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Chapter 823: Lei Sect!


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“How come he’s alive? Impossible.”

When Lin Feng left the palace, the guards at the entrance were astonished. They couldn’t believe Lin Feng was still alive. It was the first time someone had gone in and came back out alive.

“You came out?” asked the leader of the guards, shaking his head. He couldn’t believe it.

“What? Is there a problem?” Lin Feng asked them with a smile. The guard shook his head and then nodded, then shook his head again. Then he smiled wryly, feeling stupid. Maybe there was nothing exceptional, after all.

“Alright, I’m sure we’ll meet again,” Lin Feng said calmly. He clapped the guard’s shoulder and left with Jiang Xuan.

The guards were astonished. They really couldn’t believe Lin Feng was still alive.

“There’s something strange. Don’t you think he looks familiar?” asked one of the guards suddenly in a trembling voice.

When the guard heard that, he didn’t understand, “What?”

“He looks like Lin Feng.”

“Lin Feng? You mean the one who quickly became famous in Lang Xie City?” asked the guard. His expression changed instantly. He tried to recall Lin Feng’s face.

He suddenly looked excited. “It really was Lin Feng!”

“No wonder he came out alive. He’s probably the only one who can go in and come back out alive,” declared one of the guards, nodding approvingly.

“He and Tian Fan.”


“Teacher, I’m afraid,” said Jiang Xuan. He was in Lin Feng’s arms while they were flying. Even though he wasn’t a child anymore, he seemed extremely fragile and weak. He was worried since he had learned West Lang Xie and East Lang Xie weren’t occupied by the same influential group.

Nobody knew what the Lei Sect had done to his family. What if they were dead?

Lin Feng tried to cheer Jiang Xuan up. Before knowing what the actual situation in Lang Xie City was like, Jiang Xuan wouldn’t calm down, so Lin Feng didn’t know what to tell him.

After a few hours, they finally arrived in the sky above the border of East Lang Xie.

They were not even in the city yet, and Lin Feng could sense an explosive and dense Qi. Lin Feng wasn’t affected, but Jiang Xuan was. Jiang Xuan wanted to get away from Lin Feng’s arms, and go and save his parents.

Lin Feng noticed there was something wrong so he released Genesis spiritual strength around the boy’s body. He was now in a small space isolated from the explosive Qi, and returned to normal.

Lin Feng landed on the street. This time, he wasn’t as lucky as in West Lang Xie. A few people looked at him angrily.

“Little boy, leave! Otherwise we don’t mind killing you.”

Lin Feng walked past an inn and a middle-aged man who was standing there shouted at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was startled, and looked at him skeptically. He hadn’t offended the man, so why had he attacked him verbally?

“You dare look at me? You want to die!” shouted the man furiously. His eyes became bloodshot and he charged Lin Feng.

“Piss off!” shouted Lin Feng. No matter what, he couldn’t let anyone get used to talking to him like that. Lin Feng threw a kick at the man, he was blown away. He crashed against a wall of the inn and fell unconscious.

Those watching were astonished and afraid. They didn’t dare provoke Lin Feng again.

Lin Feng looked at the unconscious man icily. The man’s Qi then slowly disappeared. After a few minutes, he came back to his senses and glanced around.

“What’s going on?” asked the man, trying to stand up. There was a huge red foot mark on his face from Lin Feng’s kick.

Lin Feng glanced at him icily. The man looked confused.

“You wanted to attack me,” Lin Feng told him indifferently.

The man looked at Lin Feng and his expression looked lost. He wanted to hit Lin Feng? How was that possible? Why would he attack someone who had not offended him?

“How is that possible? Why would I attack anyone without any reason?” said the man, shaking his head in confusion.

Lin Feng didn’t have time to explain anything to him. He immediately walked away with Jiang Xuan, heading to the main palace.

Lin Feng saw many people along the way whose Qi was unstable. Their eyes were filled with an explosive Qi. Lin Feng gradually understood that the explosive Qi in town had affected everybody in Lang Xie City.

Lin Feng brought Jiang Xuan to the main palace. The statue of the Black Tortoise and the Vermilion Bird were still there on both sides of the gate, but there were no guards. The atmosphere was very different from the atmosphere in West Lang Xie. The Qi was explosive here, and people could barely breathe.

“Teacher, I am afraid,” said Jiang, raising his head. His eyes gleamed. An explosive Qi appeared in his eyes. His tone of speech also changed. He struggled in pain.

Lin Feng’s frowned. The explosive Qi was attacking Jiang Xuan, he had to react quickly. He hastily put his left hand on the boy, and released three layers of Genesis spiritual strength around the boy to protect him.

Jiang Xuan suddenly looked calmer, and the pained look in his eyes disappeared. He looked normal again.

“I will put you in my space ring for now. I’ll bring you out when you’re safe,” Lin Feng told Jiang Xuan. The boy agreed and entered Lin Feng’s ring. Then Lin Feng flashed in the direction of the government.

There were no guards, so Lin Feng entered the main palace easily.

The interior of the palace had completely changed. The explosive Qi was everywhere. It had turned everything yellowish, especially the trees, which looked extremely dry.

The difference between East Lang Xie and West Lang Xie was incredible. West Lang Xie was much luckier than East Lang Xie. At least the Lei Sect hadn’t aggressively invaded West Lang Xie. Maybe the members of the Lei Sect were just bored and that’s why they had released such an explosive Qi in the city. In the end, a civil war would start and the people of Lang Xie City would go insane and kill one another…

Lin Feng arrived in front of the main room of the palace. He couldn’t walk further because there were dozens of people in front of him, who all looked at him coldly when he showed up.

Lin Feng glanced around. Lei Ben and Lei Kui were there. He didn’t know the others, though. They were all extremely strong, having the strength of the level two high-level Supreme God layer. It was quite incredible.

“Finally, after traveling so much and looking for us in West Lang Xie, you finally found us! We had noticed there was a stranger in town, and we are honored by your presence, Prince Lin Feng!” said Lei Ben, bowing hand over fist and smiling.

“It seems like you’ve been watching me,” Lin Feng said impassively. He didn’t get angry because of Lei Ben’s mocking tone. On the contrary, he smiled widely.

Lei Ben smiled back mockingly and replied, “Indeed! That’s why we welcome you so warmly.”

“How come you noticed a stranger in Lang Xie City? Do you know all the inhabitants of Lang Xie City?” asked Lin Feng curiously.

The mysterious man of the Lei Sect smiled, but didn’t answer Lin Feng’s question. Lin Feng answered his question himself in his head. If the Lei Sect hadn’t recorded everybody’s identity, they wouldn’t have been able to notice a stranger in Lang Xie City.

“It looks like the Lei Sect is quite mysterious too,” mused Lin Feng, smiling at the dozens of them.

The atmosphere charged up, as if fireworks were about to explode.

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