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Chapter 824: Shall We Continue?


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“Prince Lin Feng, young genius of the Great Competition, what brings you here?” asked Lei Ben, smiling broadly yet sarcastically.

“May I see Master Lei Jin Gang?” asked Lin Feng straightforwardly.

Lei Ben’s expression froze. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would come for Lei Jin Gang. Lin Feng wanted to see the leader of the Lei Sect… was that even possible, though?

“You can’t see my teacher, unless…” Lei Ben grinned darkly.

Lin Feng could see that Lei Bei’s had bad intentions. That man wasn’t charitable. Lin Feng had no other choice though, as he needed to see Lei Jin Gang for Jiang Xuan. He was ready to take risks for the boy.

If Lei Jin Gang started off disliking Lin Feng or felt offended, then Lin Feng wouldn’t be able to leave Lang Xie City alive. He would be doomed, and all the people of Lang Xie City would be desperate.

But Lin Feng didn’t think that Lei Jin Gang would do anything bad to him, because there were no tensions between him and the Lei Sect. The only displeasing thing which had happened was when Lin Feng had defeated Lei Ben during the Great Competition, nothing else. If Lei Jin Gang was angry because of that, then Lin Feng wouldn’t be able to do anything anyway.

Therefore, Lin Feng decided to be straightforward and immediately asked if he could see Lei Jin Gang. It was a kind of bet.

“Unless what? Speak up. No need to waste time,” Lin Feng said icily.

Lei Ben smiled mockingly when he saw Lin Feng was getting impatient, “Unless you, alone, defeat my thirteen fellow disciples. Then you’ll be able to see my teacher.”

“You mean me alone against thirteen people?” asked Lin Feng. He was surprised. He looked at Lei Ben’s thirteen fellow disciples, who were all level two high-level Supreme Gods.

“Yes, thirteen against you. Are you afraid?” asked Lei Ben. He was convinced Lin Feng couldn’t defeat them alone, which is why he suggested something he considered impossible.

However, Lin Feng had already had similar fights in his life. In San Country, he had even fought against dozens of medium-level Supreme Gods. Now, he officially had the strength of the medium-level Supreme God, but he was much stronger than that.

Therefore, Lin Feng wasn’t worried too much. On the contrary, he was happy because Lei Ben was giving him an opportunity. Lei Ben would probably regret having suggested that after the fight.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng slowly raised his head and looked at Lei Ben’s confident smile. Lei Ben sneered at Lin Feng, insinuating he wasn’t brave enough to accept this challenge.

“Alright, I accept!” agreed Lin Feng, nodding and smiling confidently.

Lei Ben’s expression stiffened. He couldn’t believe it. Lin Feng agreed to fight against his thirteen fellow disciples?

Lei Ben thought Lin Feng was quite bold and brave. He knew Lin Feng could pose a threat to him, but to thirteen level two high-level Supreme Gods? He didn’t believe Lin Feng could win at all.

The only person he knew in his life who had already won such a fight alone against a group of people, was his mysterious great fellow disciple, who had already defeated ten people… but not thirteen!

But Lin Feng accepted without even questioning his suggestion. Lei Ben started thinking that Lin Feng was just brave and bold, that he accepted the challenge because of pride and vanity. In terms of aggression and strength, Lei Ben was certain he could measure up to Lin Feng.

“Alright, since you accept, fellow disciples, get ready,” said Lei Ben, nodding sternly.

The thirteen people clenched their fists loudly. They all knew that the Lei Sect hadn’t managed to finish in the top six because Lin Feng had defeated their best man.

Therefore, they were angry and wanted to vent on him. The atmosphere instantly became ice-cold.

None of them knew that at that moment, Lei Jin Gang was standing on the roof of the palace and watching the scene indifferently. He still wondered if Lin Feng would manage to win against those thirteen people or not.

