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Chapter 825: One Condition!


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“No need to. I won’t try and make things difficult for you again,” said Lei Ben smiling wryly and shaking his head. Lin Feng had won.

“Alright, since it’s that way, may I see Master Lei Jin Gang?” asked Lin Feng.

“Eh…” When Lei Ben heard that, he blushed because he had told Lin Feng he would be able to see Lei Jin Gang if he defeated his thirteen fellow disciples… but he had actually just said that to make things difficult for Lin Feng. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would actually win. Now what could he do?

“What? Is there a problem?” asked Lin Feng grimly. Had Lei Ben lied to him? Lei Jin Gang had just tried to trick him?

Lei Ben looked embarrassed and remained silent. He didn’t know what to say.

“Lei Ben, bring Lin Feng to the main hall to wait!” shouted a powerful voice at that moment. It was the most terrifying voice Lin Feng had ever heard in his life.

Lei Ben rejoiced when he heard Lei Jin Gang’s voice come to his rescue. He looked at Lin Feng and said hastily, “My teacher said you could go and wait for him in the main hall. I’ll take you there.”

He spoke hastily so that Lin Feng wouldn’t humiliate him. Lin Feng scoffed and shook his head. Lei Ben had tried to make things difficult for him, he was a bit petty, but Lin Feng wasn’t mad at him.

Lin Feng followed him to the main hall. Then Lei Ben gave him a chair and Lin Feng sat down to wait.

Lei Ben immediately left because he felt awkward. He asked his thirteen fellow disciples to watch Lin Feng, but they just looked at him with admiration. They had only heard a few things about Lin Feng in the past, so they didn’t know how strong he really was, but now they did.

They now understood the difference between young geniuses and ordinary young people. It was gigantic.


Time passed slowly. Lin Feng remembered that when he had arrived, it was noon, but now six hours had already passed and it was getting dark outside. He could already see the moon and one or two stars in the sky. The city guards also lit up the torches in the city.

The thirteen disciples were getting sick and tired of waiting. They wanted to go out and enjoy themselves in town. The Lei Sect had been living in the shadows for such a long time; now, they had come out and they wanted to have fun every day.

Lin Feng noticed their expressions and laughed. He wasn’t in a rush, the people in charge of watching him were.

“If you want to leave, just leave, don’t worry about me,” Lin Feng said smiling at them.

“Eh, I don’t think we can,” frowned Xiao Qi but he couldn’t hide his eagerness; everybody could see he really wanted to leave.

Lin Feng laughed indifferently, “Oh, alright, since you don’t want to leave, then stay here with me.”

He stopped looking at Xiao Qi. Lin Feng was convinced that Xiao Qi would leave within five seconds.



“Eh, Brother Lin Feng, I’m off,” said Xiao Qi. He left faster than Lin Feng had thought. He flashed away and disappeared in the darkness.

The twelve others stared at Lin Feng.

“Come on, no need to wait here; f you want to leave, just do it. The city is yours, do you think I want to do anything bad here?” Lin Feng smirked.

The twelve men looked happy, and hurried away like Xiao Qi.

Lin Feng watched them leave and continued waiting, tapping the armrests of the chair with the tips of his fingers.

“Master, even though I can’t detect your presence, I am sure you are watching me. I’m sure you know why I am here as well,” Lin Feng said, glancing around. From an outsider’s perspective, it looked strange because it seemed he was talking to himself.

“Master, I defeated Lei Ben during the Great Competition and because of me, no member of the Lei Sect finished in the top six. I am very sorry about that, but in the end, it was nothing dramatic.

“The Lei Sect has been spending time in Lang Xie City, so you know how what kind of relationship Lang Xie City and I have. The Young Prince of Lang Xie City is my student, so I hope that you didn’t hurt his family.

“Master, I am not begging you to give them back the city. I know that is impossible. I just hope you can release his family members and my teacher, Supreme God Zi Dian,” Lin Feng said honestly. He had dared come alone, which proved he was honest and resolute. Lei Jin Gang would probably accept Lin Feng’s explanation.

Lin Feng was done talking. Whether Lei Jin Gang was going to reply immediately or not, that was another story. However, Lin Feng knew that the man wouldn’t put him in a room and just leave.

He had defeated the thirteen disciples after all, enough to draw Lei Jin Gang’s attention. He just didn’t understand why Lei Jin Gang had put him in this room and didn’t show up. Lei Jin Gang probably wanted to see in what state of mind Lin Feng was in. However, Lin Feng didn’t find that necessary.

“Little boy, you finally talked to me. Haha!” shouted Lei Jing Gang, interrupting Lin Feng’s thoughts. He laughed loudly.

Lin Feng was startled. He glanced around and saw Lei Jin Gang walked towards the main hall. He had his hands clasped behind him and was smiling.

Lin Feng hastily stood up and bowed hand over fist, then shouted, “Please forgive me for my boldness, Master!”

“Haha! Call me Lei Jin Gang, no need to call me Master, Lin Feng.”

“I wouldn’t dare, Master. I’ll call you Master, you can call me Lin Feng,” Lin Feng said, shaking his head hastily. He was convinced that Lei Jin Gang was trying to see if Lin Feng would dare disrespect him.

“Haha! You’re a smart boy,” said Lei Jin Gang, laughing again.

“Alright, Lin Feng, I know why you’re here, but I’ll release Supreme God Zi Dian on one condition only,” said Lei Jin Gang, smiling sternly.

Lin Feng knew he had no choice.

Lin Feng remained silent for a few seconds. He didn’t want Lei Jin Gang to lead him by the nose, but he had to do his best for Jiang Xuan and Zi Dian.

For the boy, he had to put his pride away.

“Please tell me what you want me to do, and I’ll do my best,” Lin Feng replied, raising his head. He looked at Lei Jin Gang resolutely.

Lei Jin Gang smiled widely, as if he had succeeded at an evil scheme.


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