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Chapter 821: That’s Life?


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“Hehe…” Jeston just chuckled when he saw Lin Feng look at him so seriously.

“Stop laughing. Tell me what you intend to do, or I won’t let you leave,” Lin Feng said angrily.

“Actually, nothing much. I just wanted to cause trouble so that the world order would start shaking. I wanted to see how many ancient sects and clans would step out. What I hadn’t planned was what you did, though!” said Jeston. He knew he couldn’t change the topic anymore.

The first time he had left the inn, there were a dozen people protecting the throne, and they all had the strength of the high-level Supreme God layer. He had waited for two days in vain.

Initially, he just wanted to steal the throne to create some mischief. But his way of thinking had been a bit too simplistic; he hadn’t expected Lin Feng and Chu Li’s fight. Lin Feng and Chu Li’s fight would probably be remembered by everyone throughout history.

Tens of thousands of years from now, people would still remember that fight. They would still talk about those amazing young geniuses, Lin Feng and Chu Li.

Jeston could imagine how people would remember Lin Feng, that incredible ancestor.

Jeston was proud of Lin Feng. He didn’t think that Lin Feng had taken a risk; on the contrary, he had seized an opportunity.

Lin Feng listened to everything Jeston said. Then he smiled wryly and shook his head, Jeston had been so mysterious because he wanted to shake up world powers? Unfortunately, his plan had failed. On the contrary, because of him, Lin Feng had almost been captured by the Lun Bi Empire because of the throne.

“Since you stole the throne, where is it?” asked Lin Feng. That was an important question.

Jeston smiled broadly. He scratched his nose and took a beautiful throne out of his ring. It was shiny and dazzling. Two dragons were carved into, with a gigantic dragon with sharp claws and teeth forming the back of it. It looked powerful and mighty.

Suddenly, the dragon Qi inside of Lin Feng’s body became extremely thick and dense. It established a connection with the throne. Lin Feng felt as if he had part of himself inside the throne.

“What’s going on?” Lin Feng was astonished. He had never experienced such a thing. He had dragon Qi inside himself. Back in the days, his dragon Qi was even purer than the black dragon king’s dragon Qi.

How come the dragon throne established a connection with him? Lin Feng didn’t understand, but his curiosity was aroused.

“Your plan failed so give me the dragon throne,” Lin Feng said, grabbing the throne and then quickly putting it into his ring.

Jeston was startled, then just shook his head. He was a bit unhappy, as he had used so much effort to steal the throne, and now Lin Feng had stolen it from him!

“Alright, you can keep it. Maybe t’s more useful for you,” said Jeston, waving helplessly.

Lin Feng smiled firmly. He had to be aggressive when it was necessary. He had used a great deal of pure Qi during his fight against Chu Li. If he hadn’t had his spirit world, things could have been disastrous for him.

Therefore, he considered this item as a small compensation since Jeston was responsible for the fight.

“Anyway, good luck to you and your little student. See you!” Jeston waved. He flew higher up in the air and disappeared in the sky.

Lin Feng watched Jeston disappear. He didn’t know the next time he would see Jeston. Maybe Jeston would go back to Kan Cheng? Maybe he was going to travel? What was sure was that they probably weren’t going to meet again anytime soon…

“Let’s go, little boy, we’re going to Lang Xie City. You need to see your family,” Lin Feng said, taking a deep breath. They flew towards Lang Xie City.

When Jian Xuan heard Lin Feng, he was touched. He was finally was going back home. Even though Lang Xie City was occupired by the Lei Sect, he still wanted to see his family. It would be even better if his teacher could save his family.


Jeston was flying up in the sky. He didn’t know where he was going, but he didn’t intend to go back to Kan Cheng. Nobody cared about Kan Cheng. It had no chance to evolve. Jeston didn’t want to be a tiny leader in a small town.

“I should join an ancient clan or sect and advance quickly,” Jeston sighed. Seeing Lin Feng becoming stronger every day motivated him. He had a Light Body, it was a huge advantage, and he had to take advantage of it!

Which sect should I join, though?, he thought. He didn’t know what to think. From what he knew, there was the Ancient Demonic Clan, the Tai Qing Sect, the Lei Sect, the Gu Gu Clan, the Ancient Beast Clan, and the Ancient Xuan Clan.

Choosing a sect or clan to join was very important. He immediately excluded the Ancient Demonic Clan…

“Join Tian Dao Yuan!” someone shouted coolly.

Jeston’s expression fell. “Who are you? Show yourself!” shouted Jeston, glancing around warily.

Slowly, a man in black clothes appeared in front of him. He was wearing a plaited bamboo hat, and his Qi was ice-cold and gloomy.

“Dao Ling?” Jeston glared at him angrily.

“It is I,” said Dao Ling, smiling neutrally as took off his plaited bamboo hat.

Jeston frowned and asked icily, “You’re Cui Qiang?”

“Cui Qiang is dead. I am Dao Ling now, the inheritor of the darkness body,” said Dao Ling gloomily.

“Since you are the inheritor of the darkness body, then you’re Cui Qiang. I know that,” Jeston declared resolutely. In the past, he knew Cui Qiang!

“Hehe, a soul which has been transferred to a new body can remember things?” asked Dao Ling, smiling mockingly.

Jeston’s expression fell, and his heart started pounding. He clenched his fists and his Qi turned ice-cold.

“What do you want?”

“Don’t worry. I just came to invite you to join Tian Dao Yuan. Even though I hate people who have a Light Body, I know you are not really Jeston, so I feel much better.”

“How do you know I am not the real Jeston?” asked Jeston coldly.

“Hehe, simple! Mister Time brought you here!” claimed Dao Ling, laughing in amusement at Jeston.

Jeston shivered. It was a secret he had shared with only Lin Feng. How come other people knew about it? Lin Feng would have never told anyone his secret. So there was only one explanation… Mister Time!

“You know Mister Time? He told you about me?” said Jeston.

“You want to know the truth?” Dao Ling laughed.

“Yes!” Jeston nodded, but he remained wary.

“Join Tian Dao Yuan and you’ll learn everything!” declared Dao Ling, smiling indifferently.

“What would joining Tian Dao Yuan bring to me?”

“Only good things, and even moreso for Lin Feng, because Tian Dao Yuan is the reason for your existence,” Dao Ling smiled.

“Our existence?” Jeston was astonished and confused. He didn’t understand what that meant.

“I know you don’t understand, so join Tian Dao Yuan and you’ll learn.”

“Mister Time is part of Tian Dao Yuan?” asked Jeston.

Dao Ling smiled, giving no reply. It was all a secret. Jeston would learn the truth only if he joined Tian Dao Yuan.

Besides, if Jeston joined Tian Dao Yuan, Lin Feng might join shortly after, as well!

Perhaps they couldn’t escape from Fate!


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