I leave?” asked Lin Feng, nodding while getting ready to turn around and leave.

“So you don’t want to see my real face?” asked Chu Li.

“You think I need to? Chu Chun Qiu?” replied Lin Feng evenly.

Chu Li’s smile stiffened and he looked glum.

The crowd on the street remained silent. Some people swallowed, others’ hearts sped up.

“Hehe, you guessed!” answered Chu Li with a pained smile.

“Chu Chun Qiu, I really wonder how you managed to escape from Demon King’s body?” Lin Feng asked indifferently.

“Don’t worry. The Demon King isn’t dead. Back in the days, you broke his body, but now he’s alive in this world. He is in this continent.

“Lin Feng, I really wonder what you will be like in the future. Will you be a Demon King too? Anyway, see you. You can leave,” said Chu Chun Qiu.

Lin Feng looked at him skeptically.

Chu Chun Qiu wasn’t dead, the ancient Demon King wasn’t dead.

What a mysterious world!

Thinking about that, Lin Feng laughed.

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  1. Dandy September 28, 2019 at 5:08 pm - Reply

    Chu chin qi is alive finally at least lin fengs isn’t the only one of his generation, this is so interesting

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    I think prince demon is demon king

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    Fuck this shit…

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    If LF can come back to life, why can’t demon king?

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