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Chapter 826: Conversation!


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“I just want you to stay in the Lei Sect for a little while to train my disciples. Fight against them and show them that there are people who are stronger than them.

“The Lei Sect just came into the open, as you know. The young geniuses of the Lei Sect are proud and arrogant. They think they can defeat anyone in this world because they don’t understand world affairs. You are the perfect person to help them become mature and stronger.

“What do you think? Do you accept?” asked Lei Jin Gang, smiling excitedly.

Lin Feng frowned. He was confused. He hadn’t thought Lei Jin Gang would ask him for something like that. Help his disciples?

Why hadn’t he brought his disciples to the Great Competition? That way, they would have seen really strong people and would have understood.

Lei Jin Gang knew what Lin Feng was thinking, he smiled and said, “I know what you’re thinking. Why didn’t I take them to the Competition? Why don’t I have them travel?”

Lin Feng nodded. Lei Jin Gang’s guess was accurate.

Lei Jin Gang explained cheerfully, “If I had taken them out, everybody would have seen how strong the young geniuses of the Lei Sect were, which wouldn’t have been good for us. It could even have been dangerous. I don’t want to expose the young geniuses of the Lei Sect before they’re strong enough to protect themselves and the sect.”

Lei Jin Gang was cautious and serious. He really hoped that Lin Feng would stay in the Lei Sect for a while and train the disciples of the sect.

“Master, I can agree, but you should understand one thing: when flowers are in a nice and warm room, they grow quickly; but when you put them in a snowstorm, they die quickly. If you put them in a snowstorm and let them grow in there, then they become extremely resistant.

“I don’t want to brag, but I’ve been going through hardships for hundreds of years. Danger made me grow up, become stronger, I nearly died many times. My primordial spirit was even destroyed once, but a Supreme God resuscitated me.

“You probably heard what happened to me, Xie Mu from the Ancient Demonic Clan stole my Primal Chaos Body and gave it to Xie Dian.

“That’s why I killed Xie Dian, I wanted revenge. I’m telling you these things to show you that to become strong, you need to work hard.

“The Lei Sect doesn’t need hundreds of relatively strong High-level Supreme Gods; it needs one, only one, a cultivator who can become an extraordinary high-level Supreme God,” Lin Feng said. He didn’t mind staying there and training some young geniuses; it wouldn’t have any negative impact on his life, because by training other people, he would also become stronger.

He said those things for the Lei Sect’s own good.

Lei Jin Gang calmly listened to Lin Feng. He sighed on the inside, thinking that is was no wonder that Lin Feng had become famous. Why is there nobody like Lin Feng in the Lei Sect?, sighed Lei Jin Gang to himself.

“Little boy, I know all those things,” said the old man. He had lived for tens of thousands of years. He had gone through many more hardships than Lin Feng, and the reason why there was no disciple like Lin Feng in the Lei Sect was that they had lived isolated from society for a very long time. Most people in the Lei Sect had become self-centered, proud, and arrogant. Lin Feng was the perfect tool to make those people understand what hardships were.

“You understand what I want,” said Lei Jin Gang, smiling broadly. It was the first time he had talked to a young man for so long. He was quite happy to have met Lin Feng.

When Lin Feng heard him, he understood. He had forgotten a few things: the Lei Sect had existed for a very long time and it had never been destroyed, which meant its young geniuses were really strong, but living isolated from society was a problem for anybody.

What Lin Feng needed to do was remind those people that there were other people in the world, they weren’t alone, and there were many other people who were extremely strong.

“Master, since you understand, I have no reason to refuse your request,” shrugged Lin Feng.

“Haha! Good! Good! I can’t wait to see you teach those obstinate and unruly disciples a good lesson!” said Lei Jin Gang cheerfully. He was extremely happy. He had finally found someone suitable for the task.

“But Master, you have to understand that I am not going to go easy on them. Some people will probably get hurt…” Lin Feng began, but he didn’t even have to finish before Lei Jin Gang interrupted him.

“No matter what happens, I won’t blame you, even if people die. I just want you to torture them and show them they have to be strong and motivated!”

Torture them? Lin Feng grinned, his eyes twinkling happily.

Lei Jin Gang almost regretted what he had just said. If Lin Feng killed a few young geniuses of the Lei Sect, it would be a catastrophe, the Lei Sect be weakened. But since Lei Jin Gang had already said that, he couldn’t his words back. He could only pray and hope nothing extreme would happen.

They continued talking. Lei Jin Gang called the young geniuses of the Lei Jin Gang as little boys. Lin Feng was surprised, the young geniuses of the Lei Sect might be thousands, or even tens of thousands, of years old; did Lei Jin Gang know how old Lin Feng was? Only a few hundred years old!

Those people were old in comparison to him already! But to Lei Jin Gang, they were still young.

“Master, I would like to go and see Supreme God Lang Xie and Supreme God Zi Dian,” Lin Feng said after a long time. He had agreed to fulfill Lei Jin Gang’s request, so he didn’t hesitate and asked to see the two Supreme Gods.

Lei Jin Gang had no reason to refuse. Supreme God Lang Xie and Supreme God Zi Dian didn’t pose a threat to the Lei Sect at all. Lei Jin Gang had the strength of the legendary cultivation layer, he didn’t fear Supreme Gods.

He didn’t really care about the Jiang family, either. As long as Lin Feng didn’t cause trouble, everything was fine.

Lei Jin Gang was just worried about Lin Feng. He didn’t want Lin Feng to become a threat to the Lei Sect. Lin Feng had already killed some level three high-level Supreme Gods, so he could compete with some of the strongest cultivators of the world. He would also easily break through to the legendary cultivation layer at some point.

Lei Jin Gang was betting on Lin Feng for the Lei Sect. If they had a good relationship with Lin Feng, then the Lei Sect would be able to collaborate with him in the future.

It was better to have strong cultivators as allies, is what Lei Jin Gang thought. He wasn’t stupid. If he were, he would have never managed to bring the Lei Sect back to power. Of the thousands of ancient sects and clans of the ancient times, not many had survived, but the Lei Sect had!

“Little boy, this is a world amulet. Stick it on an isolated world, and the isolated world will open itself,” Lei Jin Gang said, taking out a golden amulet and giving it to Lin Feng. It contained an incredible Qi.

Lin Feng took it and suddenly had the impression his meridians were going to explode. How powerful!

Lin Feng looked at Lei Jin Gang. Lei Jin Gang smiled cheerfully. Lin Feng knew that the man was testing him again.

Lin Feng grinned and closed his eyes. Then he released strength to suppress the strength of the talisman.

“Thank you, Master,” Lin Feng said, smiling in satisfaction.

Lei Jin Gang gasped. Lin Feng was incredible! Lei Jin Gang was convinced he had made the right decision today. “They are in the courtyard where your disciple lived, you can go there.”


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