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Chapter 822: Stamp Out the Source Of Trouble!


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“Thank you, Lin Feng,” Long Lan Er blushed. Her cheeks reddened as if she were drunk. Lin Feng stared at her and was slowly turned on.

“Anyway, hehe…” Lin Feng laughed softly.

The two of them agreed that after Lin Feng was done with what he had to do in the Fa Lan Empire, he would bring Long Lan Er to Ze Country to see the black and azure dragons.


Lin Feng and Long Lan Er said goodbye. Lin Feng went straight to the Heaven and Earth Temple. They were about to celebrate the new imperial transition there, during which Fa Chun would receive his crown.

Fa Chun was smiling and staring at the crowd, and was wearing a dragon robe already. His dream was finally about to come true. From an ordinary prince to the emperor himself! It hadn’t been an easy road; he had lost his title, but because Lin Feng had said only one thing, he had become the emperor. What a life!

Fa Chun also understood why Lin Feng had chosen him over Fa Xuan. He knew that he would become a puppet. However, he didn’t care; as long as he could be the Emperor, he didn’t mind being a puppet.

Besides, Lin Feng wasn’t going to spend all his time in the Fa Lan Empire. When Lin Feng was away, then he would be the only ruler in the Fa Lan Empire. He would just continue obeying Lin Feng when he was there as a sign of respect.

Fa Chun wasn’t stupid. Sometimes, one had to be resilient. He understood what Lin Feng wanted to do perfectly.

When Lin Feng arrived at the Heaven and Earth Temple, Fa Chun was already wearing a dragon robe, and all the elders and outstanding disciples of the empire were on their knees. Even Fa Duo and the state teacher were on their knees, which meant they acknowledged allegiance to Fa Chun.

“The new emperor can choose two assistants, who will also be honorary princes, and one state teacher. Emperor, do you have an idea already?” asked the state teacher with a smile. It was his job to ask new Emperors that question.

When Fa Chun heard the state teacher, he wanted to talk, but he stopped before even starting because he noticed Lin Feng. At that moment, everybody else saw Lin Feng and moved aside to let him pass.

Lin Feng walked through the crowd towards Fa Chun and nodded at him.

Fa Chun took a deep breath. Lin Feng’s nod meant he wasn’t going to get involved.

Even though Lin Feng had chosen him, it didn’t mean he could chose anybody he wanted. Lin Feng had to be satisfied with the people he would choose as well.

Fa Chun made up his mind after a few minutes.

“First assistant and honorary prince, Elder Fa Duo. Anyone have an objection?” asked Fa Chun, glancing at Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked indifferent, so Fa Chun was relieved.

The others didn’t have any objection. Even though Fa Duo wasn’t a prince, it was normal for him to become honorary prince and imperial assistant.

“Second one… Hmmm…” Everybody was staring at him. Which prince would be chosen?

“I choose Second Prince Fa He. He’s the second son of the family. He can help me accomplish great things. What does everybody think?” asked Fa Chun, glancing at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t react, but he was a bit surprised. It meant that Third Prince Fa Xuan’s and Fourth Prince Fa Yin’s futures were over. They would never have the opportunity to become Emperor or to have high positions in the empire anymore.

“State Teacher, Master Lin Feng! What does everybody think?” asked Fa Chun, glancing at Lin Feng again.

When Lin Feng heard that, he still looked impassive, but he was satisfied. The state teacher position was even higher than a prince’s in the empire. State teachers were close to the assistants.

Lin Feng was now a state teacher of the Fa Lan Empire, which would be extremely beneficial for the empire.

Nobody dared say anything when Fa Chun announced it. Lin Feng had killed the previous Emperor, after all!

Fa Chun’s decisions were rational and logical. Elder Fa Duo was now honorary prince; Fa He would be able to progress in life. He was relieved.

Everybody knew that Lin Feng had chosen him behind the scenes, because Fa Chun couldn’t make such important decisions.

Lin Feng had chosen Fa He because he liked to plot against people and was afraid of death; otherwise, he would have attacked them from the front, not the back. Lin Feng had spared his life, so Fa He was extremely grateful.

“Fa Xuan can continue living in the border area. Regarding Fa Yin, you decide,” Lin Feng said to Fa Chun telepathically.

Lin Feng watched the state teacher leave the Heaven and Earth Temple. Lin Feng followed him to the Dragon Heart Hall.

The Dragon Heart Hall was a place with books, where people could take a rest. It was a calm and quiet hall.

Lin Feng and the state teacher were about to negotiate regarding the soul jewel.

“Master, I killed Fa Kun Lun and I don’t intend to let him come back. I know everything about the soul jewel, so no need to try and deceive me,” Lin Feng said. In other words, talking was useless, the state teacher had no choice but to hand the soul jewel over.

When the state teacher heard Lin Feng, he understood Lin Feng didn’t intend to let Fa Kun Lun come back, so he had to give him the soul jewel.

“I have the soul jewel. I’ll give it to you, but please promise something to me,” said the state teacher sadly. Fa Kun Lun and he had been friends for a long time. He felt extremely sad.

“Ask me, and I’ll tell you whether I can agree or not,” Lin Feng nodded.

“Don’t destroy the soul jewel, please. I can tell you where and when he will resurrect, and at that moment, go and cripple his cultivation, but please but don’t kill him,” pleaded the state teacher, staring at Lin Feng.

When Lin Feng heard that, he had to laugh, and looked at the state teacher mockingly. Was that even possible?

The state teacher looked devastated. He knew Lin Feng wouldn’t agree, but at least he had tried.

“Lin Feng, I beg you, please be merciful,” said the state teacher, kneeling down. Lin Feng hastily dragged him back up.

Lin Feng didn’t feel like negotiating about this. He had already had too many problems with enemies like Di Shu, and now Xie Mu.

Lin Feng knew what he could and couldn’t do. If he let Fa Kun Lun come back to life, Fa Kun Lun would be able to plot against him, even if his cultivation was crippled.

Lin Feng couldn’t agree, no matter how many times the state teacher bowed and knelt.

“Master, I know where the soul jewel is, even if you don’t give it to me, so there is no condition to talk about,” Lin Feng said sternly.

“You really won’t agree?”

“Unfortunately not. Forget about it.”

“Alright, sigh… Kun Lun, I did my best for you. You lusted after the wrong woman and signed your own death warrant because of that!” said the state teacher, shaking his head. He was devastated and disappointed. His friend was dead, and he couldn’t protect his soul jewel.

The state teacher stood up and took out a box from a bookshelf. There was a blood-red soul jewel inside: Fa Kun Lun’s soul jewel!

Lin Feng reached out his left hand and the soul jewel moved into it. When he grabbed it, he could feel that Fa Kun Lun was roaring madly.

“Fa Kun Lun, you can only blame yourself for having cast greedy eyes on Yan Ran Xue. Even though she is not my woman, we were together for a short while, and I can’t let anyone pollute her. Therefore, I can’t show mercy. Remember that!”


Lin Feng smashed the soul jewel on the floor. A furious, ferocious soul appeared in the air and dispersed.

“Lin Feng, I hate you!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Fa Kun Lun’s soul shouted as he faded away. The smell in the room was horrible, like putrefaction.

An Emperor of the second Great Supreme God layer had fallen thoroughly! He would never be able to come back.

Lin Feng grinned. He had stamped out another source of trouble!

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