He didn’t know that Lin Feng and Chu Li had exchanged hundreds of attacks in the Lun Bi Empire and that in the end, Lin Feng had won. Well, Lin Feng didn’t admit he had won, but Chu Li considered Lin Feng the winner of that fight.

If Lei Jin Gang had known that, he wouldn’t have wondered whether Lin Feng could win or not against the thirteen people.

“Alright, let’s start,” Lin Feng said, nodding at the thirteen people. He was ready.

The thirteen people were surprised that Lin Feng was the one telling them they could start. He didn’t even wait for Lei Ben to announce the beginning of the fight. They were angry because they thought Lin Feng did so because he disdained Lei Ben. They thought he was quite arrogant.

“I’ll teach you a good lesson!” shouted one of them suddenly, a man in black clothes. He charged Lin Feng and threw a punch. A thunderous energy clapped around him. He used his full strength because he wanted to defeat Lin Feng as quickly as possible.

“Xiao Qi, you bastard!” shouted Lei Ben furiously. Lin Feng hadn’t even had time to reply yet. Lei Ben looked worried because he knew how strong Lin Feng was, yet here was Xiao Qi attacking boldly and recklessly. If Xiao Qi attacked alone, then he would be defeated and only twelve people would be left, which wasn’t Lei Ben’s plan.

As expected, as Lei Ben shouted, Xiao Qi landed in front of Lin Feng and threw a punch. However, his terrifying energy just made Lin Feng grin mockingly. He raised his left hand and grabbed Xiao Qi’s fist without any effort.

“How is this possible?” Xiao Qi gasped. He started struggling to take his fist back, but he couldn’t break free from Lin Feng’s grip. He knew he was in trouble now.

“What? Well, your fellow disciple couldn’t defeat me, so how could you? Go and have a rest,” Lin Feng said, smiling carelessly. He threw Xiao Qi away with deadly force. Xiao Qi crashed against the city wall, which then collapsed.

“Let’s join hands to attack!” shouted someone else. After seeing Lin Feng crush Xiao Qi so easily, they knew they couldn’t afford to underestimate him.

But would encircling Lin Feng be of any use? Lin Feng just laughed.

“I’m tired of waiting for you to attack me. I’ll attack first, then. That way, I’ll be able to see Master Lei Jin Gang as soon as possible,” Lin Feng grinned. He flashed and disappeared.

Lin Feng’s opponents suddenly sensed an ice-cold Qi.

“Oh no! Disperse!” shouted a man, his face warping. He pushed one of his fellow disciples aside, and then a terrifying golden energy surrounded him. He didn’t have time to scream before he was unconscious.

Lin Feng flashed and landed next to the golden cafe, then he reached and grabbed the unconscious man and threw him away. The man crashed against another wall, which also collapsed.

“Continue,” scoffed Lin Feng, disappearing again. Nobody could see where he was, not even Lei Ben.

Only Lei Jin Gang at the top of the palace could see Lin Feng move. In his eyes, Lin Feng moved slowly, but he knew that the thirteen people had already lost.

“Lin Feng, Lin Feng… If he hadn’t given up at the competition, he would have defeated Garuḍa.”

The fight will be over in less than half an hour, thought Lei Jin Gang, frowning.

The fight continued. It wasn’t fierce at all. Lin Feng was just having fun.

In ten minutes, Lin Feng defeated everybody.

When Lei Jin Gang saw that, he was astonished. He had thought Lin Feng would need thirty minutes… However…

Lei Ben was still standing there, dumbstruck. He stared at Lin Feng, who was smiling at him.

Lin Feng had defeated his thirteen fellow disciples in ten minutes. He was much, much stronger than them, a true genius.

Lei Ben sighed. He needed to make more efforts and work harder. Lei Ben now started doubting himself. Could he really be considered a young genius in front of people like Lin Feng, Prince Ghost, and Chu Li? Not really…

“Shall we continue?” asked Lin Feng cheerfully.

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